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Uh, dude…there are polar bears there.

By , August 5, 2009 6:57 pm
A vicious polar bear attack from downtown Edmonton

A vicious polar bear attack from downtown Edmonton

With the latest public rejection of this city, everyone seems to think that Edmonton is the asshole of the NHL.

I’m not sure that players really think it’s all that bad. Anyone think that Detroit is the best city in the states? Players want to play where they have the best chance at winning at cup. That’s not Edmonton. It’s really that simple.

Sure playing in the west means increased travel, but another 15 teams have to deal with that as well. And sure the winter sucks, but we are not the only city that gets winter. Look at Calgary. Are you really going to tell me that Calgary’s winter is that much worse than Edmonton’s. Plus our women are better looking. So that can’t be it.

It’s that Calgary (in this example) has the status of being close to winning the cup. Now we know that they won’t, but that doesn’t stop players from thinking that (or the media). And that is really the only reason that players don’t want to come here.

Show me a player that would have said no to Edmonton in the mid 80’s. I’ll show you a player who has been recently punched in the head by Semenko. Repeatedly.

Win and Edmonton becomes a nicer place to live.

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