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Rounds Summary for Putting On The Foil Pool

By , August 11, 2011 9:10 am

Just keeping a summary for the people in the POTF pool… I’ll update this after a full round completes.

Round 1

Pick # Team Name GM Name Player
1 Flares iCanada Sidney Crosby
2 Rattleheads Crott Daniel Sedin
3 Heatwave Ktown Steven Stamkos
4 Wildcats Oilfan Splat Keith Yandle
5 Elbows High Chucker Alexander Ovechkin
6 Lakers Haboiler Corey Perry
7 Panthers AlanNottsUK Ryan Kesler
8 Mustangs Mr. Majestyk Henrik Sedin
9 Militia Jfrizzio77 Jonathan Toews
10 Tanners BostonOiler Martin St. Louis
11 Bulldogs gr8one Ryan Getzlaf
12 Serpents MG10 Nicklas Backstrom
13 Ice Dogs rhbdken Evgeni Malkin
14 Raiders Steve-O Bobby Ryan
15 Bombers Racki Anze Kopitar
16 Tigers Saevel Henrik Lundqvist
17 Vikings NorweiganOiler Roberto Luongo
18 Rebels Mlab90 Shea Weber
19 780 All Stars rtsen Mike Richards
20 Chiefs Zackman35 Claude Giroux
21 Thunder Samson Henrik Zetterberg
22 Burninators Trogdor Jeff Carter
23 Devils mrgod2u John Tavares

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2011 Putting On The Foil Hockey Pool Discussion

By , July 28, 2011 11:54 am
The 3rd annual POTF Hockey Pool will have a new flavor...

The 3rd annual POTF Hockey Pool will have a new flavor...

So a new season is about to begin, and it’s time for the discussion about a hockey pool.

So far, Norweigan Oiler has brought up the topic of a “keeper” league. If you are unfamiliar with what a keeper league is, do a google search on that, but it involves keeping part of your roster from year to year.

We also have been discussing a trophy. In this case, we are going to have a virtual trophy, for sure. It will be a pic on the site somewhere (probably in the sidebar) that we’ll up date year to year to show the winners. It will be Stanley Cup style in the sense that it will maintain a list of all winners (although it will look completely different). We’re also considering a cheap-o prize. Maybe some POTF wear of some sort. But nothing has been decided there just yet. If you have ideas, let me know.

So, who is interested in a keeper pool? How about a standard pool if you don’t like keeper pools? Please vote once so we know what kind of interest there is…

Would you be interested in a POTF Hockey Pool this year?

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MMS – Post Round 2 edition

By , May 13, 2011 10:15 am
Julianna Guill - IMDB tells me she started in a Friday the 13th movie

Julianna Guill - IMDB tells me she started in a Friday the 13th movie

Happy Friday 13th, everyone. Steve-O is away on vacation right now (in Mexico… there is a good chance he is currently being finger-banged by a Federale right now). So today, I present you with the MMS. Now, MMS once stood for Monday Morning Standings, but tradition has shown that these things never appear on Mondays… and who am I to break up tradition? Plus, with it being the playoffs, we decided we’d only release one MMS per round. So here it is… enjoy. Continue reading 'MMS – Post Round 2 edition'»

Putting on the Foil Pool Update

By , April 11, 2011 11:49 am
Stock photo from last year...

Stock photo from last year...


The 2010/11 Putting on the Foil regular season pool has concluded. Congratulations to Chucker who won the Foiled Again pool (the only one that mattered) and gr8one for winning the Foiled Again Too pool (the Women’s hockey of hockey pools… ohhhh I went there).

Here are the top 3 of each of the pools… the medal winners, if you will:

Foiled Again Top 3

Foiled Again Top 3

Foiled Again Too Top 3

Foiled Again Too Top 3

This week’s f— you goes to SamBrattus for somehow sneaking out a win over me for 3rd place in the Special Olympics pool. He’s the free spot on the bingo card all year, and somehow decides to show up when it matters…


Steve-O has arranged another playoff pool through Sportsnet. The deadline to have your lineups is Wednesday at 7:00PM ET. However, I have seen that change before, so get your lineups in ahead of time and tweak them later. You can even randomize them for now. Sign in and make your entries on the pool site here. Same as last year. Then be sure to join the group Steve-O created: Putting On The Foil. The password is potf. You can join the group first and make your entries later.. just make sure you join the group and have your roster soon, so you don’t miss out!

Monday Morning Standings

By , November 24, 2010 3:55 pm

Happy Wednesday!  And now, for the Monday Morning Standings…

The Weak in Oil

Well the week wasn’t totally weak with a win in Anaheim, but that was about the only highlight.  Small improvements over the previous week in the GAA stat, but I don’t think that’s any indicator of a defensive recovery with the number of shots that have been sent Dubnyk’s way.  Belle has been reassigned so that Smid can return to the lineup.
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