Avalanche at Oilers – Game 30 – 2013-12-05 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNET-OILERS

By , December 5, 2013 7:28 pm
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Colorado Avalanche

Putting on the Foil stock Avalanche win photo…

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19-6-0 Record 9-18-2
Location: Rexall
Date: December 5, 2013 @ 7:30PM MST


The Oilers suck. This is about as much energy as we can put into a GDT.

Projected Lines

They are not good


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6 Responses to “Avalanche at Oilers – Game 30 – 2013-12-05 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNET-OILERS”

  1. dawgtoy says:

    This game has the making for another home game embarrassment. Please hockey gods, let them not suck. Again.

  2. Racki says:

    So far they’re doing well.. score wise, anyways. Some of the usual non-pretty defense.

  3. LateNightOilFan says:

    Finally getting a chance to watch an Oilers game, been a very busy time lately and didn’t get Centre Ice this year. Sorry to see POTF so quiet lately but understandable I guess. Hope the second half of the season is better. Anyway, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate post, my first attempt doesn’t seem to be showing up, but maybe you guys are screening the comments first. All the best to everyone.

  4. Racki says:

    Not screening comments, and sorry, the foil blog has all but died.. not much to talk about anymore, and the GDTs aren’t worth the effort. I think most people have given up on this team, which is understandable. I’m trying to avoid all the doom and gloom talk (I mean, saying it…), but really, I find myself uninterested in watching the full games. We (the new wife and I) have also talked about not renewing her seasons tickets (which are fantastic front row seats,as some know, and I mention that only to emphasize what we’re giving up). I’ll still watch on TV (half-heartedly), so I haven’t completely abandoned them… but I’m not putting the time into them anymore that I used to. Just not worth it. Sorry!

    There are some fantastic places out there for game day threads though.. I’d say Lowetide is best for that, as they tend to keep a pretty positive vibe there.

    But yah, I look at Lowetide or the Cult of Hockey guys and think.. how the heck can you guys still write about this team? Daily, yet… there really is nothing more to say about them. Sometimes I’ve noticed that last fact in their articles, and I don’t want to be the guy making post after post saying how the Oilers are a bad team, or trying hard but just can’t seem to win.

    The Oilers will have to win me back. Until then, I think I’m done with the blog for a while (and apologize to everyone for that)… but the forum will still go on (http://forum.puttingonthefoil.com) in support of the great keeper league pool we have going.

    Again, I apologize for any negativity I’m spreading in this comment… but it’s all directed towards the Oilers organization and not at all to the awesome people who have visited here over the years. I don’t know if Trogdor / Steve-O are on the same page with me on all this… they’ve had the blog on life support for me this season… I have barely posted at all. If not for them, there would be zero posts this year I think.. actually if not for them, I probably would have just shut the blog down. Again, I emphasize that this is because of the team being impossible to watch all year, not because I’m pissed because no one is around or something silly like that.

  5. john says:

    No apologies needed Racki, I think we all feel the same. Kinda like if you’ve been saving up for a really long time for an awesome truck, then you finally get that truck & it runs great for 3 days… then ends up being the most repair laden piece of shit that ever touched pavement & you just want to burn it to the ground & pretend it never happened.

    Anyways hope everyone is having a great holiday season & maybe one day we can all return en masse & have something positive to chat about. Cheers & Happy New Years!

  6. Racki says:

    FYI, in the near future, I’ll redirect this site to the forum, as it looks like the 3 of us (Steve-O/Trogdor/Me) are in agreement that it’s time to put this blog on hiatus. We will likely be back one day when Oilers hockey is more fun to watch!

    I still cheer for this team, so not being a bandwagoner.. just not much desire to blog about the same ol’ same ol’.

    The forum isn’t exactly booming with posts, but it’s probably gets more legit traffic there (thanks to the keeper league) than the blog.

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