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Monday Morning Standings – I assure you, we are still open Edition

By , November 22, 2012 11:38 am
We suck.. sorry.. the hockey lockout has killed our desire to make posts.

We suck.. sorry.. the hockey lockout has killed our desire to make posts.

Since it’s been a while lets take a look-see at what has happened in the last little bit.

No NHL hockey. That’s what fucking happened. Unfortunately it seems that I really don’t give a shit, which is probably the worst thing for the NHL to hear as I’m sure I’m not the only one.

But for real, I have found myself not caring in the slightest (which you can probably tell from the flood of posting going on here). I have discovered that between my beer league and the WHL, I am perfectly content hockey-wise. Don’t even watch the AHL.
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Monday Morning Standings – Tambellini re-signs AKA Absolute Bottom Edition

By , June 6, 2012 8:32 am

Stanley Cup Finals!

Edit: Oilers just announced that Tambellini has been re-signed. Nothing about term yet.

Hello Everybody! Almost done with hockey for the season.

This post season has gone pretty close to exactly how I wanted it to (not how I predicted it would however). Although it’s not over just yet, I’m guessing the Kings take it.

Last round ended with NJ beating the Rangers in 6 and LA beating the Coyotes in 5 (I wanted the Rangers and Kings to win).

I predicted LA in 6 (for reals, before the series even! – I can prove via timestamps too) but it doesn’t even look like it’ll get that far. I figure Quick has the Conn Smythe locked up too.
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Monday Morning Standings

By , April 25, 2012 8:42 pm

Hello. Heellllloooo. Is anyone here?

It’s been a rather dull last few weeks, Oilers-wise at least. As for the hockey, it’s never been better. Pretty much every series has gone how I would like it (but not how I predicted it). Lots of excitement in every series (well, maybe not Florida/New Jersey…but I haven’t paid any attention to that one at all).

And the Oil Kings. Great hockey, the team is on a roll with 22 games in a row (and all 11 playoff games so far, except as I type that I am jinxing them as they are now down 3-0 in game 4).

Oilers News

Here is a good link re: prospects and signings coming up.
Other than that, not much has happened. Oh, the Oilers are stringing along Renney. But not surprised with this management group. I think they want to see who comes available after the playoffs but it kinda screws with Renney.

League News

Playoffs, playoffs, playoffs. That’s all we really care about isn’t it?

– Flyers beat the Pens in 6
Fuck yeah. And how. Great games to watch.
– Kings beat the Canucks in 5
Even better. And now how fucked are the Canucks when it comes to Luongo? They can’t keep him. I imagine someone who has 10 years left on his 5.5 cap hit deal isn’t easy to move either. And he has a NTC so he can veto the shitty teams.
– St. Louis beats San Jose in 5
I’m never sad seeing the Sharks lose.
– Coyotes beat Chi-town in 6
I like both these teams, but I’m happy to see Phoenix win something. I hope the team stays there.
– Preds beat Detroit in 5
I like the Preds this year as well. And while I have nothing against Detroit, they win enough.

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Monday Morning Standings – Round 1 Edition

By , April 10, 2012 8:27 am

Game of Thrones! Best show on TV!

Who?! What?! What is going on here?

Yeah yeah, it’s been a while but I’ve been super busy at work the past few weeks and the Oilers have really sucked.

So here we go. MMS on the last few weeks + playoff predictions.

Oilers News

Racki covered most of it in the past few posts regarding draft rankings, the Oilers year end press conference and the final depressing season rundown.

League News

Screw league news…it’s the playoffs!
Here are the first round match-ups with my predictions.
Los Angeles Kings(8) at Vancouver Canucks(1)
I want the Kings to win, however I think the Canucks won’t choke until the 2nd round. Canucks in 5.
San Jose Sharks(7) at St. Louis Blues(2)
Blues take this in 6.
Chicago Blackhawks(6) at Phoenix Coyotes(3)
I’ve grown to like the Coyotes. I’ll be cheering for them this playoff run, however I don’t think they will beat the Hawks. Hawks in 7.
Detroit Red Wings(5) at Nashville Predators(4)
Predators are another team I think will make some noise this post-season. Predators in 7.
Ottawa Senators(8) at New York Rangers(1)
I think this might be the Rangers year…my choice out of the East. Rangers in 6.
Washington Captials(7) at Boston Bruins(2)
Bruins in 5.
New Jersey Devils(6) at Florida Panthers(3)
Devils in 5.
Philadelphia Flyers(5) at Pittsburgh Penguins(4)
The first round series I think everyone is looking forward to. Will be the best series as well. Both top-notch teams. Flyers in 7. Edit (2012-04-10 12:03pm): Nevermind, I guess Bryzgalov and Briere are hurt…I’ll go with the Pens in 7.
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Monday Morning Standings

By , March 13, 2012 12:48 pm

You should all be watching Californication

MMS out! What! I’d say that it’s getting earlier however this is really supposed to be last weeks, so I’m actually getting this out so late it seems early.

Oiler News

– Eberle hit 30 goals. Matheson thinks he’ll be a regular 50 goal scorer due to soft hands. My question is will he regularly shoot 20+%?
– Racki and I did some scouting on Saturday, and saw Dumba’s Rebels get shit-kicked by Reinhart’s Oil Kings. Reinhart is bigger, and punches people when they are on the ground so he gets my vote. Sounds like Racki’s too. We also picked up passes for the entire playoffs so we’ll get a good look at this kid. I forget what playoff hockey is like live, so that should also be interesting. I recommend checking out the hockey, it’s really good this year. And the entire playoff run can be had for $99. Good seats too (we are row 14).
– Ummm, outside of that I haven’t really paid all that much attention to the Oilers. I usually put the game on but quickly find something else to occupy my time.
– Oh wait, I think Renney is losing his shit. Twitter said he got a wee bit upset with his team after last nights game (shades of Mac T perhaps?). Also, why the hell is he running Whitney/Schultz out in the third pairing. I thought the trade was bad enough, but sending out a top pairing for a bottom 6 guy isn’t going to cut it Tambellini.

League News

– Speaking of Mac-T, this is a solid interview with him. Good to see he’s enjoying himself. Looking forward to seeing him in the league again.
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