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Saluting a true enforcer: Dave Semenko

By , October 31, 2010 11:27 am
Doing what he does best - instilling fear

Doing what he does best - instilling fear

Jim Matheson did a good article about Matt Clackson’s dad, Kim. Matt Clackson is the guy that Sheldon Souray recently broke his hand on fighting. Kim Clackson was a pugilistic warrior, himself, having gone against the likes of Dave Semenko in an epic battle that just didn’t seem to ever end (they fought 3 times in the same altercation). Here’s an excerpt from Dave Semenko’s autobiography, Looking Out For Number One, on the events that transpired: Continue reading 'Saluting a true enforcer: Dave Semenko'»

The kids are (gonna be) alright (?)

By , October 2, 2010 1:16 pm
How many times have we warned that you wouldnt like him when he's angry?

How many times have we warned that you wouldn't like him when he's angry?

“Any time you can lace up the skates and you know it’s going to be that type of game, chippy, hard-nosed, guys talking trash, I love it. It gets everybody fired up. Everybody in the stands and on the bench gets fired up when they see that old-school hockey, tempers, fists flying, goals being scored. To me, that’s hockey.” – Steve MacIntyre quote from last night’s post-game.

Big Mac is a guy that the Oilers players love to have on their side. The Edmonton Sun had a quote from Liam Reddox in today’s paper: “He’s a sheriff out there,” said Liam Reddox. “He takes care of us all. Even if he’s not out there he’s yelling from the bench, letting guys know that there’s going to be some retribution. It’s definitely calming to have him around.”

Big Mac also re-arranged Ivanans’ face last night… although to Ivanans’ credit, he landed some good shots on MacIntyre’s mug as well and left him with a couple of noticeable bruises.

But is that enough to deter a guy like Robyn Regehr from hitting one of our players? Possibly not, as quite some time after the fight (in the middle of the third period), he Continue reading 'The kids are (gonna be) alright (?)'»

New schedule wallpaper up for October 2010

By , September 27, 2010 6:55 pm

Well, a monthly tradition for me is to create a schedule wallpaper. October 2010’s schedule wallpaper is up. You can find it here in various sizes.

New Site Features

By , September 26, 2010 10:24 pm
Time to get everyone up to speed on new features around here..

Time to get everyone up to speed on new features around here..

So there have been a couple of recent changes to the Foil that I figured I better update people on, Live Game Chat and a new Mobile Theme. Continue reading 'New Site Features'»

Putting On The Foil Turns 1

By , July 29, 2010 10:59 am
Happy birthday to us.. Happy birthday to us...

Happy birthday to us.. Happy birthday to us...

Well, today marks the day that Putting On The Foil officially opened the doors and started plaguing the internet. In this post, we look back at some of our favorite moments in that past year, mainly because there is nothing better to talk about! So with out further ado, here are some of our favorite moments, as well as some interesting statistics… Continue reading 'Putting On The Foil Turns 1'»

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