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By , September 26, 2013 6:14 pm
Only Sean Connery can make a cardigan look badass.

Only Sean Connery can make a cardigan look badass.

So it’s been a while since I’ve really put out an article that wasn’t just a news item like a signing, or a GDT or something like that. Time for a wrap of a bunch of things going on in the hockey world, and what’s going on in my head. I’ve been pretty busy outside of this blog, so apologies for getting this blog to the point where it is a barren wasteland. Hopefully it’s not too late to revive this thing.

So on to topic 1..

The Mythical Three Scoring Lines

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Oilers 5, Canucks 2 – Preseason Game 5 – 2013-09-21 @ 8:00 PM MST โ€“ CBC

By , September 21, 2013 11:37 am
-={ Puttin’ On The Foil Presents… }=-
GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks
logo vs logo
2-1-1 Record 0-2-0
Location: Rexall Place
Date: Sept 21, 2013 @ 8:00PM MST


I should caution that it’s just pre-season and they’ve only played 2 games, but let’s all snicker that the Canucks are sitting at the basement of the Pacific currently. OK, it’s not likely they’ll stay there very long. The Oilers and Canucks meet yet again, this time at Rexall. The Oilers won the last one pretty handily, by a score of 4-1 after what looked like the start of a repeat of the last game of the season. After Luongo was mercifully yanked, the came calmed down. Eriksson played a perfect period, stopping 9 of 9 shots he faced. You have to wonder if he’ll get the start tonight (or another backup) since the Oilers seem to have Luongo’s number, as of late.

The Oilers just tweeted out the lines.. they are below. I am really excited to see Jujhar Khaira in non-grainy, HD goodness. He is one of the more promising players coming up in the Oilers system. He’ll play with Yakupov on one side, which could make for a good threat, and Ryan Hamilton on the other side. The top line as of late looks to be the Hall centered line of Smyth-Hall-Hemsky. They haven’t been putting up much for points yet. That’s been a task filled by Jordan Eberle.. a guy who undeservedly had been oddly kicked around in several fan trade ideas this off-season.. wtf??). He’s got 4 points in 2 games so far. And how about Martin Marincin?? He has himself a couple goals already too, also in 2 games. As such, he’s been able to stick around past the first couple of cuts. There have been some interesting, unexpected things happening this off-season. Part of that has been the play of Jesse Joensuu (3 points in as many games, including 2 goals). He’s been earning himself some good reviews from most people.

As for Hall and Hemsky and Smyth.. the points aren’t there yet, but they will come. They are also playing the tough minutes / tough competition, allowing the other lines to put up their numbers. They’ve been doing this well too. Again, I caution that it’s only been a couple of games, but I love what I see of that line so far, even though I wonder how long Smyth can ride with Hemsky and Hall.

Tonight will be our first look at Anton Belov! I’m excited about that. He will play with Denis Grebeshkov. To steal MacT’s quote, that could be a pair that will be “dangerous at both ends of the ice”. It all depends on how honed Belov’s D game is, as I don’t think Grebeshkov is going to be the defensive guy for that pairing.

I am liking the lines I’ve seen so far. I think if I had to put a top 9 together for the opener, I’d go with:

I will likely be around for game day chat tongiht if anyone else shows up!
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The Prodigal Son Returns…

By , August 27, 2013 4:58 pm
That would be Omark on the left and MacT on the right..

That would be Omark on the left and MacT on the right..

Wow, so Linus Omark has re-signed with the Oilers after discovering that the Swiss League teams are even bigger chumps than the chumps keeping him out of the line up here.

You know, I don’t care about the past. Some would say he squandered his opportunity. Some would say he didn’t get an opportunity. All I know is that he’s got to be damn humble now, and there SHOULD be an opportunity for him now under a new coach and with piss poor alternatives in the bottom six. He’ll start in the AHL, I’m sure, unless he busts his balls right out of camp and impresses fitness master Dallas Eakins. This seems like an unlikely scenario, but who knows. My question is… what have we got to lose?

Next question would be… would you consider him ahead of Rajala who just got tossed away to Europe? Hard to say. Omark has NHL games, Rajala does not. Omark is small, but Rajala makes Omark look like Lou Ferrigno. I was never totally sold on Omark making the NHL, but I was never completely sold on him not making it either. Actually, I’d say I figured he’d make it somewhere else, like in Detroit. So here it is, round 2… let’s see what he can do and leave the past in the past. As Oilers fans, most are going to jump all over him and remind him how humble he should be, but as far as I’m concerned, it can’t be easy crawling back to a place that cast you aside. That’s half the battle. The other half will be seen on ice, so I’ll give him the opportunity to show if he’s learned anything. I don’t consider the Swiss League to be all that top of a league, but at least he came out on top of it (#1 in points last year).

Now, say he makes the line up.. where do you see him fitting? It’s hard to really see him fitting anywhere, but I’m trying to humor the idea. Could he fit with Gordon and Hemsky? Will he be hidden on a 4th line? I am having a tough job figuring out how he fits, at least until an injury happens.

Oilers hire Bob Green as Director of Amateur Free Agent Scouting

By , August 14, 2013 5:04 pm

The Oilers have hired Bob Green as Director of Amateur Free Agent Scouting. Bob Green is the former GM of the Edmonton Oil Kings. He won the WHL Executive of the Year award the last two seasons. He’s been credited with making the Oil Kings into a habitual winner through smart drafting/scouting.

This most certainly is a good move by the Oilers who have been putting more and more focus into improving the “suits”, even if they do have a penchant for being an old boys club.

Magnus Paajarvi + 2nd rounder traded to St. Louis for David Perron

By , July 10, 2013 2:30 pm

Gah.. I loved Paajarvi. Sad to see him go. He wasn’t really a good fit here the past couple years, or at least the Oilers didn’t seem a good fit for his skill set. He did what he had to do to become the player we needed… but I don’t think it was the right situation. SO I think we’re better off with Perron, but I can’t help but worry about this one. Paajarvi could become a very good player in St. Louis (I hope so), and Perron has his concussion issues.

What say you guys about this one?

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