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Monday Morning Standings

By , January 18, 2012 12:59 pm

I didn't hate this movie as much as most did apparently.

Hello strangers! Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve thrown up a MMS, and to be honest it was difficult to get around to this. The Oilers have damn near killed my interest in the NHL for the season it seems like. I’m still watching the games but it’s tough to sit through some of these games. Even the games in the dark ages were easier to watch (although to be fair, we can’t really call them the dark ages anymore can we?). Looking at the numbers of the site the past little bit, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels the same.

And it’s been minus 30 fucking degrees all week, that sucks too.

Anyways, on with the MMS:
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Monday Morning Standings

By , December 21, 2011 11:07 am

Merry Christmas!

Credit to Steve-O for starting this MMS, fights, pics, standings and all, but I had to fill out the rest since he got busy.

Trogdor would also like to add that “in support of Cunneyworth we are opting to do an English only MMS this week.”

Oilers news

The Oilers are 1 point out of a chance at the top pick again (they sit in 6th currently)! What the heck happened? The Oilers only injuries right now are Taylor Fedun and Cam Barker, neither of which I would consider impact players. The Oilers are a sinking ship again, and somehow Tambellini needs to save it. There’s been some talk out there though of whether the Oilers should try and save this team and just do as well as they can or whether they should be sellers and just go for another high pick. Your thoughts?

League news

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Monday Morning Standings

By , December 14, 2011 8:40 am

I might start watching that show Chuck

Oiler news

From the looks of it, Hall + Potter will be back next game, can they help turn the suck off?; Sutton got 8 games, which is less than I expected. That is good I suppose.

League news

HBO 24/7 tonight! I am way to excited about this show; Kurtis Foster was traded from Anaheim to the Devils along with Timo Pielmeier for Rod Pelley, Mark Fraser and a 7th; Terry Murray was fired from Kings, and all of the rumors are currently saying Darryl Sutter may be hired as his replacement; Concussion problems in the league? Crosby, Giroux, Pronger and possibly Skinner are all missing games currently with the concussion bug. I personally think that it’s no higher than it usually is, we just are better at diagnosing it. Oh, and Crosby is the one hurt. Once he’s healthy it won’t be a problem again; Tampa signed Miettinen, who was then claimed by Winnipeg on waivers; In case you didn’t know, the Laffs were sold to Bell/Rogers. Now expect TSN and Sportsnet to be even more Toronto oriented (much like CBC now, which might actually have to find out about the other teams in the league); Anisimov scored a goal, celebrated, and Tampa got it’s panties in a bunch again. Doesn’t anyone realize that only they can have fun.; Vancouver is continuing to be little bitches about everything (hits by Foligno, general douchebagness), and yet wonder why no one likes them.

World Junior news

Final cuts today, and Bunz did not make the team. Too bad, but I think he let in a couple weak ones in the last game, and the goaltending battle was pretty tight. Here is the final roster. Oil King Pysyk made the team so that’s good.

Football news

Don’t normally include football in this here blog, however we are Esks fans and therefore – Ricky Ray got traded for sweet fuck all…what the fuck! This is bullshit. Stupid fucking move. I don’t like it if you can’t tell.

Question of the week

With the Ricky Ray trade, Terry Jones called out the Eskimo management for making a terrible trade…why can’t anyone in the media do the same for the Oilers? It’s like the team has pictures of all of them in compromising situations.
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Monday Morning Standings

By , December 6, 2011 6:18 pm

Oilers news:

The team in general was terrible against Calgary, specifically the power play. Much was made of this online, but specifically how Renney had the 4th line out against Iginla right after an Oilers goal (not a great use of home ice advantage) and how Belanger is manning the point on the power play. Renney addressed the Belanger question today in one of the local rags, saying that they need the left hand shot out there and how Belanger has a bomb. Personally, I’m not going to get too worked up how the team played in just the one game, but if it starts to become a recurring thing we might have a problem; O’Marra got called up and sent back in the past week; Apparently Lowe and Burke were going to fight in a barn…couldn’t make this shit up.

League news:

A great story in the NY Times regarding Boogaard here, found the first 2 really good, 3rd one was well done but got a little preachy for my tastes; Re-alignment was the big deal yesterday and today, see our post on that here, or yahoo’s link with a handy pic of the new conferences, and also see the nhl link about how the standings would have worked out last year (including highlighting the depressing number of points the Oilers got last year) and what it looks like this year if the playoffs were to start today; Tootoo suspended 2 games for running Miller; The internet traded Iginla, Luongo and Ryan; Dec 14th people…set your PVR’s people, HBO’s 24/7 is coming!; Was Carlyle fired last MMS? Well, he is now; And Perron returned after his year long fight with concussion symptoms.

Question of the week:

Do you think the Shanaban’s are preventing injuries, cleaning up the league or making the league suitable for a bunch of pussies?
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Monday Morning Standings

By , November 29, 2011 5:17 pm

Seems Ms. Great One is really good at this twitter thing.

Quarterly report card coming soon!

Oilers News:

Hall out 2-4 weeks from the hit he received against the Avs; Oil change episode 2 was on, I haven’t seen it yet. Apparently Smid is pretty funny and just an all around good dude. I’ll leave it to all of you to provide a review in the comments.

League News:

Big week for news in the rest of the league. In Washington Bruce Boudreau was fired and Hunter hired to replace him, does the team do better?; Paul Maurice fired and Kirk Muller was hired in Carolina; 24/7 preview was on…getting pretty excited. First episode is Dec 14th. Dubinsky and Shelley already tossing around the insults from just the preview, and the first game they were mic’d up resulted in a fight 4 seconds in. Awesome; Pacioretty suspended 3 games for smoking Letang; Flames pick up Comeau off of waivers, Nodl gets picked up by Carolina (and hopefully a full time starting role so I can keep him on my keeper team); Gaustad fought Lucic for honour; Paulina Gretzky no longer is on twitter. A damn shame that is.

Question of the Week:

Peckham was interviewed re: his decision to go after the guy that hit Hall which ended up causing the break that resulted in the goal against. Did he make the right choice? Further, since the other guy declined, do you think the removal of the instigator would have made him let up?
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