Oilers free agent signing(s)..

By , July 5, 2013 10:17 am
Looking forward to some of this..

Looking forward to some of this..

Just going to try and cap up the signings… so far just one:

The Oilers have signed local boy Andrew Ference to a deal. The Edmontonian is a left shot D who will bring a physical game and a defensive skillset to the team. He can log a lot of minutes. I see him likely replacing Nick Schultz on the 2nd pairing (he really can play 1st pairing minutes, but I just like Smid with Petry). The deal is for 4 years at $3.25M per year. Over payment, yes, but not terrible over payment.. yet. We’ll see if that pays off.

Also, it sounds like the Oilers are working on signing goaltender Jason Labarbera.

Word out there is the Oilers are also out of the David Clarkson sweepstakes. I’m sorry, but THANK GOD. The rumor is the deal he signs could be up to 7 years long and in the $6M range per year. That is a massive over payment that we should avoid.

UPDATE @ 10:30AM: The Oilers have signed Jason Labarbera to a 1-year deal. Hard to keep up, as they also announced the Oilers signed Boyd Gordon for 3 years. Not sure the cap hit of either deal. Labarbera will be a good backup here, and Boyd Gordon should replace either of Eric Belanger or Jared Smithson.

UPDATE @ 11:12AM: Former Islander and big, left shot, finnish winger Jesse Joensuu signs for 2 years with Oilers

UPDATE @ 12:06PM: Contract cap hits updated below..

UPDATE @ 12:50PM: Next unimpressive signing.. Will Acton, son of new associate coach Keith Acton. I am hoping this is intended to be a deal for the Barons. Doesn’t seem like he has much to offer, but I don’t know that either. I know nothing about him, and won’t pretend to.

UPDATE @ 13:15PM: Acton’s deal is a two-way deal. Pretty sure he’ll be playing in OKC.

UPDATE @ 15:50PM: Oilers sign Ryan Hamilton (LW). This is a big winger who has scored well at the AHL level. Hasn’t been able to do it in limited NHL action.

Current signings list:
Andrew Ference (D): 4 years at $3.25M/year
Boyd Gordon (C): 3 years at $3M/year
Jason Labarbera (G): 1 year at $1M/year
Jesse Joensuu (Winger): 2 years, $950k
Will Acton (Center): 2 years, cap unknown, 2-way deal.
Ryan Hamilton (Left Wing): 2 years, cap unknown, likely a 2-way deal.

Closing the book on Shawn Horcoff …

By , July 4, 2013 6:23 pm
Thank you for the loyal service..

Thank you for the loyal service..

It is with a mixture of relief and sadness that I report that Shawn Horcoff has been traded. He’s always been a favorite of mine. He definitely had his struggles. Fans were overly critical of him, ever since he got the big pay day. I understand why they didn’t like the contract… I won’t go much into it or defend it. No matter what, I don’t think anyone could question his heart. He was undoubtedly a good leader, and his presence will be missed.

With the Oilers buying out Eric Belanger, and moving Horcoff, there will be a big hole at center now. I would welcome several players here in the #2 center spot: Stephen Weiss, Valteri Filppula, … freshly bought out Mikhail Grabovski. Correction, freshly waived for the purpose of buyout Mikhail Grabovski. So I ask, if we’re interested in him, should we do it by a waiver claim? Is his high contract TOO high to do that? Or is it too risky to let the free agent gods handle it? I would strongly consider the waiver claim. He is a bit overpaid, but not terribly bad. I think a Gagner-Grabovski-Yakupov line could be good to watch. It might need a guy like Paajarvi in place of Gagner for some defensive stability. Not sure how I feel about that idea.

Anyways, it’s the end of another captaincy (#14 I believe)… who’s next? I say without a doubt it will be Taylor Hall.

Details on the Horcoff trade are still being worked out. Original report was that it was for a pick, but according to Darren Dreger, more than one piece is involved.

EDIT: the deal is Shawn Horcoff for 2016 7th Rounder, plus defenseman Philip Larsen. Really, Horcoff’s contract is such an albatross that it is a miracle we got a return for him and didn’t need to eat any salary. Nice.

Paul Lorieau’s last song..

By , July 2, 2013 11:48 pm

Click here if video does not display.

Paul Lorieau, the former anthem singer for the Edmonton Oilers, died on Tuesday.

Lorieau, 71, passed away at the Norwood Centre Hospice surrounded by his daughters, grandchildren and extended family members.

Camille Lorieau said her father had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer in October. His esophagus was removed after surgery in December but by April, the cancer had metastasized to his liver.

CBC News

Draft Day, and Frequent Rumor But No Action Day

By , June 30, 2013 9:24 am
Nathan MacKinnon, expected to go #1 overall to the Avalanche

Nathan MacKinnon, expected to go #1 overall to the Avalanche

So today is NHL draft day for 2013 (1pm MST). Typically, the NHL splits up round 1 and round 2-7 into separate days, but they’re doing it all in one shot this year, because it’s going so late (it’s about a week late).

The Avalanche have made no secret that they are selecting Nathan MacKinnon first overall. Some believe this to be posturing. I don’t know. Seems like it really is what they’ll do. I can’t see them flipping picks with anyone, and as some have said.. why be secret about it if you really know who you want? If they are hard set on MacKinnon, they wouldn’t drop down and risk losing him. So I expect the first 4 picks to go: Nathan MacKinnon (COL), Seth Jones (FLA), Jonathan Drouin (TBL), Sasha Barkov (NSH). I’m hoping that the Oilers get to take either Sean Monahan or Darnell Nurse. Organization depth at centre is terrible. Monahan would help that out a bit. As or Nurse, he looks to be a pretty well-rounded D with a strong focus on defense and physicality (making him my favorite type of defenseman).

There have been a heck of a lot of rumors involving the Oilers, as of late. The latest buzz seems Continue reading 'Draft Day, and Frequent Rumor But No Action Day'»

Bob McKenzie and Craig Button Mock Draft Lists

By , June 25, 2013 7:01 pm
2013 NHL Mock Draft Lists on TSN

2013 NHL Mock Draft Lists on TSN

Bob McKenzie and Craig Button have completed their draft lists. Below is each of their top 30 lists. With Bob McKenzie, it should be noted that he does not rank based on team need, but just on player rank. Craig Button considers team need in his draft.

The “Diff” column indicates how much higher/lower a player was drafted on one list over the other. An E indicates equal, and a U indicates unlisted (ex. Bob ranked a player that Craig didn’t have on his list).

Bob McKenzie has Sean Monahan in Edmonton’s draft slot (would love to have him). There are a lot of Oilers fans who rank Elias Lindholm over Monahan (I don’t include myself in that group… we’ll see). Button mentioned that he doesn’t think Lindholm is in the same class as Monahan and Sasha Barkov (i.e., he isn’t as good), but he does note that he is still a very good player. Based on who was available at #7, Button had the Oilers selecting Darnell Nurse. Ryan Rishaug noted that if Valeri Nichushkin was still there at #7, the Oilers would probably choose him instead, based on a need for size. Button conceded that this was also quite likely possible.

What’s your top 3 order for the Oilers pick, assuming MacKinnon, Jones, Barkov, Drouin are gone?

I’d rank it: Nichushkin, Monahan, Nurse

No matter who we take, we’ll be pretty damn happy though, as I’d say there are an easy 5 guys in that range that would be great to pick, and at least 3 will be available.

Anyways, here are the lists below..
Continue reading 'Bob McKenzie and Craig Button Mock Draft Lists'»

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