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Monday Morning Standings

By , February 9, 2012 1:39 pm

Now I gotta see that movie Haywire

Oilers News

– Gagner keeps scoring. And lost among all of the noise is that Eberle is currently 8th in league scoring. Some good players on this team.
– But as Justin Bourne points out here, we have some real special players. And not in a good way.
– Nuge was hit and is out for another 7 to 10 days.
– Like his opinion or not, you have to admit Mc79hockey‘s new banner is pretty awesome.
– But I do happen to like his opinion (and BlackDogHatesSkunks) on Hemsky. Seems silly to run him out of town like he has been. And why people think that one bad year means his career is done.

League News

– Next year, the outdoor game will be going to Detroit. And will include the Laffs.
– Not NHL, but the Giants won the super bowl. I lost money.
– Gomez hasn’t scored in over a year!
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Simon Bennett speaks with Dan Tencer about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

By , July 10, 2011 5:43 pm
The Nuge helps Khabibulin start up his car

The Nuge helps Khabibulin start up his car

Today Dan Tencer did an interview with Oilers Fitness Consultant Simon Bennett about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ physical development.

Here’s a quick but important quote from the article:

Bennett laughs that he was asked the same question, over and over and over again, by the Oilers management and scouting staff in the time leading up to the Entry Draft last month. He gave me the same explanation that he gave the club throughout the draft process: Nugent-Hopkins isn’t being drafted to be a body builder.

In other words, they don’t need the kid to excel at the bench press, they need him to excel in areas like balance, agility and explosiveness.

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