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Shenanigate – An update on Rogers Sportsnet One

By , August 25, 2010 2:12 pm
Rogers Sportsnet One... get on it already, TELUS/Bell/Shaw

Shenanigate... not to be confused with Shannahanigate

So for those who aren’t sure where to point the finger (is it Rogers’ fault, or is it the other carriers’ fault?), it sounds like there is enough blame to go around, although Rogers feels that it rests on the shoulders of the competition. Rogers Sportsnet President Doug Beeforth stated recently that people are wrongly blaming Rogers for the lack of Sportsnet One on competitive carriers. “We have made this signal free of charge to all the carriers for the first three months,” he said in an interview with Globe And Mail. “We gave them two months’ notice of our plans. Why aren’t they offering a free channel to see whether the public wants the service? We are absorbing the production costs of games so people can see what we’re offering. I think fans have to be asking the other carriers why they’re not carrying the signal rather than blaming us for providing a new service.”

So the problem is simply this… Rogers bought up the rights for broadcasting certain games. It’s already available on their TV service (which we don’t have here in Western Canada). Shaw, Bell, TELUS and any other competitors Continue reading 'Shenanigate – An update on Rogers Sportsnet One'»

Edmonton Oilers Sportsnet West Schedule Announced

By , September 15, 2009 2:33 pm

The 2009/10 Edmonton Oilers TV schedule has been completed now that the Sportsnet West schedule has been announced. You’ll notice a couple of oddities in there such as a couple of games streamed on the web. From what I recall, there was some problems getting these games televised for some reason. Read on for the full TV schedule. Continue reading 'Edmonton Oilers Sportsnet West Schedule Announced'»

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