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NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE: Fantasy Keeper League      (NorwegianOiler)


The goal of this league is to be immersing, yet easy to understand. That must limit the complexity of the rules to the degree that there will surely be exploits. The administrators of this league reserve the right to cancel any action that is deemed to exploit or bypass the rules. Tanking, for example, is considered a cardinal sin!



Each GM must post a complete roster of 23 players before the 1st of each month of the regular season. These will be the players that are scored for the team. No changes will be permitted once a month has begun, unless a trade is made.


1.1  Skaters

GOAL 1.5 points
ASSIST 1 point
HITS 0.1 point per hit
BLOCKS 0.1 point per blocked shot
+/- 0.5 pts per plus


1.2  Goalies

WIN 1 point
SHUTOUT 3 points
GAA (must have played 35 games or more to qualify for the FULL points listed)



Less than 2.00 = 60 points

2.00 to 2.20 = 55 points

2.21 to 2.40 = 45 points

2.41 to 2.60 = 40 points

2.61 to 2.80 = 35 points

2.81 to 3.00 = 25 points

3.01 to 3.15 = 15 points

Above 3.15 = None


GAA rules: If a goalie has played less than 10 games he does not qualify to be scored for GAA. If a goalie has played between 10 and 35 games he qualifies for HALF of the above listed points. I.e. a backup that gets, for example, 18 games with a 2.66 GAA he will score 17,5 points (35 : 2) for his GAA.


* NHL Stats must be collected from without exception. This is to ensure parity with regards to ‘subjective’ stats like hits and blocks.


The stats for blocked shots and hits are found under the drop down menu “Report” for skaters called “real time stats”.



Everyone who wants to participate must first post their username and the name they want for their team in the “Team selection” thread found from the board index. Once approved by an administrator, the user is asked to change his username to include an abbreviation of his team name. For example: #1Hockeyfan names his team Canada Blades: new username: “#1Hockeyfan CBL”. This so other GMs can easily recognize who controls which team in the league.


The league encourages the design of team logos and jerseys to be used as avatars on the forum.

2.1  Inaugural draft

Once we have reached an acceptable amount of participants (between 20 and no more than 30) a lottery will be held to decide draft order. The inaugural draft will follow a snake draft system. That means that the draft order is reversed each round. In a 30 team league that means that the team which picks #1 then picks #60 and #61, and so forth. To avoid confusion, the draft order will be posted by an administrator before each draft round.


The inaugural draft will consist of 25 rounds. Only players under NHL contract or unsigned prospects (players whose rights are with an NHL team) are eligible to be drafted. Players that have not been picked after the completion of the draft will be considered free agents.


2.2  Yearly drafts

A 3 round Entry Draft will be held every year on the day after the completion of the NHL draft. The fantasy league standings will decide the draft order. This league will have a draft lottery that mirrors the NHL lottery. The bottom five teams of the fantasy league will act as counterparts for the NHL bottom five. For example, if the second to last team wins the NHL lottery, the second to last team in the fantasy league wins the fantasy lottery. Should the NHL lottery result in a non-bottom five winner, no changes will be made in the fantasy league draft order.


Only players taken in the NHL entry draft are eligible to be drafted in the fantasy league.



Player movement is permitted within the windows that the NHL allow such moves. Possible exceptions regarding the fantasy playoffs will be made at a later date. If a GM wants to make a signing or a trade it must be verified and confirmed by an administrator via PM or a post in the trade-thread on the forum.


3.1  Trades

There is no limit to the amount of trades you can make, as long as the full roster does not exceed 35 players. It is allowed to trade draft picks for the yearly entry drafts, but not for the inaugural draft.


3.2  Player contracts

Fantasy GMs are on the hook for the real NHL contracts of their players. Once a player has finished his contract the fantasy GM has two options:

1)      He may retain the player, taking on the contract extension of the player regardless of where the player has signed in real life.

2)      He may drop the player to free agency, allowing other GMs to sign the player on a first come, first serve basis.


Should a player sign an extension prior to July 1st the fantasy GM may still wait until that date to decide if he wants to keep or release the player.


3.3  Free agency

Players that are not owned by any team in the fantasy league may be signed by any GM on a first-come first-serve basis. Note that any move must be confirmed by an administrator before it is completed.


3.4  Waivers

Players that are waived by a GM will remain on waiver wire for 48 hours, during which period any other GM may put in a claim for the player. A claim is made to an administrator, preferably via PM. If more than one claim comes in, the team that is ranked lowest in the last monthly update will receive the player.


3.5  Buy-outs

There will be no buy out option. Fantasy GMs may only drop players to free agency that have finished their real life contracts.



The cap hit of each player correlates to his real life cap hit. See also 3.2 Player contracts.


4.1  Salary cap

Teams must comply with salary cap restrictions (both floor and roof) as set by the NHL. Only players that are on the 23 man roster each month will count against the cap. Cap hits are found on


4.2  Roster number and makeup

Teams must by the start of each month have no less than 23 players on the roster and no more than 35 players altogether.


The starting roster must include at least 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and exactly 2 goaltenders. The remaining three positions may be filled with any skater, forward or defenseman. Whether a forward is listed as a winger or center does not matter. Players that can play both forward and defense can be used in either position by the fantasy GM.



  • If you no longer want to control your franchise, please let an administrator know as soon as possible so a replacement can be arranged. The new GM will inherit the roster, but may re-name the franchise.
  • The league reserves the right to fire any GM that is inactive over long periods of time or repeatedly fails to comply with the rules.
  • If the league reaches 30 teams (the absolute maximum number) it will compile a waiting list for new players who may want to join.
  • The league reserves the right to amend or change the rules, but will as far as possible avoid doing so during the season. Should changes be necessary, the GMs will be notified to discuss details.



1)      Read the rules! Seriously. Read them.

2)      Go to the “Team selection” thread.

3)      Identify yourself and post a team name for your franchise. Do please be (relatively) serious. Obscene or inappropriate team names will be rejected. Keep in mind that this is a long term project.

4)      Change your username to include an abbreviation of your team name.

5)      Set up a post in the “Team Rosters” page, in which you will later list your scoring roster (23 players) and full roster (no more than 35 players altogether)

6)      Inaugural draft (Draft order will be announced by an administrator)

7)      Each GM posts his cap compliant starting roster of 23 players. (at least 12 forwards, 6 defencemen and exactly 2 goaltenders, plus 3 more skaters of any position)

8)      Each GM updates his own team’s scores by the 1st of each month. The scores will be posted in a special thread to be opened later. This will allow an administrator to update the monthly standings. It is naturally allowed to update scores more frequently.



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