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Rekhabi on IR, Gerber Recalled

By , November 18, 2010 1:16 pm
You can actually hear the groin tearing if you stare at this pic long enough...

You can actually hear the groin tearing if you stare at this pic long enough...

Old news now, but we’ve got to post on it….

Khabibulin has injured his groin and is expected to be placed on IR. Gerber has been recalled. But don’t get too excited folks, rumor is that Dubnyk will get the games and that is why Deslauriers wasn’t an emergency recall.

Break it Down! – Goaltending (2010/11 Edition)

By , September 2, 2010 2:31 pm

From the stack of appropriate pictures

And I finally get around to continuing on with the break it down series. The others can be found at the following location.

This one will specifically talk about the goaltending situation, and what a clusterfuck it is. Our starting goalie, one might say our “MVP”, is a drunk felon (not to mention injury prone and not very good outside of contract years), we have two goalies who are young (JDD I think showed that he needs more seasoning in the A, DD didn’t get a big enough showcase in my opinion) and we have Gerber.

The sad thing is I personally think that Gerber is the best goalie we have right now. Certainly on the best contract of the bunch.

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UPDATED: To shred, or not to shred… / Khabi sentenced to minimum jail time/fine

By , August 31, 2010 9:52 am
Brilliant anti-drunk driving campaign photo

Brilliant anti-drunk driving campaign photo

So this topic has been pretty hot around the media lately. Jim Matheson has discussed it. Robin Brownlee has discussed it. David Staples has covered the story. John McKinnon did a couple write ups on the story. The Sun has done their share of stories on it. Various polls have been taken of fans on a few websites including OilersNation and HFBoards. The topic of course being, should the Oilers void Khabibulin’s contract?

The motivation here is simple. Take a horrible situation of Khabibulin speeding his Ferrari while 2x over the legal blood-alcohol limit and use it as reasoning to end Khabibulin’s brutal (I think most of us are in agreement of this) contract. Now, first off, I will say that I trust that there are several of you out there that are motivated to do this due to a personal hatred towards drunk drivers, perhaps due to a personal experience (losing a loved one, for example), and I can fully understand why you feel this way. And I’m not going to spew some bullshit like “it’s not like he killed someone!”. But my question after thinking about this, is why would we not turn this situation into more of a positive? If Khabibulin is struggling with alcohol issues (to me, a DUI is a sign of that), why not get him treatment he needs? Why would we not see where he goes with this, and ensure that he does the time within the community to speak about the dangers of drunk driving?

So far the poll results on websites have actually been kind of interesting (and I am proud that more Oil fans haven’t taken the “easy way out”). On HFBoards so far the votes are fairly even when it comes to whether the Oilers should take this opportunity to rip up Khabi’s contract. On OilersNation, Continue reading 'UPDATED: To shred, or not to shred… / Khabi sentenced to minimum jail time/fine'»

UPDATED: D-day for Rekhabi… found guilty on 3 charges

By , August 26, 2010 10:58 pm
Rekhabi looks good in orange..

Rekhabi looks good in orange..

Friday (August 26th… tomorrow.. today… yesterday, depending on when you read this) is the day Nikolai Khabibulin finds out his fate (assuming no more delays).

For those who have been living in a hole, or who google this article 12 years from now, Khabibulin was arrested for Extreme DUI on February 8, 2010 – caught ripping around in his Ferrari with a blood-alcohol level of 0.16% (2x the legal limit). If found guilty, Rekhabi could face a minimum of 30 days in federal, pound-me-in-the-ass prison. OK, really, it’s more likely to be a pretty cush prison, once attended by the likes of Lindsay Lohan, and not a maximum security prison like wherever Robert Downey Jr. has spent 16 of the last 20 years of his life.

Read on here, in the Edmonton Journal article (which has thrilling information in the article such as what color of underwear inmates at Tent City in Arizona wear – pink).

I still think Khabibulin is our best bet in goal this year (Martin Gerber included) if healthy and if un-incarcerated. But that said, I don’t really have sympathy for drunk drivers.

UPDATED: The trial is set for 2:30PM MST.

UPDATE 2 (@5:30PM): Khabibulin has been found guilty on 3 of the 4 charges: DUI over 0.08, extreme DUI (over 0.16) and excessive speeding. The charge of impairment to the slightest degree was thrown out. Sentencing will occur at a later date, but assuming no changes in the ruling (not sure if this part can be appealed??), Khabibulin will spend at least 30 days in prison.

UPDATE 3 (@6:05PM): Tentative sentencing date, pending approval by the state: August 31st… moving pretty fast, which is good for Rekhabi.

UPDATE 4 (@7:00PM): Tweeted by John Shannon of Sportsnet: “NHL source confirms a suspension from the league is possible.”

Update 5 (@7:45PM): The Oilers have released an official statement on the ruling:

Edmonton Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini released the following statement regarding today’s decision from the Scottsdale City Court.

“The Edmonton Oilers acknowledge and respect the decision handed down today by the Scottsdale City Court to goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin. Both Nikolai and the Oilers organization recognize the severity of what has transpired. We plan on meeting with Nikolai, his agent and the National Hockey League in the near future.”

Once sentencing has been imposed on Tuesday, August 31st, Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini will be available to the media.

Edmonton Oilers hockey is presented in part by the Rexall Family of Pharmacies, Molson Canadian, ATB Financial, TELUS, Cenovus Energy and Ford.

UPDATE 6 (@11:15AM, Aug 28): Per Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet: “Nik Khabibulin’s sentence hearing in Phoenix is scheduled for Tuesday @ 3 pm MST”. Also per John Shannon of Sportsnet: “Don’t be surprised if the Oilers discipline Khabibulin soon after Tuesday’s sentence.”

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