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You want a shot at the title?

By , September 13, 2010 9:06 am
The belt actually looks more like Hulk's fluffy sash thing..

The belt actually looks more like Hulk's fluffy sash thing..

The 2nd annual Putting On The Foil pool is about to kick off, folks. Spots are limited (12… 14?). Anyone is welcome to join, although because I like to know whose ass I’m kicking, slight priority will be given to regulars of the foil and people who were in last year’s pool. But don’t let that deter you from signing up though, if you are a lurker.

Gr8one did a fantastic job of organizing it last year, and has volunteered (or been voluntold?) to do it again this year. Thanks, gr8one! If it’s similar to last years, expect it to be a Yahoo pool involving a draft. Once the season kicks off, you’ll have to set your lineups for games each night. Sounds like a lot of work, but you can do it all a bit in advance. My recommendation is to pick one night a week, do the whole week at once, and then tweak your lineup as needed each night. You will be able to perform trades with other GMs as well as waive and pick up players on waivers. Last year was a lot of fun, but more so for me, and not for all you sissies that lost. *flexxx*

Soo, how do you join?

Well, feel free to post a comment in here if you like, but to join:

Send an e-mail to (<- click link) with your screen name on Putting on the Foil and stating that you would like to join the pool (both are important) and I will then forward it off to gr8one. Simple as that. Some of you have expressed interest in other threads, but I need an e-mail from you because that e-mail address will be what gr8one uses for his invites.

Putting on the Pool – 2010 Official POTF Hockey Pool!

By , April 12, 2010 9:49 am
This could be you, after winning the first ever POTF Playoff Pool!

This could be you, after winning the first ever POTF Playoff Pool!

OK folks, sorry for the delay, but we finally have a pool going!

I wish it were a bit more straightforward, but here are the steps for joining the pool:

1) Sign up on Sportsnet’s pool site. It appears to be separate from their regular site log on. NOTE: When you register, it looks like your name in the pool is the username you sign in with.
2) Once you are logged in, go to the group search section and search for Putting On The Foil 2010. The password for the group is potfrocks
3) Once you’re all joined up, pick your players! You pick for each round. Pick Deadline for round 1 is 05:00 PM MST on Wednesday, Apr. 14, 2010.

The pool rules are available here.

We will be updating the standings here frequently, but you can also check them on Sportsnet at this link.

For those wondering, I’ve signed up as “cstooch” (damn it that I can’t change that) and Steve-O is sln0069. Don’t forget to pick a good name, and post on here who you are, so we can laugh at your picks!

Oh and one final thing, I guess by being in the pool on Sportsnet, we all have a shot at winning some kick ass prizes through Sportsnet. But what about the winner of our group, you say? Well, for now it is just bragging rights, but I’m currently in negotiations with Steve-O to convince him to send the winner pictures of his sister, but that doesn’t seem to be going so well.

Other links:
Playoff Schedule

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