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News du Joir

By , June 29, 2011 8:52 am
Starting it off with a big "oops" by David Poile...

Starting it off with a big "oops" by Preds GM David Poile...

A few big items today I figured I’d post about…

History Repeats Itself

Oh boy. Nashville pulled a Chicago and forgot to qualify several rfas per Nick Kypreos. “@RealKyper: Big #NHL news as some question #Predators missing qualifying offers on RFA’s O’Reilly, Spaling, Halischuk and Kostitsyn.” Chicago did this back in 2009. From digging, it looks like they actually did attempt to qualify the players, but the qualifying offers were sent by mail on the final day (uh… dur???) rather than by courier/fax as they usually are. Not sure what the case is with the Preds.

Jagr going to…

Looks like it will be the Pittsburgh Penguins winning this one. Nothing official yet, but Twats out there tell me it will be something like 1 year at $2.1M.

Chris Drury will indeed be bought out

Looks like Drury will indeed be bought out, according to this article here.

I didnt know players could waive medical exceptions. Perhaps something similar could happen to Gilbert Brule, but I doubt he’d go for it since he doesn’t have a team lined up.

Updated at 1:20 PM….. James Wisniewski has been traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a conditional 7th round pick in 2012 (becomes a 5th if the Jackets actually sign him). He will become a UFA if he is not re-signed before Noon ET on July 1st. So the Jackets obviously hope to sign him before then. They will be the only team that can talk to him / his agent in that regard until that deadline.

Updated at 1:56 PM…. Roli re-signs with the Tampa Bay Lightning – 1 year at $3M.

Jacques/Stortini cut loose…

By , June 27, 2011 5:38 pm

… so to speak. Neither player have been offered a qualifying offer, which makes them UFAs. I don’t see the Oilers signing either of them now, although I suppose they could try and sign Zack to a 2-way contract (he was 1-way before, which means his Q.O. had to also be 1-way). In other words, the Oil could still technically re-sign these guys again, just to a worse contract than they already had (i.e. in Katz’ pocketbook’s favor).


Oilers qualified the following RFA players: Chorney, Smid, O’Marra, Cogliano, Peckham

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