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By , July 4, 2014 1:22 pm



Just thinking about this today, and wondering how the roster would look for the upcoming season.

I’d rather not have Draisaitl in the lineup this year, so how would we fit in two centers with that cap room? If we keep Drai, who would we bring in?

I think we can only keep one of the D kids up I’d think. Who would you choose?

As for that “5th” line, I think I’d only keep Arcobello or Lander up, not all 3.

Does this team make the playoffs?

(For what it’s worth, I think it’d be tough cause LA, SJ and ANA probably have the Pacific Div locked up so it’ll have to be a wild card, and CHI, DAL, STL will make it for sure. So we’d be fighting with ARI, VAN, NSH and COL for two spots)

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  1. Racki says:

    I think the salary looks close enough for Petry and Schultz. If you subtract Klefbom and Nurse plus … let’s say Joensuu… that gives you a 22 man roster, which would be more correct, when you add in the 1 new C. I’d say the Oilers could survive on one of Draisaitl / Lander or Arco as the 3rd C. Probably Arco.

    Anyways, subtracting those guys adds another $2.7M or so. So that would have left about $4.85M or so for a 2nd line C. That SHOULD do it, but you can’t get too fancy about it. That let’s you get guys like Brayden Schenn, or Patrick Berglund, or someone more likely: Josh Bailey (more likely in that he’d be acquireable).

    So on a good day, if by some miracle you didn’t have to trade any roster guys you might end up with:

    Hall Schenn Eberle
    Perron Nuge Purcell
    Pouliot Arco/Draisaitl Yakupov
    DieselWiener Gordon Hendricks

  2. dawgtoy says:

    If MacT stays busy working the phones, calling the likes of Chi/Phi/Bos/Dal, something is bound to shake loose. Also a number of teams have internal salary caps, such as Ari/Nash/Winn, my guess is as we get closer to training camps, RFA’s will need to be signed, and a center will shake loose. I hope it doesn’t come at the expense of Petry. You’d think a prospect not named Marincin, Klef, or Nurse with picks would/could get the job done (Lowtide). I’d also be reluctant to move JarJar or Chase.

  3. chucker says:

    We have had a few changes since this was written. Some guys at rookie camp really impressed. Yakimov in particular.

    Agreed Dawgtoy; Chiarelli already stated he has no choice but to move a D man at some point. Chicago needs to move Oduya by the sounds of it (limited NTC so long shot I think).

    Camp starts today so things will filter into place over the next week once we see some action. I honestly wouldn’t mind keeping Pinnozzotto (sp?) around until Gazdic is better, although I see Westgarth is now on PTO.

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