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Jason Strudwick “busses” Tambellini and co..

By , May 18, 2012 1:20 pm

“Let’s face it, Scotty Bowman would not have done much better with the team Renney was given.”

– Jason Strudwick

I love it, and absolutely agree. I’m not at all a fan of Renney being fired because I don’t think he had been given a proper team at this point. Good luck to the next coach if Tambellini doesn’t completely fix this team’s glue players and goaltending.

And on the 1st day, he created the heavens, then called it an off-season…

By , July 2, 2011 12:23 am
Tambi was a busy man today...

Tambi was a busy man today...

OK, really, today wasn’t THAT good. It was good though, and I was surprised how much the Edmonton Oilers got done in a single day. This is the same crew of people that snailed their way through last off-season and did much to improve the farm team, but very little to improve the big club with Colin Fraser, Jim Vandermeer and Kurtis Foster being the “big” additions.

So, let’s summarize: Continue reading 'And on the 1st day, he created the heavens, then called it an off-season…'»

Souray placed on Waivers / Strudwick re-signs / Oilers sign Richard Petiot

By , July 2, 2010 10:43 am

Souray placed on Waivers

As per Nick Kypreos’ twitter, Sheldon Souray has been placed on Waivers (thanks VictoriaOilFan for the heads up).

So this brings about some complicated scenarios if Souray clears.

Firstly, will they assign him to OKC? I doubt it, but let’s say they do. He won’t report to Oklahoma City. That’s a given. If he doesn’t report, I believe the Oilers can suspend him, and I believe a suspension to a player will waive cap hit. Now I’m not to sure what would happen from there, but I would be willing to bet it could be complex, and might even get ugly. But this definitely brings up an interesting situation. If they do assign him to OKC, they also could recall him and try and get a team to pick him up on recall waivers. This would mean that the claiming team and the Oilers each pay half of his salary and account for half of his salary cap hit.

On the flip-side, if Souray is claimed on regular waivers, we’ll be free of his $5.4M cap hit for the next 2 years. Will a team take a risk on him though, given his injury history? Also, what are the Oilers going to do with that cap hit? I can’t see them needing that kind of cash in the next two years, but it still would be nice to be able to use that money on either another (or you could say our only) solid goaltender and/or possibly a shutdown d-man.

UPDATE: 10 AM EST, Souray has cleared waivers. I think this should be a sign to him that he’ll be a very tough sell if teams won’t take him for free.

Strudwick re-signs

The Oil have re-signed defenseman Jason Strudwick. The deal is 1 year at 725k (perfect). He’s a slug out there, but at least he’s willing to stick up for teammates, and he’s a great presence in the locker room, apparently.

Oilers sign Defenseman Richard Petiot

I think this is a depth signing for the Oklahoma City Barons. Or at least, I hope it is. Because he’s not likely someone who will help the NHL club any. But Richard Petiot should be good for the Barons, however.

Oilers land their enforcer…

Steve MacIntyre has returned to the Oilers. The deal is a 1-year deal worth $500k.

Per Oilers official e-mail:

General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have agreed to terms with forward Steve MacIntyre on a one-year contract.

MacIntyre, 29, re-joins the organization after being picked up on waivers by the Florida Panthers at the beginning of last season.

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