W – Oilers 4 Panthers 1 – Game 24 – 2013-11-21 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNET_EDM

By , November 21, 2013 4:01 pm
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GDT - Florida Panthers at Edmonton Oilers
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6-12-4 Record 6-15-2
Location: Rexall Place
Date: November 21, 2013 @ 7:30PM MST


Florida Panthers are in town tonight. Oilers are showing promise for the first time this season, but against non-elite teams. A win tonight and we officially have a streak! With the 3rd in Calgary the team has 11 goals in the last 4 periods. A hard pace to maintain, but should be able to manage one or two tonight. I sure hope so since I’ll be there. The teams are both on an upswing with Florida winning their last 2 as well.

Lineups are working so no changes to be made. Dubnyk gets the start once again, so Bryzgalov’s debut is still on hold. They will run with a 5 forward power play again as well.

MacIntyre is off IR and has been placed on waivers.

Projected Lines


Belov-J. Schultz
N. Schultz-Potter




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3 Responses to “W – Oilers 4 Panthers 1 – Game 24 – 2013-11-21 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNET_EDM”

  1. john says:

    That was probably the best all around game (aside from the first 10 minutes of the 3rd) the Oilers have played this year, especially against a top notch goaltender. Good defensive zone play, puck support, & players being able to visibly identify when it’s safe to activate & attack; & when to regroup & defend. Doesn’t hurt that Dubbie is regaining his form from last season finally, possibly due to the Bryzgalov fire being lit under his ass! Still a few personnel moves required to solidify an actual playoff team but this is more like what we were all expecting :)

  2. Racki says:

    Too bad it’s too late.

    Also, again, not to be negative Nelly, but the Oilers just beat up 3 terrible teams in their 3-game winning streak. They really won’t be tested until they play some top teams in their conference. That said, the Oilers often stink the joint up against (Well, any team) the bottom feeder teams , so it’s good to see them show up for those for once (aside from CBJ, whom they regularly own).

    Chicago is a team we always play well against too, so I’m thinking a team like Phoenix will be a true test. Keep it rolling, Oilers!

    Bringing it to a more positive front, I think this win streak is something they can build off of.. gain momentum, and confidence to play better against better teams. I’ve definitely seen a better team as of late (the last two games, anyways).. I’m just not sure if this is a bit of an illusion due to the teams they played or not.

  3. john says:

    I’m sure you know by now Racki that I’m the last person here who would confuse negativity with reality so I hear ya! There seems to be a trend developing in which the Oilers simply shrivel up & collapse when the slightest hint of potential playoff hockey is on the horizon. Case in point last April when they got into 8th spot… then proceeded to crash to the bottom; then this season all the expectations of a playoff spot again causes a catastrophic failure. It’s only after the potential of any playoff hockey is a distant memory that they finally brush themselves off & come out to play. Coincidence? I say not.

    Having said that, it’s true that no matter what level the Oilers are playing at, they always get up for the Hawks so they could pull this next one out. I guess as long as they play very competetively against teams like Chicago, & continue to find ways to embarrass the Flames for the rest of the season (& hopefully finish higher than 24th), then I will consider this season “a success”.

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