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Hey armchair coaches… just let the guy do his job…

By , February 13, 2012 2:00 pm
Let the guy do his job

Let the guy do his job

Tom Renney:

It’s pretty easy to take pot shots as to what we’re doing and not doing. It’s the growth of a team that we’re worried about. Sometimes I might be protective of how I deploy those kids, when, where and how. The operative word being ‘kids’. These are going to be men in the not too distant future and I want to make sure they make it that far. I think you will see the kids start to kill penalties more. We’re working off my timetable, thank you very much, and we will continue to.

Absolutely love that quote. My suspicions on the kids have been confirmed by Renney. He IS sheltering them. The media (and some fans) have been all over Renney for giving the kids low minutes compared to Horcoff’s line.

At times this has been warranted, but I think I would actually say that generally people like to find one topic-of-the-week and harp on it to death without considering WHY this could be happening.

It’s because he’s been sheltering them from the tough minutes. I think it should be obvious that he’s been protecting them from playing in tough situations such as defensive zone starts and, at times, from playing tougher opponents.

The Oilers spent a LOT of time in their Continue reading 'Hey armchair coaches… just let the guy do his job…'»

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