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The PK

By , October 27, 2010 11:19 am
Oilers PK... wait for the puck to come to us, then break out

Oilers PK... wait for the puck to come to us, then break out

What do the Oilers need to do to make this work?

This year, their top-minute PKers (by minutes) are:

Defence: Whitney (3:03 / game), Gilbert (2:56 / game), Smid (1:56 / game), Vandermeer (1:35 / game).
Forwards: Horcoff (2:16 / game), Fraser (1:55 / game), Eberle (1:51 / game), Jones (1:43 / game).

The last time they were a good PKing team was the 2007-08, when their top PKers (by minutes) were:
Defence: Souray (3:59 / game), Staios (3:58 / game), Greene (2:46 / game), Gilbert (2:31 / game).
Forwards: Reasoner (3:10 / game), Stoll (2:53 / game), Moreau (2:48 / game), Horcoff (2:47 / game).

Huge difference in the players we’re using now. Gilbert and Horcoff are the only common denominators between the two. As we all know, Reasoner and Stoll were gone the next year, and since then the PK has tanked horribly. I’m not going to harp on why we should never have Continue reading 'The PK'»

Break it Down! – PP/PK (2010/11 Edition)

By , September 8, 2010 8:41 am

Maybe he finally has someone to finish for him

Continuing on with my series of Break it Down posts. The others can be found in the following location.

Next up, special teams. Last year I had these in separate posts, but this year I decided to combine them.

The Oilers last year had a average powerplay (18th) but got just hammered on the penalty kill (26th).

I wish I could see what the splits were for the PP – with Hemsky and without Hemsky (* – we can, see footnote – Racki). I think that Hemsky will again be the player that sets up the powerplay, and hopefully Foster can replace the shot of Souray (from what I’ve heard Foster has a killer shot). I’m also hoping for more down-low work (other teams focused on blocking Souray and it worked too well against us). I also like to think that we got a whole lot more finishing ability with the kids this year.

As for the PK, holy crap did they suck last year. I’m not sure which part played a bigger role however. Could have been the goaltending. Could have been the lack of PK talent. Could have been the league worst at faceoffs (30th @ 46.4%). Regardless, what was an usual strength of the Oilers turned into an absolute shit show.
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Break it down! – PK

By , September 7, 2009 1:00 pm


Note: Both Steve-O and Racki are away on vacation. We’ve left the ship on autopilot. So if some kick ass news happens like trading for Kovalchuk, pretend like you heard it here first, and pretend like this post still makes sense ๐Ÿ˜‰ Racki is back September 10th.

This is the fifth among a few recurring posts where I break down and discuss different parts of the Oilers and how I think they are going to perform this coming year, their strengths and weaknesses and where we could use some help. They are can be found here.

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