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Reliving the Magic

By , September 8, 2009 8:00 am

(Fast forward to 4:00) Thankfully I was too hammered to leave this game early.

Note: Both Steve-O and Racki are away on vacation. We’ve left the ship on autopilot. So if some kick ass news happens like trading for Kovalchuk, pretend like you heard it here first, and pretend like this post still makes sense ๐Ÿ˜‰ Racki is back September 10th.

So earlier, I was listening to the morning show on TEAM 1260 and they were interviewing Kelly Buchberger. Beforehand though, they replayed the audio for CBC’s coverage of Game 3 between the Edmonton Oilers and the Dallas Stars in the 1997 playoffs. For those of you that can’t recall, this was one of the greatest moments in Oilers history, and I had the pleasure of being there at Northlands. Anyways, I kid you not, hearing it on the radio gave me goosebumps, hair standing up on my neck, and everything.

With the Oilers down 3-0 in the 3rd period, the game seemingly out of reach, most fans were making a break for the doors. Quite frankly, my first thoughts were to break for the doors as well. However, a few things stopped me. One, I was with 2 girls I worked with at the time (this was the first game they’d been to live.. talk about luck), there was no way I was ending that fun early. Two, I was shlammered on Northlands mystery beer (what do they put in that stuff?). And three, since everyone was in a rush to leave and “beat the traffic”…. they were creating more traffic now than there would be if I stayed. So the 3 of us decided to wait it out. And well, what a fucking fantastic idea that turned out to be. I recall a friend of mine telling me a story about how he went to this game as well, but he didn’t wait it out and ended up madly scrambling to get back to the game when it was 3-2.

I’m sure almost all of you know the story, but the Oilers came back to win that one in a thrilling overtime on a Kelly Buchberger goal. Watch the video above for more details, but the Oilers went on to take the series in 7, and then lost to Colorado the next round.

So I wonder… what are some of the best games you guys have been to live, hockey or otherwise? Or perhaps your best TV memory? Hit up the comments section…

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