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Monday Morning Standings

By , February 28, 2012 9:28 am

See The Rum Diary. It's Hunter S. Thompson + her.

Time for another MMS, this one getting closer and closer to being on time. Crazy, I know.

Also, we have the 3rd quarter review coming up soon.

Oiler News

– Tom Gilbert got traded. I’m not a fan of the deal. Others are. I can’t agree with you guys cause then we’ll both be wrong.
– That said, I’m sure I’ll like Nick Schultz. Hopefully he’ll be a good guy for us for a few years.
– Hemsky got re-signed. Fuck yeah! Won’t lie, when I got Racki and Trogdor’s texts on Friday I was grinning the whole night. Now watch him tear it up the next two years and earn a killer contract.
– Smyth looks to be re-signed soon too. I’m not really worried about this as how bad can Tambellini fuck it up?
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Monday Morning Standings

By , February 22, 2012 10:28 am

When does Mad Men start again?

Oiler News

– Gagner still lighting the lamp, 3 points in the game last night to bring his February to a respectable 18 points in 9 games.
– Renney still feeling the post-concussion symptoms. The league really needs to look at fighting/head shots in order to cut down on this.
– O’Marra was traded for an offensive AHL defenseman.
– Hemsky looking good again, just in time for him to be shipped out for a shitty return (seriously people, we should want to keep NHL talent on the team). Although, one of the MSM asshats was saying that he’s considering a 2 year deal which would be cherry (as yeah, even I recognize this hasn’t been his greatest year).
– Kruger got a win!
– Eberle still awesome.

League News

– Tampa has started the fire sale, trading Downie for a Quincey, then turning around and flipping Quincey for a 1st round pick (and a prospect I heard)
– Montreal traded Gill to Nashville for a kid that now has way too much hype on him.
– Tampa traded Kubina to Philly for a bunch of picks, and Dallas traded Grossman to Philly for a bunch of picks.
– Comrie retired. Looks like he’ll have to spend some more time with Duff.
– James Neal got extended for 6 years and 30 mil.
– No surprises on the latest player poll.
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Monday Morning Standings

By , February 9, 2012 1:39 pm

Now I gotta see that movie Haywire

Oilers News

– Gagner keeps scoring. And lost among all of the noise is that Eberle is currently 8th in league scoring. Some good players on this team.
– But as Justin Bourne points out here, we have some real special players. And not in a good way.
– Nuge was hit and is out for another 7 to 10 days.
– Like his opinion or not, you have to admit Mc79hockey‘s new banner is pretty awesome.
– But I do happen to like his opinion (and BlackDogHatesSkunks) on Hemsky. Seems silly to run him out of town like he has been. And why people think that one bad year means his career is done.

League News

– Next year, the outdoor game will be going to Detroit. And will include the Laffs.
– Not NHL, but the Giants won the super bowl. I lost money.
– Gomez hasn’t scored in over a year!
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Monday Morning Standings

By , February 3, 2012 9:18 am

Yeah yeah, Friday again…although to be fair I actually thought it was Thursday today for the longest time (which yes, does make it better).

Oil News

– Everyone should be back healthy soon just in time to continue to suck. But this is good as I have tickets to the Detroit game Saturday.
– Except Gagner, not sure if anyone saw that. He had a decent game against the Blackhawks.
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All Star Monday Morning Standings

By , January 27, 2012 8:13 am

Oiler News

– Eberle got selected to the All Star game, should be a nice little bonus on his pay cheque.
– Rumors abound about Hemsky being traded (booo personally) and Gagner being on the block (boo again). I wouldn’t do either unless you have a current top 4 D man coming back. Some other rumor monger is saying that there is interest in Peckham and Sutton too. What kind of rebuild trades away kids too?

League News

– All Star teams were picked, Eberle got selected by Team Chara. Couture ended up being picked last, and apparently got a old person car. Datsyuk was picked first, cause he’s pretty fucking awesome.
– Tim Thomas was a right wing nut bag, but meh. I would have personally loved to have gone to meet Obama and see the white house, but then again I’m Canadian and I’d be like a fucking tourist. “Look! That’s where JFK banged the shit outta Monroe!”
– Ovechkin got suspended 3 games for a high hit, and subsequently removed himself from the All Star festivities.
– Puck Daddy has an interesting contributor called The Player, who is a current player and offers some insight to the game. My guess is it is a college grad, and union rep. Since I am Oilers biased, I’m guessing Horcoff.
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