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NHL Operating Incomes Analysis

By , September 15, 2011 2:05 pm
Where all the Dallas Stars revenue went...

Where all the Dallas Stars revenue went...

So this article was inspired by some talk over at the Putting On The Foil Forum about financial problems some teams in the NHL are having… namely the New Jersey Devils and the Dallas Stars. I thought I’d dig a little deeper, knowing that there is information from Forbes about teams’ operating incomes available to the general public. Why are these teams in such hardship when it seems like they’ve always done well?

Stastical uber analysis by Moi

OK, Click the link for a pic of an Excel doc (maybe I’ll upload this thing to Google Docs later) I made based on Forbes NHL Team Valuation reports.

First off… an important note: Take this with a grain of salt! That is because these numbers might not be 100% accurate. Plus the values are a bit off already in that it (as they state at Forbes) they don’t include “interest, taxes, amortization, depreciation”. Also keep in mind we don’t have last year’s numbers yet. However, I think they still give us an overview to see what teams have been succeeding and which have been keeping their head above water.

Dallas… a recent article stated that they were in financial hardship and are selling the team and declaring bankruptcy (the ownership group is). Well, if you look at the Forbes numbers, it looks like this team is still doing quite well. So I kind of wonder if the problems the Stars’ ownership group is having is because of the Stars or if it’s because of their other businesses/teams that they own, etc. Anyone with insight on that, feel free to share.

Anyways, I thought I’d use this info to point out that keeping this league afloat (and this should be obvious) are profits by Toronto, Montreal, New York, and to lesser extents Detroit and Vancouver, DALLAS, Edmonton and Chicago.

Your bottom feeders are:
Phoenix, Florida, New York Islanders, Columbus, Carolina, Atlanta, Nashville, Buffalo, St. Louis, Washington (a team that is losing money despite Ovechkin being there).

Here’s a sorted version of that table I did up above.

Note: I am in no way a dollars and “sense” (sic) guy. So I may be severely oversimplifying things here. But it just seems to me like the Dallas Stars aren’t really a bankrupt team so much as the ownership group is bankrupt for other reasons. The Devils seem to have been losing money up until recently, although I’d say once you figure out all the missing numbers (taxes, etc.) they’ve probably lost money every year since 2006.

Where would this league be now without Toronto, Montreal and New York though?

NHL realignment may be bigger than once thought…

By , July 13, 2011 2:51 pm
NHL talking about mega-realignment

NHL talking about mega-realignment

There’s been some talk in the last few weeks about realignment of the NHL. This news isn’t new, but I hadn’t really heard anything on it until now (it’s gathering steam as of late). Most assumed that meant that the Winnipeg Jets were going somewhere – either the Northwest Division or the Central division – and a team in that division might move elsewhere. Maybe 2 or 3 teams might move around. Well, sounds like the NHL is entertaining other ideas and one is getting some big consideration.

Remember the days of yore when there were 4 divisions and they were super easy to remember? Well, sounds like the NHL is considering going back to that based on a proposal Gary Bettman made to the NHL Board of Governors back in late June. The division names wouldn’t likely be names as they once were (Gary Bettman’s proposal suggested: Pacific, Midwest, East and South) but the NHL would consist of 2 conferences with 2 divisions in each conference again. One division in each conference will have 8 teams and the other would have 7 teams. The proposal suggests Continue reading 'NHL realignment may be bigger than once thought…'»

KHL / NHL – Memorandum of Understanding (aka.. Operation: Respect Each Other’s Contracts)

By , July 7, 2011 6:01 pm
KHL and NHL have come to an agreement of sorts..

KHL and NHL have come to an agreement of sorts..

The KHL and NHL met and discussed measures to help prevent poaching of the leagues’ under-contract players.

Here is the official KHL press release:

The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) and National Hockey League (NHL) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that regulates player transitions between the two bodies, respects the professional contracts of players from both leagues and forces both sides to complete a range of procedures to avoid hostility in the transitioning of players from one league to the other.

The MoU’s conclusion marks an important step forward in the relationship between the two most respected hockey leagues in the world. The nine points of the agreement will be effective for the next 12 months and can be reevaluated at the end of that period. Terms of the agreement include the exchanging of lists of contracted and free agent players, each league providing the other their standard contract templates and agreeing to appoint official representatives to conduct negotiations in person in Toronto or New York to resolve any player contract disputes.

Kuklas Korner goes into the agreement a bit deeper in this article here.

Oilers draft target: Nathan Beaulieu

By , June 7, 2011 11:00 am
Can the Oilers target Nathan Beaulieu with their second 1st round pick?

Can the Oilers target Nathan Beaulieu with their second 1st round pick?

The above picture is of Saint John Sea Dogs defenseman Nathan Beaulieu hoisting the Memorial Cup this year. Beaulieu is listed at 6’3, 191lbs. and is said to be an offensive defenseman with a mean streak. I think that is right up the alley of what we would be looking for… well, really what any team should be looking for. I don’t think he’s been really garnering as much attention as I’d expect for a player possessing those kinds of talents though.

Beaulieu is currently ranked 5th for North American skaters by CSS, and 14th overall (includes all Euro and North American skaters) by ISS. So that said, I have a tough time believing that Beaulieu will be available at pick #19. He shouldn’t be. The Oilers are going to have to move that pick up if they have hopes of drafting him. I’m not sure if he’s really on our radar or not.

Beaulieu ended the season in the Q with 12 goals Continue reading 'Oilers draft target: Nathan Beaulieu'»

NHL Entry Draft: Draft Combine (Physical Testing) – Separating the Men from the Boys

By , June 5, 2011 10:34 am
Gabriel Landeskog at the 2011 NHL Draft Combine

Gabriel Landeskog at the 2011 NHL Draft Combine

Racki’s note: This is a great article by Zackman35 which helps us understand the physical testing that goes on at the NHL Combine. This has been added to our Resources section.

The NHL Combine gives us fans, but more importantly, the NHL organizations an indicator of physiological development and physical fitness of a young hockey player. These young potential prospects take part in various testing over a fairly short time frame (a week). During this week they are not only psychologically tested but physically tested as well, which helps give us and scouting staff a better perspective whether or not these young men will be able to compete at an elite level, and helps pin-point how far away they may be from competing. The purpose of this post/thread is to help give a fan a better understanding of how to interpret the draft combine.

Physical Fitness

Energy Systems

Your body uses three energy systems on continuum. It’s not a question Continue reading 'NHL Entry Draft: Draft Combine (Physical Testing) – Separating the Men from the Boys'»

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