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Craig MacTavish season wrap up, plus our playoff predictions, and more

By , April 29, 2013 1:22 pm
"It wasn't me that screwed this team up, it was Kevin!"

“It wasn’t me that screwed this team up, it was Kevin!”

Craig MacTavish season wrap up

So let’s start with a summary of MacTavish’s season wrap up…

– Overall team strength and depth and competitiveness needs improvement.
– Says these will be addressed, through a large degree, through personnel changes (i.e. waiting for the current guys to get bigger, or stronger isn’t going to help)
– Needs core guys to be better defensively and without the puck. Need structure in their game to have success.
– They need to add some specific role players that have a threat to score, even marginally. He says their current role guys, the best they were ever going to be on a given night was a “non factor”. Not a lot of upside in their current group.
– Says the few times that the role guys had an impact, they ended up winning games.
– Defense needs more foot speed to play a style that best suits the skill set this team has. The defensemen have to be able to Continue reading 'Craig MacTavish season wrap up, plus our playoff predictions, and more'»

Tambellini fired… MacTavish takes on General Manager position, Howson to take over MacT’s old role

By , April 15, 2013 9:52 am
The more things chance, the more they stay the same.

The more things chance, the more they stay the same.

The Edmonton Oilers have fired Steve Tambellini as General Manager. In an ironic twist of fate, a man Tambellini once fired, has been named his replacement – Craig MacTavish.

My thoughts here:

1) Happy that Tambellini is gone. He did a terrible job. I think the “apologist” types would say that he was a puppet for Lowe and company. Maybe.. but if that’s the case, he’s really useless anyways.

2) I think Lowe should be gone too. Clearly he’s a part of the mess and isn’t doing anything to help. He won’t be gone, however.

3) I like Craig MacTavish. Smart guy. He brings a coaching perspective to this. He knows what made life difficult for him as a coach and will likely work a lot closer with Krueger.

4) I hate that we stuck with the same ol’ same ol’. OBC forever, folks.

Minute improvement, like much of what we’ve seen around here. But I’ll give it a chance.

Scott Howson will also replace Craig MacTavish as Head Senior in Charge of Waiting Around for Someone To Get Fired… or Sr. Vice President of Hockey Operations, for short.

Talk is cheap, but MacTavish said all the right stuff I hoped to hear.. much of it is in this big quote of his I put together from the presser (Read on): Continue reading 'Tambellini fired… MacTavish takes on General Manager position, Howson to take over MacT’s old role'»

More great quotes from MacTavish..

By , June 13, 2012 8:45 pm
More words of wisdom from Craig MacTavish

More words of wisdom from Craig MacTavish

Dan Tencer has a new article up here and here.

It’s a great interview, and I took several things out of it. One, and to no surprise, MacTavish is a very humble guy and doesn’t take any of the criticism thrown his way to heart. I’ve always considered him to be a smart man, and hell of a funny guy. The end of his coaching tenure with the Oilers.. I think Tencer summed it up best with the word “stale”. It was definitely time to go.. not because he was a bad coach, but because the messages just weren’t getting through anymore and a new guy was needed to give it a go. MacTavish definitely doesn’t hold back in expressing that it was the toughest time in his life to be cut loose, however… but he’s tickled to be back with all the energy and excitement this team’s youth brings.

The 2nd interview had some more interesting quotes, such as Continue reading 'More great quotes from MacTavish..'»

Tencer interviews MacTavish

By , March 25, 2010 10:29 am

MacT back when most of us were yelling at him...

MacT back when most of us were yelling at him...

Here are the highlights for those that can’t listen, but the audio is available here.

– Enjoyed his break from coaching.
– Did some pre-scouting for the Olympics (checked out some lesser teams).
– On Jordan Eberle playing at the Worlds (when asked by Tencer): “Yah you put that very well. That’s absolutely the case with Jordan, for all the reasons you mentioned. He fits the bill. We’re going to be maintaining some spots through the first round of the playoffs in hopes that the teams that are eliminated will open up some other doors for some other players to possibly join us in Germany. It’s a great opportunity for young players. And historically, Hockey Canada doesn’t like to take NHL players over to Germany and have them sit in the stands. There is an opportunity for players much like Jordan that have evolved much above Junior hockey, but there’s still some question marks whether they’re ready for hockey at this level, to go in (and) get a look. And from what I’ve seen of Jordan Eberle in the past, he’s going to make a case for himself if he gets an opportunity to play over there and that’s all he’s looking for. And it’ll be a good developmental thing for him and, as you said, to continue to indoctrinate himself into the Hockey Canada network.”
– His perspective “being an Oilers fan” is that being in 30th is the best thing for the organization right now. He says (and I’ve been saying this all along..) that if a team is fighting for 7th or 8th, but end up finishing 9th or 10th, it hinders your ability to acquire the type of player you need to help your team out. He goes on to emphasize how finishing in that middle-low area doesn’t help the team at all. I love how he still says “we” when referring to the Oilers. He’s still a fan, even though he isn’t with the team.
– Tencer asks him if it was wrong, in hindsight, to play Gagner up in the NHL at 18. MacTavish reminds that he’s still only 20 (i.e., has a lot of growth to do). He emphasizes that he is a “terrific hockey player” and that he is a special player that needs to have all the opportunities thrown at him. Basically the message is “stop worrying about him, he’ll be great”.
– Ready to come back coaching, and he looks forward to being back in the game.

TSN Panel NHL Preview – Edmonton Oilers Analysis

By , October 1, 2009 6:00 am
Toronto Sports Network Oilers Analysis

Toronto Sports Network Oilers Analysis

So today TSN had their NHL Preview. There was some good stuff on there, but here is a good chunk of the Oilers-related analysis which featured opinions from Ray Ferraro (RF), Pierre McGuire (PM) and Craig MacTavish (CM). Here is the majority of the discussion: Continue reading 'TSN Panel NHL Preview – Edmonton Oilers Analysis'»

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