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By , September 30, 2009 6:18 pm

This page can be used to discuss anything you like, whether it’s hockey, or anything else (short of viagra, and other exciting spam topics). Just use the comments down below to post what you like. Try not to get too out of hand. Obviously keep it clean still, and keep it legal. Other than that, feel free to talk about whatever you like here.

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  1. Racki says:

    Just bringing attention to the new General Discussion page…

    In case you haven’t noticed (presuming you got here through another method), the General Discussion link on the top menu bar will take you here.

  2. DropIt says:

    Topic 1: who else laughed when they read “hump day” this morning? Or am I the only one with the maturity of a 10 year old?

  3. Racki says:

    I knew someone would interpret it another way. 😛

  4. DropIt says:

    Also Racki, I left you a trade offer in Fantasy. Looking to work something out 😉

  5. gr8one says:

    just need to post in here, because I can.

    as far as hump day goes, I wish it made me giggle like a 10 year old, however it always conjures up thoughts of camels. lol

  6. Racki says:

    Hey man.. if that’s your thing, thats your thing.. no need to be ashamed.. a little weird though… 😛

  7. gr8one says:


    ok, an FYI for the fantasy league.

    I went ahead and changed the trade approval time from 2 days to 1 day.

    I think two days is stupid, if the league hates the trade they don’t need two days to vote it off, and if you’re stupid enough to make a bad trade, you don’t deserve an extra day to mull it over before it goes through. and if it’s a really lopsided trade feom one manager “helping” another and we don’t catch it in time, I can always reverse it as commish, but I would never do that without a league consensus,

    if anyone has any problems with this, and it becomes a majority, I will put it back to the 2 day approval time.

  8. Racki says:

    1 day sounds fine to me.

  9. DropIt says:

    Me too… 1 day is fine

  10. gr8one says:

    ok, I just sent out a league wide email explaining the change in a little more depth.

    baiscally though, with the way yahoo does it by default it actually takes four days to get the trade to go through once it’s been approved.

    Explanation here–>

    4 days sucks, but I still think it needs to go before the league for at least one day, so 3 days total will have to do.

    if anyone wants to make a trade before 2:00 pm tomorrow(Edmonton Time) propose/approve/submit as you normally would, and I will push it through.

    after tomorrow, trades will be subject to the one day league approval via vote, and yahoo’s default wait times.

  11. gr8one says:

    I’m so damned effin excited that REAL hockey starts tonight and I can actually watch it on my big screen in HD!! Although, I am kinda bummed that Versus doesn’t carry ANY Oilers games this year. :(

    Anyways, just wanted to remind everyone to adjust you fantasy team rosters, I just took a a quick look at all of your teams and saw a quite a few that have players sitting on the bench still, GO ADJUST THEM NOW!!!!!! I usually adjust mine a week in advance.

    If you are unsure how to do this, I’ve sent out an email to everyone with an explanation, and as always, if you have any questions, let me know.

  12. chucker says:

    It’s hockey night tonight!!!

  13. Trogdor says:

    Wow gr8one, you’re a nicer pooly than me. Someone doesn’t set their rosters, more points for me! I guess that’s not entirely the case though with a head to head setup…

    I’ve given the wife fair warning that there will be two games on the TV tonight. We’ve been married long enough for her to know it doesn’t have to be the Oilers playing. 😉

  14. gr8one says:

    Trogdor: Wow gr8one, you’re a nicer pooly than me.Someone doesn’t set their rosters, more points for me!I guess that’s not entirely the case though with a head to head setup…I’ve given the wife fair warning that there will be two games on the TV tonight.We’ve been married long enough for her to know it doesn’t have to be the Oilers playing.

    lol, yeah…I’d normally agree with you, but there are some fantasy hockey newbies who don’t know any better, so I’m trying to get them up to speed, but it won’t take me long to point and laugh at people that don’t/forget to change their rosters.

    and gd it, I had to compromise with the hockey tonight, I’m watching both, but I only get to watch the first one on the big screen HD, and then I have to watch the second one on the “normal” TV so she can watch “her” shows. oh well, she brings me beer though.

  15. Trogdor says:

    Not a bad trade off, and I may be in the same boat, so I won’t pass judegement. Have to find my rabbit ears as we only have one receiver though.

  16. Racki says:

    Today I had to go attend jury selection. I was actually wanting to get picked for two reasons: a) work sucks right now – way too busy for me (which is why I haven’t been commenting quite as much lately) and b) it was a murder trial. I think it would have been awesome to see the whole thing unfold. Any other case would have been boring as hell, I’m sure, but this one might have been interesting.

  17. Mr.Majestyk says:

    I got selected to be on a jury for a sexual assault case. I really didn’t want to be there, so lucky for me, the day the trial was supposed to begin, we were all waiting in the jury room to be ushered into court. When they brought us in, they announced that the guy decided to plead guilty. Saved me from a week of boredom.

  18. Racki says:

    Yah at first I was sitting there thinking that I didn’t want to get picked. Then the Judge said he was up there for murder and I was like “wow, shit, that would be awesome to be a part of.”

  19. chucker says:

    Racki: Yah at first I was sitting there thinking that I didn’t want to get picked. Then the Judge said he was up there for murder and I was like “wow, shit, that would be awesome to be a part of.”

    So you didn’t get picked then? Interestingly enough, I’ve never been selected to attend a jury hearing in my 39 years. I have friends who have done it a couple times. Totally random I guess.

  20. Racki says:

    No, I didn’t get picked to even go up. It was interesting even just to watch the process of selection though. There were 180 people there, and I’d guess about 70 people were called up. A lot of people dropped out for work reasons and such, and I was surprised how many people the prosecutor or defense lawyers reject.

  21. gr8one says:

    I`d like to see what the people here`s thoughts are on this thread. Although I think it`s highly unlikely, I do like it, especially if it was for the two players I suggested in my last post there.

  22. Racki says:

    I think that will put us over the cap. I know we’re actually receiving less salary from the deal, but Pisani’s salary doesn’t currently count towards the cap (LTIR). Once he’s back it will.

    So the question is, who’s next to go? I wouldn’t be hurt to see the two names mentioned go and one or two of the guys in the 2-3M range (you can figure out who they are 😉 ). But I would think there would need to be another move to make this work (or waiver or something).

    But I’m not too sure where we sit right now though. There is some confusion with the bonus cushion (whether teams get it this year or not). But I think either way we’d still be over.

  23. Racki says:

    Also to add, I believe we’d have to wait for Pisani to come off the LTIR in order to trade him.

    I know Phil Kessel was traded while injury, but he wasn’t on LTIR at the time of the trade.

    I could be wrong about all this, but I don’t think you can trade a player on LTIR, which means it would be a bit before Pisani is moved. And well, why LA would want to pick up Nilsson and an injured player is beyond me. Makes sense for us… but for them? I don’t think so at all.

  24. gr8one says:

    Two thoughts and a related prediction.

    Thought #1: I can’t believe Manny Fernandez is still UFA, with a great track record, not that old, and coming off co-winning the Jennings, I personally thought he was one of the best UFA goalies out there, and would have actually preferred him over Khabi.

    Thought #2: Osgood is BRUTAL in the regular season.

    Related prediction: Fernandez will play for the Wings before this season is over.

  25. DropIt says:

    On an awesome note.

    Vancouver is losing again :)

    Go BJs

  26. pharsyde says:

    Anyone catch the video TSN put together prior to the battle of Ontario? Pretty slick!

  27. LateNightOilFan says:

    gr8one: Two thoughts and a related prediction.Thought #1: I can’t believe Manny Fernandez is still UFA, with a great track record, not that old, and coming off co-winning the Jennings, I personally thought he was one of the best UFA goalies out there, and would have actually preferred him over Khabi.Thought #2: Osgood is BRUTAL in the regular season.Related prediction: Fernandez will play for the Wings before this season is over.

    Sorry I never noticed this thread before now!

    You knew Manny was contemplating retirement before the end of last season due to his bad back? He recanted a bit in May but in March he made comments that he didn’t know if his body could handle playing another season. I think it really scared off alot of GM’s.

  28. gr8one says:

    LateNightOilFan: ahhh, I didn’t know that.

    ahhh, I didn’t know that.

    anyways, on another note, something I’ve been thinking about lately is why management has not addressed our faceoff issues.

    other than the fact that Brule has shown to be pretty good on the dot, I think all this fussing about not signing Malhotra, Betts, might have been the wrong way of looking at it, but really, we already have that player, and one of the best in the NHL, the only problem is, his cap hit is 5.5 million and he’s on the first line.

    Now, I’ve never been a Horcoff hater, and I’ve never really said much about his contract because he is a very good hockey player, and so versatile in so many situations, but the reality is he IS NOT a first line center, and I really think it’s time that management overlooks his salary and plays him accordingly, on the second or third line. the only question is, that who becomes the new first line center, and of course using what we already have since a first line center acquisition via trade is unlikely.

    Personally, I think Brule might be a good fit. now before you all freak out, think about it.

    Brule came out of junior as an offensive dynamo, and a very highly touted early first round pick, so the kids got he pedigree. Once hitting the NHL he had it rough on brutal Columbus team, that mishandled him, and his confidence and game slipped accordingly. Since the Oilers have acquired him, he has shown his willingness to work on his two way game, and although is not big, he plays with some “crust”, and when given the chance, he has showed glimpses of that offensive skill he was known for in junior. and to put the cherry on top, he has shown very good face-off skills thus far, so that shouldn’t be an issue, as no one wants to see the first line spend half of their shifts just trying to get the puck back.

    Now, having made my case for Brule on the top line, as much as I like what Jacques brings, but I really don’t think he’s a long term solution there, especially with what Penner has shown so far.

    I would love to see a line of:

    Penner Brule Hemsky


  29. Hockey Noob says:

    Racki, I’ve noticed that John Tortorella recently used Gaborik in the PK a few days ago. Then today, I see Sidney Crosby on the PK vs. the Islanders. MacT on TSN pointed out that with 4 penalties in one period, you don’t want to miss a chance to get your best player on the ice. I wonder if we’ll ever see Hemmer on the PK in a similar situation (3-4 PK’s in a period).

  30. Racki says:

    I think we’ve already got some of our better guys out there… Cogliano does it, Penner does it, Horcoff and O’Sullivan do it. I’m not sure the risk-vs-reward is good with Hemsky out there. I’m pretty sure though that Quinn is the type that would give it consideration and do it, if it makes sense though. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him try it sometime this year, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it fails miserably. lol

    Also, interesting suggestion, gr8one… I still support Horcoff being able to succeed best there, but it would be worth a shot, no? Hemmer just seems so finicky a player to be throwing different guys in there though. Who knew he was so high maintenance? 😛 By that, I just mean that he only seems to work with certain players, and Horcoff has always been a guy that worked well.

  31. Hockey Noob says:

    Yeah, I am guessing that when Hemmer wanted a replacement during the off season for Penner, that he most certainly didn’t mean a guy like JFJ… I do like JFJ though, but it doesn’t look like he’s a great fit on the top line.

  32. Racki says:

    Yah, I’m 50-50 on it. I think when used right, JFJ can work there. I honestly think Hemsky has looked bland for the most part, minus maybe one pre-season game. In the pre-season, JFJ was pushing pretty hard and looked to be the only bright spot on that line. There might not be chemistry there, but I’m not inclined to blame it entirely on JFJ. At the same time, I know Hemsky is a tough guy to match up with. Penner might be a better option there (and quite frankly, to be honest, I’ve always been a big fan of his on line 1). JFJ can work somewhere else pretty well though just by doing what he’s already doing.

    I’ve always been a huge Hemsky fan and supporter, but I’m even starting to wonder now, how many guys do we have to bring in here to try and work with Hemsky? The guy has tremendous talent, but I can see why people get impatient with trying to work guys into his game.

  33. Racki says:

    Word on the street is Souray will be placed on the IR and Chorney will be called up.

  34. Trogdor says:

    Dang, IR? Hopefully he’s back sooner than later. At least we’ll get a good look at Chorney.

  35. Racki says:

    Yes, IR, not to be confused with LTIR… still not good, but it could be a game.. or two.. or ten.

  36. gr8one says:

    Watching Detroit/Buffalo game.

    I just gotta say, Osgood is TERRIBLE.

  37. chucker says:

    Any news on how long Souray and Staios will be out?

  38. Racki says:

    This from OilersNation:

    UPDATE: Don’t expect Sheldon Souray to return anytime soon. Pat Quinn was not very confident that Souray would be back soon. Souray met with the training staff, and according to Quinn, he didn’t look good and is still a ways away from returning.
    Steve Staios won’t dress tomorrow either. He is closer than (Souray), but after speaking with Quinn it sounds like he won’t play tomorrow, and will be re-evaluated over the weekend.

    That seriously blows. I didn’t think Souray would be gone that long.

  39. Racki says:

    Also this from Tencer:

    Pat Quinn told us today that Staios isn’t close to returning and that Souray keeps getting sent home by the medical staff every morning.

    Not good.

  40. gr8one says:

    I know pretty much every Oilers fan feels very thankful that Nylander pulled his little stunt with us and he signed with the Caps instead, but does anyone else get a little bit of a warm fuzzy feeling every time they hear that the Caps don’t want him and he and his fat contract continue to watch from the pressbox?

    I think it kinda looks good on him.

  41. Racki says:

    I don’t really care about Nylander, but I guess karma bit him in the ass. That’s always fun to see.

  42. Mr.Majestyk says:

    Regarding Nylander, I never think about him so I can’t say it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, but since you bring it up, I wonder how much he regrets not coming to Edmonton in the first place. Like if he had a do over would he still be a bust or would he find chemistry with Hemsky and be enjoying some good years.

  43. gr8one says:

    yeah, I can’t say I really think about Nylander much either,other than he’s been in the media here a lot, perhaps you aren’t hearing as much about him up there.

    but really, you could put a mannequin with any of Ovechkin/Semin/Backstrom and they would put up numbers, so I’m not so sure he would have been much more successful with any Oiler.

  44. Racki says:

    Souray’s off-ice problems with his ex and his kids is getting pretty ugly right now. I’m not touching this one with a 10-foot pole. As I type this, I was going to pass off a link to Cult of Hockey, but I see he’s taken down the article he had up there because he’s unsure of the facts right now. Let’s just say it’s a weird one that even involves some… interesting facebook statuses.

    Anyways, I just hope that this all gets solved for the best for all sides involved (including their kids). Ah, rich people.

    If you guys want to read about it, you can read it on Puck Daddy, but I’d prefer to keep it about hockey around here.

  45. DropIt says:

    Is it Ironic that Racki is going to crush me tonight with his “team Calgary” fantasy team?

  46. Racki says:

    I’m hoping that the Flames lose by a score of 11-10. I also have Huselius. 😛

  47. DropIt says:

    Lol. Well Huselius isn’t going to help your +/-…

    You have a lot of flames for an Oiler fan… Closet fan, or just a realist? 😛

  48. Racki says:

    Well his -1 should be well balanced out with the +5 I have from the Flamer players. 😛

    I think long term, these Flames guys will be good for me in the pool, but right now they have been average, at best.

  49. DropIt says:

    Ya, leave it to the week I play you for the entire core group to put up their points lol

  50. Racki says:

    Holy hell, what is with my goalies though. Mason lets in 6 goals tonight.. Nabokov 3 the other night.. yikes.

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