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Kirill Tulupov receives invite to Training Camp from the Oilers

By , September 15, 2011 10:27 pm

This dude is a freight train.. but can he play an NHL game?

This dude is a freight train.. but can he play an NHL game?

Kirill Tulupov is a former 3rd round pick (67 overall in 2006) of the New Jersey Devils. He’s 23 years old, 6’3″ and 220 lbs.

You might be saying “who the hell is this guy”… admittedly, so am I, but here is what I’ve learned about him.

A) He’s a right handed defenseman… we all know how I like my right hand d-men. They’re hard to come by.
B) It sounds like he plays a strong physical game, which I’ve gathered from this analysis on Hockey’s Future:

Talent Analysis
Tulupov’s most conspicuous advantage is his size. He not only possesses an impressive 6’3 220 lbs frame but also takes full advantage of it not letting any of his opponents get away with the puck easily.

Tulupov loves to check, sometimes a little too much and clog the speedy forwards that try to create traffic in front of the net. He does a fantastic job of keeping the crease clear of attacking forwards and by clearing traffic from in front of the net, makes life much easier for his goaltender. Also, Tulupov’s value on a penalty-killing unit can’t be overestimated. He is quite adept at dropping down and blocking shots before they reach the goaltender.

He also has a hard and accurate slap shot and he shows a willingness to pinch in at the offensive blueline and move into the slot for scoring opportunities. Tulupov has decent skating ability, especially for a player of his size.

Tulupov appears to be just scratching the surface of his vast potential after a successful first season in the CHL. A physical, mean and nasty tower of power, Tulupov has a vast array of tools and appears at this point to be one of the Devils more well-rounded defense prospects. Physically, Tulupov is probably already ready for the AHL, but the Devils will not rush him and will let him play 2007-08 in the CHL again before promoting him.

So what happened to this kid? How did he drop off the face of the planet? Seems like he even didn’t play much hockey last year, even. He played part of his year with the KHL and part with the VHL (yes, VHL.. which best as I can see is “Russia’s 2nd best league”.. which I would guess is probably on par with an AHL or ECHL). Not really outstanding resume notes as of recently, but I’d be interested anyways in what he can do.

On paper, with that Hockey’s Future write-up, he’s Continue reading 'Kirill Tulupov receives invite to Training Camp from the Oilers'»

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