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Oilers 5, Jets 3 – Game 62 – 2012-02-27 @ 6:30 PM MST – SNETW

By , February 27, 2012 3:03 pm
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Winnipeg Jets
logo vs. logo
24-31-6 Record 30-26-8
Location: MTS Centre
Date: February 27, 2012 @ 6:30PM MST


Well, the trade deadline came and went without too much action on the Oilers front, but a big trade was made today for us… Tom Gilbert to the Wild for defenseman Nick Schultz. The stats guys are criticizing this one. Looks like Schultz’s Corsi and such isn’t the hottest. To this I say, just watch the game. Much of what Schultz bring is what his supporters say are “intangibles”. The Wild players were upset to see him go, as was Michael Russo, beat writer for the Star Tribune. Sounds like this is a trade that could benefit both sides. Really, I just suggest everyone wait this one out before deciding. Corsi has made some bad D look brilliant, and some good D look not so brilliant. It doesn’t always tell the story, although I think stats can help at times.

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Winnipeg Jets unveil new jerseys

By , September 6, 2011 10:25 am
Winnipeg Jets new jerseys

Winnipeg Jets new jerseys

Here you are? What are your thoughts on them? Me, I don’t mind them. Not spectacular… but not bad. I think they will grow on people.

Winnipeg Jets Logo revealed

By , July 22, 2011 3:50 pm
Winnipeg Jets logos.. click for a better image

Winnipeg Jets logos.. click for a better image

The Winterpeg Jets have a new logo, shown above.

My take… hmm.. less than stunning. But I’d like to see it on a uni before I write it off.



Added a couple of very rough jersey concepts. One based on a newly hack-jobbed logo based on G&S’ suggestion of combining the two main logos. Credit to Avi at for the shirt design… I figured the Columbus Blue Jackets had a design that probably would work, and swiped this fellow’s concept… thus why Nash is captain of the Jets.. 😛

Now with the new primary logo:

Now I know that my quick hack-job is nothing special, but I kinda wish they’d combine the two logos like G&S suggested, and maybe even add the team name like I’ve done above. I think it makes it look less plain. But that may just be me.

Scroll down through the comments for some jersey mock ups.. this is one I did that is my fave:

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Winnipeg sells 13,000 seasons seats (for 3-5 years) and maxes waiting list

By , June 4, 2011 3:10 pm
Break out the white towels (in a good way)

Break out the white towels (in a good way)

Congratulations to the Winnipeg Whatchamajiggers!!! WinnipegtoniansWinnipegitesWinnipegg-ee-ons… citizens of Winnipeg came up big, reaching the target of 13,000 seasons tickets sold… and these all come with commitments between three and five years. They also maxed out their waiting list (8,000).

I have defended Gary Bettman in the past, but I have to give him the middle finger for his comments earlier about it “not working there unless they sell tickets” when the same should be said about other floundering teams. It’s obvious that this was overdue. Good on the city of Winnipeg for coming up huge and selling out all their target seasons tickets. For now, I love you, but I look forward to hating your team!

More here.

MMS – Post Round 2 edition

By , May 13, 2011 10:15 am
Julianna Guill - IMDB tells me she started in a Friday the 13th movie

Julianna Guill - IMDB tells me she started in a Friday the 13th movie

Happy Friday 13th, everyone. Steve-O is away on vacation right now (in Mexico… there is a good chance he is currently being finger-banged by a Federale right now). So today, I present you with the MMS. Now, MMS once stood for Monday Morning Standings, but tradition has shown that these things never appear on Mondays… and who am I to break up tradition? Plus, with it being the playoffs, we decided we’d only release one MMS per round. So here it is… enjoy. Continue reading 'MMS – Post Round 2 edition'»

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