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By , September 30, 2009 6:18 pm

This page can be used to discuss anything you like, whether it’s hockey, or anything else (short of viagra, and other exciting spam topics). Just use the comments down below to post what you like. Try not to get too out of hand. Obviously keep it clean still, and keep it legal. Other than that, feel free to talk about whatever you like here.

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  1. Bostonoiler says:

    Steve-O: Also, not sure how many people watch NCAA football, but how crazy is this?

    Its unreal to see the names on there, and what they actually got. Miami is screwed, and could get the death penalty.

  2. Grass&sOIL says:

    Well looks like i missed quiet a bit on this site since my weekend trip to Kelowna turned into a month long adventure. Hopefully a spot opens up in next years keeper league.

  3. Racki says:

    Yah it would be cool to have you in there. You’re a regular here, so I’d say you’re first on the waiting list.

  4. NorwegianOiler says:

    I’m sure if we have dedicated people wanting to join we’ll find a solution to everyone’s satisfaction. Maybe even an expansion draft πŸ˜€

    At the very least, having people on a waiting list is very good for the league – if someone cannot manage their team any more it won’t simply fold. πŸ˜€

  5. Ktown says:

    LOL – as long as we don’t end up with any Balsillie like theatrics!!

    Does this mean we all get a seat on the BoG? LOL!!

  6. oilinblood says:

    here is an article that i think a few of you will enjoy. most of you will know what the statistic means and can just skip to the chart on the bottom that covers last seasons numbers. not many surprises; horcoff is the best centre by a large margin and hall makes the most chances.
    these are renneys numbers and take into account whether or not a player actually was part of a chance for or responsible for a chance against. in other words if someone was justr on a good line but not contributing, he wouldnt get credit for the chance for and might end up getting hit with the chances against if not in proper position, working hard enough. to get creditted for a chance for they need to be an important part of the play created… this doesnt mean they need to touch the puck though – taking your cover, manipulating dmen, going to the net, giving good options etc.

    nothing new but its nice to see real useful numbers being published. i know i often wonder how bad kessels numbers are because i dont watch enough leaf games but he seems to be a good player offensive blue and in but a terrible player everywhere else.

    i like staples articles when he deals with stats and i wish renney could provide him with the oilers official numbers, as made by the coaching staffs perception, on a weekly or at least monthly basis.

  7. Steve-O says:

    Based on what I see, we have 2 forwards that are on the wrong side of the ledger, and I have a hard time believing that.

    That said, for the amount of shit Gilbert gets on this site it looks like he’s not the problem.

    If these are Renney’s numbers, I’m surprised that Tambellini didn’t take a better look at fixing the D. I’m happy he looked at fixing the bottom 6, but the D and goaltending needed a hard look as well.

  8. Racki says:

    While I wouldn’t call our forwards perfect, I would have to say that beside our blue line, they look pretty perfect. Maybe not the best in their own zone at times, but I think the same can be said about 2/3s of our blue line last year. This is what they should excel at first and foremost…

    So really for me, the fact that our blueline needs fixing is a bit of a “DUH”.

  9. oilinblood says:

    correct me if i am wrong (it has been a work-a-holic type summer —im pale as hell) but i believe most of the bottom d are now gone. -chorney, foster, vany, struds, petiot? and some of the bad forwards in storts , mac, jfj, brule likely, fraser. i think all those boys are gone now. in my mind we upgraded the skill available for all 4 lines without including talented prospects to push for spots. we also made slight improvements to our d by getting rid of those bottom players for a low risk hgh reward barker.
    i was surprised to see harty and belle so high up.
    yet again some big stats telling a tale which is against the grain of the accepted majority view on shawn horc.

    i like what we have done. i am not convinced in any way shape or form that rnh will play this year. im not tooting my own horn when i say that i thought huberdeau looked better than rnh thru most of the team canada game everyone was talking about. i am not convinced he will be playing with men this year but thats not a knock on him. the kid has put on decent weight for his summer workout so far and that shows work ethic so im happy with our pick. i am interested to see a few of our prospects get looks. i checked in with a finnish friend of mine a while ago about rajala and he still concurs with my thoughts that he is in the 22yr old range as to when he would challenge or get his line cut. no huge step forwards but certainly not falling behind either. at his size though he really has to dazzle to make it.
    any rumors anymore on the oilers aquiring a rhd?

  10. Racki says:

    On the note of RHD, LT seems to think that Corey Potter will get a long look and eventually become a regular Oiler, perhaps making a phoenix-like rising, a la Jason Smith. I don’t see it happening though. I don’t know enough about him as a player, but the signs seem to point more to him being a full time AHL hire that might get call ups here and there if injuries occur.

    I don’t think the Oilers are very focused on acquiring any more D. Let’s face it.. the amount of moves Tambellini made this off-season must’ve scared the SHIT out of him, given how un-used to that he is.

    Really though I have to ask one thing.. why aren’t we more aggressively going after a goaltender? I can’t seriously believe Khabibulin is seen as anything more than “holding us over”, and really, I can’t even believe he’s CAPABLE of being anything more than a detriment to the team. I think they feel he should get another chance to redeem himself. I’m partly OK with that (not really, but I can live with it), but i think the experiment should be very short lived. See how he handles the first 10-15-20 games, and then if he’s still stinking the joint up, welcome to Oklahoma.. let’s go shopping for a guy like Bobrovsky that is going to have a tough time earning the # of starts he probably could be getting.

    On the note of our changes this year (re: your “correct me if I’m wrong statement”)… Chorney is still here. I am not completely sold though that he can’t work out. I thought his short stint last year here before being injured gave me some promise. His +/- was still bad, but I’m not one of those guys that puts a huge weight in certain stats. I thought what I was seeing out there looked promising. As for the dead weight we cut on the blueline… fantastic…. but did we just pick up more dead weight to replace them? Hard to say. We’ll see.

  11. oilinblood says:

    i laughed at your second paragraph. πŸ˜›
    anywho… i saw hall… not a kid anymore. looks like he ate alot of beef during his recovery. im going out on a limb and expect 35-40g’s. smyth doesnt need to replace penners output… hall looks like he has the shoulders now to carry that and more.

    i suspect we wont be seeing hall on his butt as much this year. i also think, from reeading between the lines of some statements, that he will be better prepared to handle himself in the rare event should he have to drop mitts again. hard to tell lower body but his trunk seemed to have gained even more than his upper body. anyone watching crosby fight knows that a few lessons from laraque + a trunk of solid oak means your punches dont have to be technically sound, your style not ali-esque to do some damage and humiliate your opponent when standing up for oneself. he wont have to do it much but i got the sense that he is more prepared and willing to fight than ever.
    teubert is rhd right?

  12. Racki says:

    Correct about Teubert being RHD, yes..

    And I am happy to hear that Hall has been working on strength. He also said today that his injured ankle actually feels stronger now than his other ankle, as he’s put a LOT of time in the gym working on it.

  13. Grass&sOIL says:

    Wow this is cool. For the first time ever there will be 15 games on the last day of the NHL season with all 30 teams in action. Should be a great day for hockey. This is how it should be every year going forward!!!

  14. oilinblood says:

    I didnt want to talk about this earlier, because i figured a deal would get done and sorted out.

    Marchand has not signed still with boston. this is very strange to me. what would you think his contract value should be? i figure 3/yr right now on a 2 yr deal.

    just to create conversation. would you want him and if so what would you offer to get him in trade and salary for signing?

    also, is anyone interested in picking up prospect centres from teams that seem to be log jammed at that position? tangradi from pitts? if we aquired a guy like tangradi would we be basically saying that gagner was on his last days… or walking a tight rope at the least.
    is anyone else impressed with ottawas half rebuild? some enviable prospects in their cupboards. Ours are better but still…

    btw larsson to camp players, especially dmen. “i will be prepared and i will make war to take my place.”

  15. Racki says:

    I actually have liked Brad Marchand since seeing him in the WJHCs.. however he doesn’t fit a need in my mind. He’s another small forward (although he does play bigger) that I’m not sure how he’d fare out west.

    At this point, I’m looking at the back end of this team still as far as improvement.. not much interest in upgrading any of the forwards right now.

  16. oilinblood says:

    omark interview if anyone is bored.
    i liked omark. He makes mistakes of an nhl new comer but it was his back checking that made me finally feel 100% in dumping cogs. i had always felt maybe cogs could be a marchant but on the wing since he cant do anything in the dot. omarks back checking erased this thinking.

    i liked the statements with regards to edmonton and fans and the direction of the team. keeping in mind this was a swedish interview that wont hit mainstream edmonton… it served as notice that he likes it here and that he is believing in the bright future of this franchise. are we ready to get into post season games? unknown. but its not far off.
    personally i am of the opinion that we have a playoff team if healthy. defense doesnt trouble me as much as goaltending but if we need to make a movw in the season there are ALOT of goalies on the edge of being traded/cut because of depth and salary issues. not gonna panic there. forwards better… lost penner but got a healthy 2nd year 200 lb rested hall plus smyth. got jones back along with ebs and prv who have full years under renney now. belanger has arrived to finally give us a 2nd capable centre. barker instead of vandy, struds, foster. and a spot possibly open for a promotion.
    we will be better than last year. if we can stay healthy who knows.

    the one thing i miss about vandy on the ice is he could actually play the right. i am not a huge bogo fan but i am switching from a mobile d mindset to a 5 man effort defense.. which leads to me putting onus on talents that are unspectacular but can make the good read and be punishing in their own end. so i am open to bogo now… i just dont like people thinking hes a doughty. getting bogo would mean a lefty wouldnt have to cover a right position. that is how id assess the value id give up in trade. bogo isnt anything special but id be willing to deal the value which i thought was fair in that we gain not having to play a player at a disadvantage. Larsson better fits our time line and NJ needs centres with zajac out long term… If RNH turns heads at camp it might put gags at odds or maybe even horcoff. If larsson is an available commodity it might give you pause if RNH is turning heads.

    that being said the 12 drafts has looked better than the 11 draft for a few years now. hmmmm

  17. oilinblood says:

    now i realize that if i posted these links on the omb i would get the usual “intelligent” responses of bad grammar etc. but i know most people on this board will acknowledge the fact that alot of bloggers and canadians are of international background, heritage, and education and for them english is but a 4th to 12 th language. so i dont foresee bad grammar references on here.

    yoi ichinichi o osugoshi kudasai
    die bonas
    buenos dias
    buona giornata
    auf wiedersehen
    Bonne journee

  18. oilinblood says:

    love it when a library of stats backs up what is visibly obvious. still i like the guy but time is ticking, the cupboards are brimming, and he has always had the most favorable ice time and matchups. time to deliver or be leap frogged.

  19. John says:

    Flamers trade Langkow (the closest thing to a #1 center they had) back to Phoenix for Stempniak, interesting. Guess it’s all part of Uncle Fester’s plan to make cap room for next year but if you’re attempting to rebuild then why wouldn’t you be moving guys like that for picks &/or decent prospects instead of straight up salary dumps? Stempniak is in the last year of his contract & has steadily declined in productivity while making roughly half what Langks is which is what I am basing the salary dump theory on. The best the Flamers can hope for is a repeat of the last 2 seasons with the team they are now icing but who wants gauranteed mediocre hockey & no playoffs with no sign of future greatness looming?? Might as well start tearing it down now & get a good jump on next year instead of trying to once again fleece your fans into believing that “if they can grab a little of that magic”, they can compete for a championship! Even Flames fans are not that daft lol

  20. chucker says:

    Wade Belak found dead in Toronto Hotel room. One of the funniest guys I’ve seen in the NHL. Absolutley shocking. Hope it was somehow a natural death.

  21. oilinblood says:

    a rough off season for nhl tough guys.

    funniest player to me was al iafrate. i remember him playing a game against colorado. upon hearing he had been assessed a penalty he silently mimed out a rant directed at the referee and then skated backwards and stepped into the penalty box backwards, where he then thru his glove against the box. anyone familiar with nhl 2001 knew he was copying the game. hilarious.

  22. zackman35 says:

    In other news, Jets to show off their new jerseys the day before I go back to school! (September 6th)!/NHLJets

  23. Bostonoiler says:

    Really sucks to hea about Belak. Its been a tough off-season for the NHL. .

  24. Bostonoiler says:

    Forget my above comment….

    Really sucks to hear about Belak. Thoughts and Prayers go out to his family and friends duing what is without doubt a tougth time for them.

    I do wanna make a point here. A lot of people are blaming these recent deaths on the roles they played in the sport, and are starting to say we should get rid of fighting in hockey. I for one disagree here. As far as we know, Boogaard’s death was an accident, and Rypien had depression issues for awhile. I just hope people don’t go to try and fix something that isn’t wrong, and I hope people don’t go and try and blame something that isn’t at fault here.

    I also think that the NHLPA needs to do more to help players after their career’s. From what I have heard on twitter (Matthew Barnaby from ESPN/TSN) it seems like the PA tosses you side when you retire and really doesn’t care. We saw the NFLPA make a big deal out of helping retired players during their labor talks this past summer. I hope the NHLPA oushes for that when they head to the table.

    Not sure what you guys think about this, but that is just my two cents.

  25. Racki says:


    Edmonton Capitals win the NAL. Just to emphasize how big a deal this is to me, I had no idea playoff baseball was even being played in Edmonton right now. Lol.. hey, a championship is a championship, I suppose. πŸ˜›

  26. Ktown says:

    Smoking deal for NYI – Tavares – 6 years/$33M – if my math is correct – $5.5 cap hit.

    Not bad for your franchise center.

  27. dawgtoy says:

    This looks to be the best line-up they’ve dressed with the exception of no Hoppy tonight.

    Cornet – Lander – Rieder
    Hamilton – Pitlick – Tyrvainen
    Ferguson – Schaber – Rajala
    Czerwonka – Smith – Abney

    Davidson – Musil
    Vannieuwenhuizen – Blain
    Marincin – Schmidt

  28. dawgtoy says:

    I spoke too soon, Adam Brown is in net …. Who?

  29. Racki says:

    Smoking deal for NYI – Tavares – 6 years/$33M – if my math is correct – $5.5 cap hit.

    Not bad for your franchise center.

    I’d say that will be a very good deal in the end.

  30. oilinblood says:

    it took me a while to figure out why the simmonds banana incident was a big deal. i was a big fan of looney tunes and so my immediate assumption of a banana being thrown at him during a shootout…was that it was the peel. i know simmonds is dark skinned but i guess i ignorantly didnt make the connection. i couldnt figure out what all the commotion was about. it is 2011 isnt it? hell, im no saint but i tend to hate people for their personal lackings; like lazyness, lack of self-respect, lack of conviction, being a walking cliche/negative stereotype… i am sure the moron who thru the banana because of racial prejudice, is the type of loser white boy who gets his area code tatooed on his knuckles and talks like he is from detroits innercity, born and raised, where in truth he likely lives in the subs driving his daddys escalade and living in the basement at 23.

  31. Racki says:

    It was a pretty despicable act. I don’t get people. I was surprised it would happen in this day and age, and even more surprised that it would happen in Ontario. I’m glad that Simmonds shrugged it off, but I found that the “you kinda get used to it when you are black” comment (not word for word) he made was pretty disturbing. Trogdor and Steve-O would probably think otherwise sometimes because I make stupid jokes for shock value, but in truth I am really bothered by racism.

  32. Mr.Majestyk says:

    Last night I was listening to Overtime Openline and Dan Tencer made mention of it. He actually said something along the lines of “We might make a comment heat of the moment in our cars and thats bad enough, but throwing a banana is really bad” it was something like that but what he was trying to pass off as not as bad. I think the car statement is pretty bad and by passing it off as no big deal leads to the banana throwing incident. I think in this day and age many of the actions have to do with being insensitive and less to do with racial hatred, but i think that still exists.

  33. Racki says:

    I think the banana incident is pretty undeniable. It’s an obvious intent to get at a person through a low, low method.

  34. Racki says:

    Courtesy of Gene Principe (who got the info from Tom Gazzola): Sam Gagner gets an MRI tomorrow on his ankle. Not broken but damage to be determined.

  35. oilinblood says:

    simmonds banana incident update

    i have this habit, from my job, of analyzing things too much. the whole racism thing seemed weak. a guy —or girl– goes to a game after premeditating a racist act. Before performing this racist attack, the culprit – or villian as labeled by everyone who doesnt ask questions- watches simmonds play 23 and change minutes, holds on to the browned banana for 2 and a half hours, then when some fluke of zeus the game goes to ot… THEN A SHOOTOUT… and even flukier simmonds is the last shooter, with the game on his stick, decisive shot in hand all of a sudden this criminal mastermind who foresaw it all unleashes hellacious torment in symbolic form and the world is ready to tear him or her apart.

    i read the headline and thought…thats so looney tunes its funny. hahaha he tried to trip him with a banana peel.

    then people talked about it being racist
    then people tried to explain why a banana is racist.
    then i said …. you are kidding right?
    simmonds is black? hockey player is a race to me.
    black is supposed to be racistly attached to apes? dont get it. ive never seen a furry black man, but i certainly have seen some sasquatch white boys.

    today i learn from 3 news sources that it was a peel. a picture of the referee removing the object of hate shows it was a peel.


    ummm i stand by the looney tunes theory. i still dont get the banana as a whole thing. seriously. people got carried away about something that wasnt racist.

    in closing i would like to mention a piece on here thzt i wanted to write but didnt because i know most people dont want to read what i say so why bother. so i left it. the thing that bothered me most is why did people know it was a racial comment (or more likely assume). i felt more depressed about that than mad about a racial intolerance act. i was happy that i didnt make the connection… hell i knew who simmonds was but had to be vocally reminded the mans skin color. the guy is pretty tanned indeed. i was going to point out the while in most cases it is good to be sensitive, in life and love its best not to get OVERLY sensitive. being overly sensitive and seeing that act as a racial attack actually means that the viewer acknowledges the connection. and thats more sad than the act. to me.

    it was a peel. simmonds happened to be the last shooter in a shoot out.

    i know what you are thinking. i was in edmonton on the night in question and have witnesses.

    the joke goes back to being funny, and its a shame…HUGE SHAME, that simmonds or anyonelse put their own INCORRECT opinion on the presence of a banana PEEL. Shame on everyone except the genius joker who planned prank unintentionally found its way to being a huge example of people getting carried away, reporters not asking questions, and people being so cynical they cant find the obvious answer. when i see a banana peel on the ground i only think of one thing…well compost tooo so two things. A black man is not one of the things that comes to mind. Infact i have to go back to watching the wayans brothers show to think of good racial insults. ofcourse i wont repeat them here as it appears people are overly sensitive. i wont mention the racial stereotypes aimed at irish or german or figure skaters. i am simply not going to go there. Instead of pointing out overused props of comedy towards our african descended brothers, its safer for me to just sit here and eat my kfc and watermelon and drink it down with a colt 45 while i admire my bling.

    if by chance the above references made offence to you… you should think about it and acknowledge the fact i typed it to see if it would. if it did, id ask if your mind made that jump from banana to simmonds being a black guy. that jump was your own.
    this proves more and more that news reporters should actually research shit before opening their ignorant little make-upped mouths.

    i realize that ive had three good exit lines and yet still talk. meh.

    ps. im far better at speaking this kind of stuff than typing it out.
    this is pro-bono

  36. Racki says:

    You could be right. But the reason people drew the connection so quickly is because there have been other incidents (outside of sports) where black people have been called monkeys, or had bananas waved in their faces mockingly, etc.

    I’d like to think that it was a Looney Tunes joke and that it just so happened to be Wayne Simmonds taking the shot, but that’s a bit naive, to me.

    It seems to be water off a ducks back with Simmonds anyways, as he’s already acknowledged and warned everyone that by drawing attention to racist acts you empower them.

    It may have been a racist act.. it may have been a Looney Tunes joke (I don’t consider it clever though.. I hate ass-hat fans that throw shit on the ice)… whatever the case, Simmonds and others have moved on. We can move on here too. Next subject. πŸ˜›

  37. Racki says:

    Tuesday vs. Phoenix, RNH will get Hemsky AND Smyth on his wings, per Jim Matheson.. wow, that’ll be a good test for him. I’m hoping they have a good shooter with them as well.

  38. Steve-O says:

    Just saw a exhibition game between the rangers and sparta praha in Prague. Super fun vibe they have in the rink. I’d recommend it to anyone that is in Prague. Soccer style chants, good crowds, good times.

  39. Racki says:

    Nice, that’s awesome you got to see a game.

    A few more options for you to get your fix in there:

    In Bratislava, Slovakia on October 2nd:
    The Rangers play vs. Bratislava (11AM ET)
    Pittsburgh plays Detroit (5pm ET)
    Chicago plays Washington (5pm ET)

    In Zug, Switzerland on October 3rd:
    Rangers play Zug (2:00PM ET)

    In Helsinki, Finland on October 4th:
    L.A. vs. Hamburg @ 1pm ET

    In Mannheim, Germany on October 4th:
    Buffalo vs. Mannheim 1:30PM et

  40. Racki says:

    My sources say that the Oilers have placed a claim (and will be successful since they were last, last year) on Ryan Parent.

    They don’t really say that, but I’m just saying that because if I’m right with my guess, then I’ll look like an awesome rumor source.

  41. Racki says:

    No discipline for Alex Edler for his elbow to the head of Taylor Hall in yesterday’s game. Boo.

  42. Racki says:

    Wow, Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple this past month or so. I had no idea it was due to a battle with pancreactic cancer. Anyways, he passed away from it today.

  43. chucker says:

    Wow, Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple this past month or so. I had no idea it was due to a battle with pancreactic cancer. Anyways, he passed away from it today.

    Yeah, he had been sick for a lot of years. Pancreatic is an automatic death sentence. Usually people only live a few months. He lived about five years. Too young and a terrible disease.

  44. LateNightOilFan says:

    Check this out:

    “A year ago the Oilers entered the season with a divided locker room. Jordan Eberle forgot to pass the puck to Shawn Horcoff and ended up scoring a goal and diving to celebrate. Everyone on the Oilers got pissed off about it and as the season progressed the team showed signs of maturing. Still the Oilers finished with the worst record due to a lack of talent. The Oilers were the only team in the Western Conference that failed to score 200 goals. The Oilers were 27th on the power play and 29th in penalty killing.

    Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle have both managed to put their differences aside this offseason and have matured significantly as players. Hall even believes that Nugent Hopkins has exceeded expectations in Edmonton making his job much easier.”

    I recall vaguely a bit of a spoof on one of the broadcasts about Eb’s first goal – sounds like someone took it seriously. Either that, or this article is a spoof…

  45. Racki says:

    Oi. I’m going to just assume that the writer knows not what he talks about when it comes to the Oilers.

  46. dawgtoy says:

    Sidney Crosby cleared to play Monday vs NYI…finally!

  47. Racki says:

    The Oilers have sent Taylor Chorney back down again and recalled Alex Plante

  48. chucker says:

    The Oilers have sent Taylor Chorney back down again and recalled Alex Plante

    Wonder if he gets picked up again.

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