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Omark tweets implying he wants out of Edmonton

By , April 11, 2012 2:24 pm

This shouldn’t come as any surprise that Linus Omark wants out. He sees what Edmonton is bringing in, and he sees he isn’t likely part of the plan. But I think he’s handling it all wrong. For the love of god, close your Twitter account. Anyways, here is the most recent quote:

I’d (love) to show that the “two” are wrong. but i really hope edm let me have a chance in another nhl team

I am not 100% sure what the “two” part means. Could mean a combination of Steve Tambellini, Tom Renney and Kevin Lowe. Or it could mean a couple people that were ragging on him on Twitter.

At any rate, he obviously doesn’t want to be here, and the Oilers need to find him a new home.

Being on Twitter wouldn’t have helped any, but the guy really should have ignored comments from fans. A lot of negative comments get sent to everyone, not just the divas. He’s been taking a beating on Twitter though, and I think he’s had enough. But really, he didn’t stand a chance here. The game is played on the rink, not Twitter. Got to learn to ignore that stuff and not fuel things any more. We are accustomed to players forcing their way out of here. I wish people would just keep their mouth shut and request it with the GM and be done with it. But oh well. Best of luck somewhere else. Not my kind of player. Too much drama around this fellow. Could be a decent player one day though.


By , August 5, 2009 12:44 am
The twitter account is alive! Barely..

The twitter account is alive! Barely... might need a second opinion on that.

You can now follow Putting on the Foil on twitter at:

There might be a few issues at first while I figure out what all this fuss was about…

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