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Andrew Cogliano…

By , July 19, 2011 10:41 am
Andrew Cogliano

Andrew Cogliano

So today the Ducks signed Andrew Cogliano to a 3-year deal that works out to a $2.39M cap hit ($2.15M in 2011/12, $2.35M in 2012/13, and then $2.67M in 2013/14). What is your take on this?

I’ve got a couple of opinions here:
1 – The Oilers made the right choice. Andrew Cogliano’s only role here was going to be a checking centreman. I think we can all agree that he isn’t very good at it. Eric Belanger is cheaper and provides much more quality at the checking centre role.
2 – The Ducks could be very content in the end if they find a role for Cogliano that works to his strengths more than molding him to the team’s needs.

I think the Ducks will be pleased with the contract in the long run. It was too much for us to sign him to that kind of contract, but that’s because we wanted him to be our 3rd or 4th line center… something that he was quite poor at. The Ducks will need to play to his strengths in order to get full value for him. If they intend to continue the “checking centreman” experiment, they will be gravely disappointed and that contact will weigh heavily on them. However, should they use him in more offensive situations, with some PK duties here and there, and solely as a winger, I think they will be content and they could reclaim that player we once thought we had.

I’m sure we can all think back a whole 2 years. That’s when the Oilers nearly traded Dustin Penner, Andrew Colgiano and Ladislav Smid to the Senators for Dany “Fucking” Heatley. The Oilogosphere lit up with worries about trading Cogliano. Most had thought of him and Sam Gagner as untouchables. A year before that, there wasn’t even the slightest question of trading these guys. In fact, I remember some big backlash from fans at rumors of Cogliano being moved after his first season. Things change very quickly here in Edmonton. Players that were once untouchable can’t be run out of town quickly enough.

That said, I am happy the Oilers moved on from Cogliano. The only role he could have possibly had any chance of succeeding at was a checking centre. In my mind, he’s a decent scoring winger with defensive upside, but he’s behind guys like Smyth, Eberle, Hemsky, and Hall by quite a bit, and guys like Omark and Pajarvi have more promise. As a faceoff guy, he is just plain awful. The Oilers made the right choice here, but I’m not at all sold that the Ducks made the wrong choice. I think this will work out for both teams in the long run.

What are your thoughts?

Did the Ducks make the right choice?

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Andrew Cogliano traded to the Ducks for 2013 2nd round pick…

By , July 12, 2011 10:14 am
Andrew Cogliano has been traded to the Anaheim Ducks

Andrew Cogliano has been traded to the Anaheim Ducks

Andrew Cogliano has been traded the the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for a 2nd round pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

Cogliano dropped down the depth chart quite a bit here. His days were definitely numbered. But did we get full value for him?

Did the Oilers get good value for Cogliano in the trade with the Ducks?

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And on the 1st day, he created the heavens, then called it an off-season…

By , July 2, 2011 12:23 am
Tambi was a busy man today...

Tambi was a busy man today...

OK, really, today wasn’t THAT good. It was good though, and I was surprised how much the Edmonton Oilers got done in a single day. This is the same crew of people that snailed their way through last off-season and did much to improve the farm team, but very little to improve the big club with Colin Fraser, Jim Vandermeer and Kurtis Foster being the “big” additions.

So, let’s summarize: Continue reading 'And on the 1st day, he created the heavens, then called it an off-season…'»

Oiler RFA’s Qualified

By , June 28, 2010 7:10 pm

Racki seems to be slacking off on the Oilers news front (moving), so I’ll have to pick up some of the slack here.

Today from the Oilers site:

General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have issued qualifying offers to the following players:

Gilbert Brule
Andrew Cogliano
Jeff Deslauriers
Devan Dubnyk
Colin Fraser
Sam Gagner
Jean-Francois Jacques
Ryan O’Marra
Theo Peckham
Liam Reddox

I don’t like the fact that Pouliot didn’t get qualified, but other than that it looks pretty standard. I’m expecting deals to be announced going forward for a few of the players, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Poo gets an offer from the Oilers as an UFA for league min.

More from Cogs and teammates

By , September 2, 2009 6:57 pm
Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make

Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make

As mentioned in the Update from the Hockey World for today, Andrew Cogliano addressed media about his reaction to the trade. Now that I’m home and can actually absorb all this info a bit better, here is a bit more of an update, complete with reactions from vets Ethan Moreau and Steve Staios, former roomie Tom Gilbert, and more from Cogliano. Continue reading 'More from Cogs and teammates'»

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