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Oilers 6, Wild 1 – Game 47 – 2013-04-26 @ 6:00 PM MST – SNET

By , April 26, 2013 12:09 pm
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Minnesota Wild
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17-22-7 Record 25-18-3
Location: Xcel Energy Center
Date: April 26, 2013 @ 6:00PM MST


So tonight, the Oilers, who’ve won ONE game in their last 10, take on the Minnesota Wild. The Wild have embarrassingly dominated the Oilers, winning 19 of the last 20 matchups. That’s unbelievable. Anyone who thinks this shit bag team is going to play spoilers and bump the Wild out of a playoff spot is in for bitter disappointment. You might be best not turning this one on. I predict a final score of 3-0. I typically am not this doom and gloom about the Oilers, but really… all signs point to a pretty crappy game. You’ve been forewarned.

However, a bit of wackiness in the lines tonight. I am interested in the top line. Horcoff seemed to really mesh well with Hall and Eberle when they were breaking into the league. Seeing Hall and Yakupov as his book ends will be mighty interesting. Also, Fistric will play with Justin Schultz. That’s a strange one, in a way.. but maybe the Oilers want to see the full potential from Fistric? Or perhaps that will be the bottom pairing, since Justin Schultz has been showing flaws in his D game for a fair bit now (he’s young though, so I’m not alarmed).

Khabibulin gets the start tonight, which might be our only wild card hope in stealing a win.

Some good 30 thoughts today by Elliot Friedman:
22. Oilers GM Craig MacTavish, asked if he sees Taylor Hall as a winger or a centre: “We wanted to try him at centre this season, but aside from some faceoff work when Ryan Nugent-Hopkins struggled, it never materialized … Terry O’Reilly always used to tell me, ‘Position is just a place where you line up when they drop the puck.’ Taylor covers a lot of ice from the wing.”

23. MacTavish had another good quote: “My vision of the team will be very obvious very quickly.” He pointed to Montreal as a team he hoped to emulate. It’s tough to make trades right after the season because you can’t deal with anyone in the playoffs and those who are out of it prefer to decompress before making important decisions. It’s a good thing he was at the under-18s in Russia because this week’s been a nightmare.

24. MacTavish did not specifically address Oscar Klefbom, but the sense is the Oilers consider the left-shooting defensive prospect an untouchable. I also think they are realistic about his impact, especially after Justin Schultz’s late-season struggles. They believe he can be a top-pairing blue-liner, but maybe not for two years.

25. Finally, Edmonton is going to try and upgrade in goal. Devan Dubnyk’s held them in a lot more games than the Oilers deserve, but they don’t have much throughout the organization. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them chase guys who can help them in both the NHL and AHL.

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Oilers 3, Wild 5 – Game 42 – 2013-04-16 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNETW

By , April 16, 2013 11:33 am
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs. Minnesota Wild
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16-18-7 Record 23-16-3
Location: Rexall Place
Date: April 16, 2013 @ 7:30PM MST


So the Oilers decided to cut loose patsy Steve Tambellini yesterday. In turn, the Oilers pushed Craig MacTavish into the hot seat as General Manager, and moved Scott Howson into MacT’s old position, which I call the “hanging out until I’m promoted” spot. I believe the correct title is Sr. VP of Hockey Operations, however. This came with a wave of emotions. Was it warranted? I definitely think so. But was it the complete “solution”? Definitely not. Kevin Lowe is still here, and a lot of people aren’t happy about it.

In yestereday’s presser, Edmonton Journal reporter John MacKinnon asked MacTavish how he can reassure things will be different when the people that created the mess are still here. Ouch. I think mostly that was directed at Lowe, but Howson and MacTavish also had a part of “the mess”, albeit a lesser one (especially Howson, who wandered off before shit really got bad). Anywho, MacTavish didn’t take this too well and ended up defending his time here saying basically that he didn’t think he did anything wrong with his time here, to which I agree. At that point, Lowe jumped in and went on a rant that will forever be remembered. He was clearly pissed off. He commented on how the group got the Oilers to 1 win away from a Stanley Cup… warranted. MacKinnon (or someone) then piped in “7 years ago”. Lowe’s response was that the reporter and everyone knew the “cycle of that” and that the Oilers “chased the dream” for fans, trying to get that team back to cup form, but failed. I think that’s fair, and puts a little more perspective on why they claim the rebuild started in 2010. I’m still not so sure about that, but it’s feasible. Lowe then went on to mention his place in Oilers history, with a Patrick-Royesque “I can’t hear you with my 6 cup rings in my ear” speech. That’s not what he said, but that was pretty much the gist of it.

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Oilers 2, Wild 4 – Game 21 – 2013-03-03 @ 6:00 PM MST – SNET-EDM

By , March 3, 2013 11:44 am
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Teddy Peckman
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8-8-4 Record 10-8-2
Location: Xcel Energy Center
Date: March 3, 2013 @ 6:00PM MST


So today would be the first game back for Taylor Hall after “the incident” in which he hit Cal Clutterbuck hard on the thigh and took him out of the lineup, however Hall, himself, is injured. He apparently has some sort of leg injury. Clutterbuck is still out of the lineup also, so there shouldn’t be any fireworks from that yet. Apparently the twitterverse (namely some Wild fans) are calling Hall’s injury an injury of convenience, suggesting he’s out of the lineup because he’s scared of retribution. Riiiight. Anyways.

I’m excited about tonight because the lines have been reblended. The bottom six looks pretty bleak, albeit possibly strong defensively, but the top six is interesting. One, Yakupov will play with the Nuge, as will Hemsky. It will be interesting to see if Yak and Nuge can get something going. Secondly, Paajarvi and Gagner have been re-united after a long hiatus away from each other. I believe in Paajarvi’s first year, he got most of those points playing with Gagner and Omark. Playing with Eberle as well is an upgrade, so I’m anxious to see if these guys can get something going, especially with Gagner playing like the hockey Jesus lately.

The defense doesn’t see a change from the last game. Potter apparently is close to a return, so he might slot in tonight, but I’m expecting will see all the same pairings. Whitney is fresh off a good game vs. the Blues, so we’ll see if he can keep that momentum going.

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Oilers 1, Wild 3 – Game 16 – 2013-02-21 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNETW

By , February 21, 2013 12:11 pm
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Teddy Peckman
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6-6-3 Record 7-6-2
Location: Rexall Place
Date: February 21, 2013 @ 7:30PM MST


Two returns tonight: the return of Tom Gilbert to Edmonton, and the “thank fucking god” return of Theodore Tiberius Peckman. I have no idea what his middle name really is… maybe Don Cherry knows. Anyways, this team is in need of some muscle, so it will be good to have him back. I suspect it will take quite a while for him to really catch up to the NHL game, having missed as much hockey as he has, in addition to playing like poop last year. I still am a believer in the skills of Theo Peckham. Sure, maybe not as good as 2010-11 made him look, but I think he’ll still be a very solid 3rd pairing guy that will bring muscle now and then. I just hope he’s completely healthy. Peckham is going to play with Mark Fistric. That will be a pretty feared pairing.. hopefully it’s the other team that fears them though, and not Krueger.

Forward lines are unknown since today was an optional skate. Absentees: Hall, Gagner, Yakupov, Hartikainen, Belanger, J. Schultz and N. Schultz. Criticize away.

“Fat guy in a little coat” gets the nod in net tonight.

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Division getting tougher?

By , July 4, 2012 10:36 am

Of all the divisions….

Looks like the division just got a whole lot tougher.

As per TSN:

Free agent forward Zach Parise and defenceman Ryan Suter have both agreed to terms on contracts with the Minnesota Wild.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune both deals are 13 years in length.

Not sure about the dollars, but I imagine the cap hits won’t be terrible (I’m guessing 5/6 mil per for each). Considering the Wild had over 14mil in space, I’m sure it’ll be easy for them to work it in.

Edit: Yikes. As per TSN again: Both deals are worth $98 million over 13 years, carrying an average annual value of $7.538 million.

As for the rest of the division, looks like this year will be a doozy. With the Canucks being the perennial winner (last few years) and the Wild getting instantly better it’ll be interesting to see how the Avs, Oil and Flames end up in the standings. Hopefully the Oilers are ready to take that next step…otherwise it just got harder for them.

Next up…Matt Carle.

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