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Tick tock on Souray…

By , October 5, 2010 10:22 am
What to do with this guy..

What to do with this guy..

Sheldon Souray still sits on our roster, taking up a spot, as we all know. Teams must submit their 23-man opening game rosters prior to the season starting, which is October 7th (i.e. Thursday… 2 days from now). This might force Tambellini’s hand.

Bob McKenzie already described the Oilers’ options in a fine article, so I won’t re-spew that, but I’ll summarize and re-update the options.

For starters, Souray has already cleared waivers… so it would stand to reason that regular waivers are no longer an option. So that leaves just a few possibilities here: Continue reading 'Tick tock on Souray…'»

Gerber / Souray placed on waivers, more cuts announced, and my thoughts on final cuts

By , September 30, 2010 11:27 am

Sheldon Souray has been placed back on waivers, according to John Shannon. According to Shannon’s source: “Gerber will go after he clears, Souray can be assigned if he clears”. Translation: “Gerber will be assigned to Oklahoma City if Minnesota doesn’t want him. Souray will likely be recalled eventually, but we don’t want any of you GMs to know that yet, in case your stupid enough to claim him on regular waivers.”

Also the Oilers have assigned Taylor Chorney, Colin McDonald, Alex Plante and Jeff Petry to the Oklahoma City Barons.

That leaves the Oilers with the following:
Continue reading 'Gerber / Souray placed on waivers, more cuts announced, and my thoughts on final cuts'»

Souray placed on Waivers / Strudwick re-signs / Oilers sign Richard Petiot

By , July 2, 2010 10:43 am

Souray placed on Waivers

As per Nick Kypreos’ twitter, Sheldon Souray has been placed on Waivers (thanks VictoriaOilFan for the heads up).

So this brings about some complicated scenarios if Souray clears.

Firstly, will they assign him to OKC? I doubt it, but let’s say they do. He won’t report to Oklahoma City. That’s a given. If he doesn’t report, I believe the Oilers can suspend him, and I believe a suspension to a player will waive cap hit. Now I’m not to sure what would happen from there, but I would be willing to bet it could be complex, and might even get ugly. But this definitely brings up an interesting situation. If they do assign him to OKC, they also could recall him and try and get a team to pick him up on recall waivers. This would mean that the claiming team and the Oilers each pay half of his salary and account for half of his salary cap hit.

On the flip-side, if Souray is claimed on regular waivers, we’ll be free of his $5.4M cap hit for the next 2 years. Will a team take a risk on him though, given his injury history? Also, what are the Oilers going to do with that cap hit? I can’t see them needing that kind of cash in the next two years, but it still would be nice to be able to use that money on either another (or you could say our only) solid goaltender and/or possibly a shutdown d-man.

UPDATE: 10 AM EST, Souray has cleared waivers. I think this should be a sign to him that he’ll be a very tough sell if teams won’t take him for free.

Strudwick re-signs

The Oil have re-signed defenseman Jason Strudwick. The deal is 1 year at 725k (perfect). He’s a slug out there, but at least he’s willing to stick up for teammates, and he’s a great presence in the locker room, apparently.

Oilers sign Defenseman Richard Petiot

I think this is a depth signing for the Oklahoma City Barons. Or at least, I hope it is. Because he’s not likely someone who will help the NHL club any. But Richard Petiot should be good for the Barons, however.

Oilers land their enforcer…

Steve MacIntyre has returned to the Oilers. The deal is a 1-year deal worth $500k.

Per Oilers official e-mail:

General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have agreed to terms with forward Steve MacIntyre on a one-year contract.

MacIntyre, 29, re-joins the organization after being picked up on waivers by the Florida Panthers at the beginning of last season.

O’Sullivan traded for Vandermeer

By , June 30, 2010 12:13 pm

As per TSN site:

The Edmonton Oilers continue to pare down their payroll for July 1, as the club has dealt forward Patrick O’Sullivan to the Phoenix Coyotes for defenceman Jim Vandermeer.

I like this deal. I didn’t mind O’Sullivan, and it looks like his buyout is still going on, but Vandermeer is a serviceable d-man who has experience and is tough. Plus he makes 600k less. He will make it so that our younger D have more time in the AHL to get experience.

I like it. As Lowetide says, we just got an actual NHL’er.

Update: As i just read in the comments, Moreau has just been claimed by Columbus (details here) and cause I’ve just been perusing TSN, McKenzie says that Souray could be headed to St. Louis with Brewer coming back (details here).

Good for Moreau, as I’ve always been a fan and he gets to play this final year. I’ve always liked Howson too, so I bet he can get a good year out of him.

As for the Souray rumor…I don’t mind it. Brewer can play, and while he is expensive he is a mil cheaper. If it works out it will be better than I expected on the return for Souray.

Tambellini is going to get a great off-season report card mark.

Quinn reacts to Souray trade request

By , April 13, 2010 1:08 pm

Pat Quinn made a short, but strong statement today in regards to Sheldon Souray’s trade request:

It’s been no secret here. He’s made it clear for a long time (that he wants a trade). We have a hard enough time trying to build team framework. I always believed you should be able to look around that room and look into a teammate’s eyes and say ‘I’m giving it my best and I want you to do the same. That’s how a team builds trust. If you don’t want to play here, don’t screw around. Get the hell out. If you’ve got one guy sitting over there who doesn’t want to bloody well be here, how do you build trust, how do you have a team? You don’t. Sheldon knows how I feel about that sort of thing. This organization, certainly in my time, and I know the people involved here, are not people who would order them to go and play if they were in (injured). Legally it’s dumb. Secondly, I as a coach don’t want a guy in the lineup wearing the sweater who is in a position to let his teammates down because he is not physically or mentally ready to go.

EDIT: Updated with more quote from Quinn.

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