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Monday Morning Standings

By , November 23, 2011 9:56 am

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Oiler news: Not much in the way of news, the Nuge keeps scoring, Eberle is getting it done as is Smyth. Hemsky, Hall and Horcoff are no slouches either. Not too shabby; Our D keep getting hurt (Potter + Sutton) causing Chorney + Teubert to be called up, then Chorney was sent back down and Plante was called up. Although Whitney is close to coming back from what I read.

League news: Are you aware that Crosby came back?; Turris signs, will probably be traded; Ovechkin is not playing so hot right now; Recchi says what we all knew…Vancouver is a bunch of bitches; Columbus won two in a row!.

Question of the week: Would you trade Ovechkin for Weber if you were Washington? Would you if you were Nashville? On the game day chat I mentioned to our UK friend that there were few players I wouldn’t trade for Weber, and as I thought of it some mention came on TV of Ovechkin sucking lately. And hence above question. I think I’d do it. It would greatly help both teams (Caps get a stud D man, Preds get a super talented forward).

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Monday Morning Standings

By , November 16, 2011 9:07 am

Racki: "Grab one of those ladies off of the Immortal movie" Steve-O "Sweet jesus yes"

Oiler news: Johan Motin took off for the SEL, leaving the OKC Barons, will Omark be heading there next?; As per Oilers twitter, Barker will be out 4 weeks and Whitney is looking to be around 10 days; Nothing else really happened, well except for the humbling that Boston, Detroit and Chicago heaped upon the team and its fans. Still have a ways to go before being an elite team.

Question of the week: What’s up with Hall? It was aggravating watching him turn the puck over constantly trying to do it all himself. (Or is he still the golden child who we are not allowed to discuss in a negative manner?) Do you just think he’s squeezing the stick a little tight and once he pots a couple he will start using his line mates again, or will this be a whole season type deal like Cole was?
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Monday Morning Standings

By , November 9, 2011 8:43 am

Surprisingly difficult to find a SFW photo of her...

Oilers news: Hemsky back, awesome. Played well and got a point. Best player on the team by far (Barker returned too, not best player on team); Paajarvi HS’ed. Kinda shitty luck for the kid I’m guessing, of the 4 lines the 3rd was the least productive and of the 3 on that line he was the most expendable/not just coming off an injury.; Omark looks like he’d rather be in Sweden…I don’t blame him personally. One can only take so much “for the better of the team” bullshit that keeps cropping up (which is all good from a fan perspective I guess, but if your job keeps fucking you around eventually you quit right?), at some point you look at what is better for you and make the call. If the Oilers are not going to play him in the NHL then go back home and make more money.

League news: Columbus picks up Mark Letestu from the Pens for a 4th rounder, seems like a good deal for Columbus; Laraque called Gretzky the worst coach he’d ever had and says there was lots of steroids in hockey. Steroids call refuted by many current and ex players, worst coach call refuted by Darren Pang awesomely; Penner only has a 1 point this year, wonder what’s up with that as he wasn’t bad here (minus that first year); St. Louis fired their coach (PAYNE! Awesome last name.) and hired Hitchcock; Kuhnhackl was suspended 20 games for hitting top prospect Ryan Murphy.

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Monday Morning Standings

By , November 1, 2011 5:20 pm

So true

In Oilers news, the boys have been playing well. Khabibulin has earned the 3rd star of the month from the NHL (Dubnyk played lights out in his few starts as well), the Nuge is staying all year (although as per Bob MacKenzie just said on twitter, this burns the first year of his contract, once he plays 40 games it gets him closer to UFA) and the defense looks to be playing way way better than I predicted. TSN was going on about how good of a shutdown pairing Smid and Gilbert are. I figure that made a few heads explode in Oiler fan land. And Potter has looked very good as well. The rest haven’t stood out but they are not getting murdered either so that’s good.

Except Sutton decided to help Landeskog look behind him, and in what must be a record for longest time between hit and suspension, just got a 5 game Shanaban (got the saying from a post on Puck Daddy, I like it and will continue to use it). Figured it was at least 5 because of the in person meeting.

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Monday Morning Standings

By , October 26, 2011 8:09 am

3 of my favorite things! Beer, the show Blue Mountain State (seriously funny) and attractive ladies!

Welcome to your Monday (Wednesday) Morning Standings!

Oiler news:
– Renney made some comment about sitting the Nuge for a game so he can take a look from the press box and Oilers fans shit themselves. Which caused Renney to call them stupid (or something close to that). Made me laugh.
– Hemsky should be back soon (another week I think?), and in my opinion join the Horcoff and Smyth line. They can then go power against power, continue to roll the kids against the league dregs and let our third and fourth lines try to out chance their opponents. Good plan to me.

League news:
– Pronger had his eye poked out. Which has now caused a visor discussion. Personally I’m all for letting the players choose (hell, I just went to a visor only this year myself…and it sucks).
– Florida/Vancouver trade – David Booth, Steve Reinprecht (who will stay in the minors apparently) and a 2013 3rd to the Canucks for Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Sturm. Booth is a good pickup.
– Montreal/Phoenix trade – Brock Trotter and a 2012 7th to the Coyotes for Petteri Nokelainen and Garrett Stafford. Meh.
– Jagr scored a couple goals and looked to be in fine form…although it was against Toronto (i know, i know…early season cup favorites but still)
– The Nuge is leading the rookies in scoring! Landeskog is right up there too so I don’t feel so bad about wanting to draft him. Others doing well are Luke Adam (helping me out in the keeper pool!), Craig Smith(?), Matt Read(?), Colin Greening (?) and Sean Couturier.
– Kessel is channeling his inner scorer, but we all know he’ll stop scoring in November.
– Souray is playing really well in Dallas…I thought he was all washed up in Hersey? That’s what the scouts said. Or maybe everyone was just trying to get Tambellini to waive him.

Question for everyone – When do we go for it all? Chicago won it all when Kane was still on his ELC, so do we try when Hall is on his? So next year? Cause once he + Eberle + Paajarvi get paid then it gets more difficult to fill out the rest of the roster. Or do we try to time it when the Nuge is ending his ELC and some of the kid D men are in? Interested to hear your ideas.

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