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Magnus Paajarvi + 2nd rounder traded to St. Louis for David Perron

By , July 10, 2013 2:30 pm

Gah.. I loved Paajarvi. Sad to see him go. He wasn’t really a good fit here the past couple years, or at least the Oilers didn’t seem a good fit for his skill set. He did what he had to do to become the player we needed… but I don’t think it was the right situation. SO I think we’re better off with Perron, but I can’t help but worry about this one. Paajarvi could become a very good player in St. Louis (I hope so), and Perron has his concussion issues.

What say you guys about this one?

Good commentary on Gagner by Elliotte Friedman / Paajarvi Recalled

By , February 7, 2012 12:08 pm

From Elliotte Friedman’s 30 thoughts:

13. After his eight-point night, all we heard about Sam Gagner was he is too small and can’t skate. Good thing for Chicago, otherwise he might have scored 15.

14. In all seriousness, one of the biggest problems with guys like Gagner is people focus solely on what he can’t do or isn’t, as opposed to what he can do or is. Generally, I agree that one night shouldn’t change a team’s opinion of someone, but an evening like that should at least make you pause. If you put him with good players, he can make things happen. That kind of skill is not easy to find.

15. Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau is kind of similar. He’s a good fit for John Tavares and clearly is happy. When the two are together, good things happen for the Islanders. Kind of surprised they haven’t extended him yet, because he could be a good complimentary piece in a lot of places.

16. Remember: any extensions for Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle wouldn’t take effect until 2013-14. So, if you don’t get the deal you want for Gagner, you can handle another season at a bigger number. The one word that should scare the Oilers: arbitration. Gagner’s agency hired a very smart guy (Danny Tolensky), who constantly throws out stats on his Twitter feed that arbitrators love. (Example: “In the last 25 games Gagner has had a point on 42 per cent of Edmonton’s goals and has been on the ice for 57 per cent” or “200 career points for Gagner. Only Kane has more pts from the 2007 draft. Next on the list has 162 pts, only seven in total are over 100.”)

Also, Magnus Paajarvi has been recalled from the Oklahoma City Barons to replace Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who is expected to be out for 7-10 days. I would expect to see him on the second line with Horcoff and Hemsky.

O’Marra, Paajarvi called up, Brule on re-entry waivers…

By , January 9, 2012 10:59 am

Gilbert Brule has been put on recall waivers

Gilbert Brule has been put on recall waivers

The Oilers have recalled Ryan O’Marra and Magnus Paajarvi from the Oklahoma City Barons. It looks like they are also attempting to recall Gilbert Brule as well, as he has been placed on recall waivers.

Ryan O’Marra has 7 goals and 9 assists in 34 games with the Barons, and 1 assist in 3 games with the Oilers. Magnus Paajarvi has 1 goal and 8 assists in 10 games with the Barons. He struggled as an Oiler though, earning just 3 assists in 25 games. The Oilers sent him down with hopes that he could gain more ice time to work on his game a bit. With key injuries to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and now possibly Jordan Eberle, he might even get that opportunity at the NHL level.

Gilbert Brule hasn’t played at all for the Oilers this year. He has 8 goals and 10 assists in 27 games with the Barons. Should a team claim Brule off waivers, the Oilers will be on the hook for half of his salary and cap-hit (half of $1.85M, or $925k… expiring at the end of this year).

Magnus Paajarvi reassigned to Oklahoma City Barons

By , December 16, 2011 1:23 pm
Paajarvi to OKC.. is it good for him?

Paajarvi to OKC.. is it good for him?

Magnus Paajarvi was reassigned to Oklahoma City Barons today. I think this is a great move by the Oilers, but one that was actually probably around 3 weeks or so too late. As those of you who have been regular readers here would know, I really like Paajarvi, but thought his development was being stinted by not getting the ice time he really needs.

Now, before people jump on that and continue with the “he’s being screwed, like Omark!” argument, he wasn’t being screwed. There is no way anyone can tell me that Paajarvi showed anything to this point to be playing ahead of the likes of Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle, Smyth, and even Horcoff and Hemsky. There is a small argument there that they could have bumped Paajarvi up in favor of Hemsky, perhaps. But it was going to be a tough go for Paajarvi to break into the top six. Playing on the 3rd line and not generating any offense wasn’t a huge issue, since he wasn’t leaking goals against, at least. But you have to figure that the kid’s best shot at developing is by getting a lot of minutes in a low pressure situation where he could regain confidence. That place is OK City. I like it… took them too long.. but I like it.

Your thoughts?

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What’s best for Paajarvi?

By , December 1, 2011 10:11 am
Paajarvi during a better time.. even though he wiffed on it..

Paajarvi during a better time.. even though he wiffed on it..

Put your GM/Coach hat on for a moment. What do you think the Oilers should do with this young fella? I think he’s played well recently. In fact, I’d say he really hasn’t played bad at all this year, despite sitting out a handful of games. I think he’s just had a big mental struggle with the game and lost confidence. I could be wrong, but I think he’s been struggling to score like other good players that have been here and just can’t seem to get it going no matter what they do.

Coaches seem to try and fight those moments off with some hard work on the lower ranks… like Quinn did with Sam Gagner, for example. Magnus Paajarvi has played much of this season on a 3rd line unit that has had some variation to it. It hasn’t really been working for him, that I can see. I think his work level has been fairly consistent, so take note that I don’t think that he’s been a bad player or have regrets we drafted him. I’m just asking.. what’s best for Paajarvi?

To me, I think the Oilers really have two options here… Continue reading 'What’s best for Paajarvi?'»

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