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Monday Morning Standings – I assure you, we are still open Edition

By , November 22, 2012 11:38 am
We suck.. sorry.. the hockey lockout has killed our desire to make posts.

We suck.. sorry.. the hockey lockout has killed our desire to make posts.

Since it’s been a while lets take a look-see at what has happened in the last little bit.

No NHL hockey. That’s what fucking happened. Unfortunately it seems that I really don’t give a shit, which is probably the worst thing for the NHL to hear as I’m sure I’m not the only one.

But for real, I have found myself not caring in the slightest (which you can probably tell from the flood of posting going on here). I have discovered that between my beer league and the WHL, I am perfectly content hockey-wise. Don’t even watch the AHL.
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Monday Morning Standings – Tambellini re-signs AKA Absolute Bottom Edition

By , June 6, 2012 8:32 am

Stanley Cup Finals!

Edit: Oilers just announced that Tambellini has been re-signed. Nothing about term yet.

Hello Everybody! Almost done with hockey for the season.

This post season has gone pretty close to exactly how I wanted it to (not how I predicted it would however). Although it’s not over just yet, I’m guessing the Kings take it.

Last round ended with NJ beating the Rangers in 6 and LA beating the Coyotes in 5 (I wanted the Rangers and Kings to win).

I predicted LA in 6 (for reals, before the series even! – I can prove via timestamps too) but it doesn’t even look like it’ll get that far. I figure Quick has the Conn Smythe locked up too.
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Oil Kings win game 1 of the Memorial Cup..

By , May 18, 2012 8:24 pm

Henrik Samuelsson scored the game winner in Game 1

Henrik Samuelsson scored the game winner in Game 1

The Edmonton Oil Kings have won their first game of the tourney against host team Shawinigan Cataractes by a score of 4-3. There was some controversy in this one.

With the score 3-1, the Cataractes jammed a puck under goaltender Laurent Brossoit. The referee, positioned behind the net, blew the play dead (no goal). The puck slid into the net moments after the whistle (very, very close). The ref discussed the play with a linesman and they decided to go upstairs for a review.

Strangely (to me), the CHL allows the TV broadcast to tap into the conversation between referees and the goal reviewers. I don’t have the exact transcript, but it went something like this.

Ref: “I blew the play dead. I didn’t see the puck cross the line. I just want to know if it went in the net.”
*Short delay*
Reviewer: “The puck did cross the line, the only question is when you blew your whistle” (which if true, is different than the NHL)
Ref again reiterates a couple times that he didn’t see the puck going in before blowing the whistle.
Reviewer: “The puck did cross the line.”
Ref: “So it’s a good goal?”
Reviewer: “It depends on when you blew the whistle. But the puck did cross the line.”
Reviewer: “The call on the ice stands.” (the call on the ice was NO GOAL)
Ref: “So it’s a good goal then?”
Reviewer: “I’m saying the call on the ice stands.”
Ref: “Good goal!” *points to center ice*

Again, that is the paraphrase of the conversation, and not word for word.. but take my word for it, the real conversation wasn’t very much different at all. What a shit show. But luckily the hockey gods sorted this one out, and the Oil Kings won in spite of that bad call. I think the whistle was blown too early, but really, the correct call there was no goal, based on all of the “evidence”.

Oil Kings win WHL Championship

By , May 13, 2012 9:43 pm
Laurent Brossoit, the MVP of the WHL Playoffs

Laurent Brossoit, the MVP of the WHL Playoffs

Well it’s been forever since I last posted. Sorry, but while the Oilers hockey world has not been busy, I sure as heck have been! I haven’t had a lot of time to post, but this news from tonight deserves posting.

I got to witness some more history tonight at Rexall Place as the Edmonton Oil Kings won the Ed Chynoweth Cup (awarded to the winner of the WHL Playoffs), and will advanced to the 2012 Memorial Cup Final in Shawinigan. Rexall Place was crazy loud tonight. I had recorded a video of the final moments of the game, plus the trophy ceremonies but I goofed up. It didn’t save. Booo. However, this game was absolutely spectacular. The Oil Kings got the early lead and never really took the foot off the gas. I’m pretty proud of how they played.

They will head to Shawinigan for the Memorial Cup, which will feature the host team (Shawinigan Cataractes), the OHL Champion London Knights, and the QMJHL Champions, the Saint John Sea Dogs. The tournament goes from May 18-27th, and is a round-robin format tournament. Each team will play each other once. The 2nd and 3rd place teams will face each other in a semi-final (with the possibility of a tie breaker game before that if necessary). The winner of that semi-final will go on to face the round robin’s top team in the final on the 27th.

I know many of you probably skipped out on watching these Oil Kings games, but I can assure you it was the best hockey I’ve seen all year, even with all the excitement from the Nuge, Hall, and Eberle. Do yourself a favor and watch the Memorial Cup and cheer our junior team on!

All Star Monday Morning Standings

By , January 27, 2012 8:13 am

Oiler News

– Eberle got selected to the All Star game, should be a nice little bonus on his pay cheque.
– Rumors abound about Hemsky being traded (booo personally) and Gagner being on the block (boo again). I wouldn’t do either unless you have a current top 4 D man coming back. Some other rumor monger is saying that there is interest in Peckham and Sutton too. What kind of rebuild trades away kids too?

League News

– All Star teams were picked, Eberle got selected by Team Chara. Couture ended up being picked last, and apparently got a old person car. Datsyuk was picked first, cause he’s pretty fucking awesome.
– Tim Thomas was a right wing nut bag, but meh. I would have personally loved to have gone to meet Obama and see the white house, but then again I’m Canadian and I’d be like a fucking tourist. “Look! That’s where JFK banged the shit outta Monroe!”
– Ovechkin got suspended 3 games for a high hit, and subsequently removed himself from the All Star festivities.
– Puck Daddy has an interesting contributor called The Player, who is a current player and offers some insight to the game. My guess is it is a college grad, and union rep. Since I am Oilers biased, I’m guessing Horcoff.
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