By , February 22, 2014 12:29 am

As mentioned before, we’re going on hiatus as there isn’t much good to talk about with the Oilers these days, sadly. You can still visit us at the forum (which if you aren’t registered on, you’ll need to e-mail me for access). I was going to completely turn off the site and redirect this blog to the forum, but I think I’ll keep it up for now just because there is some info here people might want to dig up.

This site only serves to collect spam now, so I’ve turned off registrations and won’t allow commenting unless you’re signed up now. This is just to prevent all the spam coming in.

Will be back? Probably one day, but I’m not sure when. We thank you all for visiting the site though and making this fun for us while it lasted and hope to see many of you on the forum still!

2 Responses to “R.I.P.”

  1. hemmerlady says:

    Here’s to better days. We all hope the oilers stop sucking so bad and make blogging a tough job.

    Thanks for all the work you, Steve-o and Trogdor put into the blog.

  2. gr8one says:

    Yes, please don’t ever “turn off” this site completely!

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