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NHL Playoff Predictions, Round 2

By , May 14, 2013 10:01 am
Toronto, post Bruins series Apocalypse

Toronto, post Bruins series Apocalypse

First off, a round 1 summary:

Series Winner Racki Steve-O Trogdor
Hawks vs Wild Hawks in 5 Hawks in 5 Hawks in 5 Hawks in 4
Ducks vs Wings Wings in 7 Wings in 6 Ducks in 7 Ducks in 6
Canucks vs Sharks Sharks in 4 Sharks in 6 Sharks in 6 Canucks in 6
Blues vs Kings Kings in 6 Kings in 4 Blues in 7 Kings in 6
Pens vs Isles Pens in 6 Pengs in 4 Pens in 5 Pens in 5
Habs vs Sens Sens in 5 Habs in 6 Habs in 6 Habs in 6
Caps vs Rangers Rangers in 7 Rangers in 7 Rangers in 7 Rangers in 6
Bruins vs Leafs Bruins in 7 Bruins in 6 Bruins in 4 Bruins in 5


To sum:
Racki got 7 of the 8 series winners correct, matching 2 of the game lengths of those winners.
Steve-O got 5 of the 8 series winners correct, matching 2 of the game lengths of those winners.
Trogdor got 5 of the 8 series winners correct, matching 1 of the game lengths of those winners.

Big winner.. RACKIIIIII!

On to round two.. here are the match ups:

Hawks vs Wings
Kings vs Sharks
Pens vs Sens
Bruins vs Rangers

Submit your predictions in the comments! And if you predicted in round 1, mention how you did too for round 1.

In other news… how is Leaf Nation doing? That was a monumental loss. I can speak from experience in saying that it’s much easier to be blown out in a series/game than it is to have a win firmly in your grasp and completely blow it. I tend to smile whenever the Leafs suffer, but I think when you’ve suffered for 50 some years, it’s hard not to feel a little sorry, now and then.

Fans Locked Out

By , September 15, 2012 7:51 pm
Fans protest outside NHL store in NYC

Fans protest outside NHL store in NYC

So with the owners asking the players to take a big pay cut, and the players asking the owners to put more emphasis on revenue sharing to keep the dead teams afloat, and both teams refusing to budge… who is losing out here? Well, I believe both sides are, but more so it is the fans.

What a slap in the face this is that for the 3rd time under Gary Bettman’s rule, we are again in another lockout (well, it is expected we will be, with no negotiations happening on the deadline day). The owners/managers are asking for the players to protect them (the owners/managers) from themselves. The owners dished out lavish contracts knowing full well the implications of doing so. It seems that under 7 years of the previous CBA (formed in 2005), the GMs just have not learned, so here we are again today.

But wait.. there has to be more to this. Teams like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, and even Edmonton are paying players the big money because they CAN do so, right? Well… quite simply, yes. These teams have been loving the new CBA more than any team out there (although for the most part this has little to do with the CBA, in my opinion). 6 teams have consistently been reaping the spoils of the NHL quite consistently since 2005 (when the new CBA came in to effect) – the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Red Wings and the Edmonton Oilers.

It’s pretty clear why Toronto has been at the top of the heap year after year… last year they Continue reading 'Fans Locked Out'»

Day 2 draft thoughts..

By , June 23, 2012 10:19 pm
Mitch Moroz, selected 32nd overall by the Oilers

Mitch Moroz, selected 32nd overall by the Oilers

The 2012 NHL Entry draft is complete. What have the Oilers got to show for it?

Here’s the rundown of the Edmonton Oilers’ picks on Day 2 of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

Round 2

In the 2nd round, the Oilers selected Mitch Moroz, a left winger for the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL. I had the pleasure of watching a good handful of Oil Kings games this year, and got to see a bit of Moroz. I will say that there wasn’t a lot that stood out to me, but the Oilers brass were pretty keen on him. One of the media mentioned on Twitter that the Oilers felt that he would not have been available for them to pick in the 3rd round. They really wanted to nab him, especially after seeing fellow Oil King Henrik Samuelsson go in the 1st round. TSN had him ranked at 56th overall (i.e. late 2nd round), so you’d have to think that the Oilers were right.. Moroz probably wouldn’t have been there for their 3rd round selection.

Moroz is a BIG kid (6’2″, 208 lbs). He actually looked like Continue reading 'Day 2 draft thoughts..'»

Draft day!

By , June 22, 2012 9:35 am
Looking at you, Tambo...

Looking at you, Tambo…

So tonight is the 1st round of the NHL Entry draft. Exciting times for Oilers fans (wouldn’t it be great if we could look forward to something else other than the draft?). Some of the media out there seem to be of the mind that the Oilers will pick Ryan Murray. I’m pretty sold that we’ll take Nail Yakupov. I should say, I’m pretty sold that we SHOULD take Nail Yakupov. Most lists have had him as the consensus #1 since nearly the start of the year. Most scouts have said that there is Nail… and then there is everyone else – there apparently is a big drop off after Yakupov. These other kids are decent talents, but Yakupov is apparently that much better. So why would we settle for a lesser player, just because we need defensemen?

Erik Duhatschek had an article about why he thinks the thought of defensemen taking longer to develop is old-school, and wrong. David Staples had a rebuttal to this, which answers my question of “he singled out one year.. what about the other years?” He provides details of at least the 2006-2011 stretch, stating that the forwards have been more prominent in this group (Save for the 2008 “anomaly”).

So who is it going to be? I think Yakupov.

In other news, Jordan Continue reading 'Draft day!'»

2012/13 NHL Schedule released…

By , June 21, 2012 9:29 am

Here is the 2012/13 Oilers schedule: link. The Oilers will open vs. the Canucks on October 13th at 8:00pm, in Vancouver. Their first home game will be vs. the defending Stanley Cup Champs, the L.A. Kings, on October 16th (game 2) at 7:30 PM.

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