L – Oilers 1, BlueJackets 4 – Game 27 – 2013-11-29 @ 5:00 PM MST – SNET W

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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Nashville Predators
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8-16-2 Record 9-13-3
Location: Nationwide Arena
Date: November 29, 2013 @ 5:00PM MST


Aside from the first two losses then win of the season, every time the oilers had suffered a loss, it resulted in a streak of 5. Three 5 game losing streaks spread over October and November sounds ridiculous, and it is. It has the Oilers sitting dead last in the Western conference and only ahead of the Sabres league wide. After gaining a little momentum the Blackhawks stomped on our brittle confidence.

That being said the team did the unthinkable and responded with a win in Nashville last night to break the 5 game curse. It feels like we are turning a corner with this new development and the prior 3 game win streak. We’re scoring plenty, and gaining confidence in our goaltenders. Sadly we’re turning the corner when the lead teams have already finished the race. It’s been a tough quarter for damn sure. Fans and players alike have been struggling with the desire to make it to the rink. If we can even manage some .500 hockey through the season end though I think everyone would be fairly pleased. We are all but eliminated from the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t compete and play the Oil brand of hockey we’ve only seen glimpses of so far.

Bryzgalov nonchalantly tallied a shutout in his first game as an Oiler. He’s a character and has some swagger which gave the team in front of him a boost. So much so that Eakins has penciled him in to play again tonight. He must not have hydration issues like Khabibulin did…

As for the rest of the crew, nothing is changing there either. Grebeshkov, Arcobello and Jones are all playing again tonight and lines remain the same.

Since embarrassing the Blue Jackets in Edmonton, they in turn embarrassed the Leafs. No one likes a route so expect a more competitive squad tonight with a little more grit. We have traditionally owned them, but they’ll be looking to reclaim some of that pride we kicked repeatedly.
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Oilers vs. Predators – Game 26 – 2013-11-28 @ 6:00 PM MST – SNET EDM

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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Nashville Predators
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7-16-2 Record 13-10-2
Location: Bridgestone Arena
Date: November 28, 2013 @ 6:00PM MST


Well after a 3 game streak came crashing down to Earth on Monday night, the Oilers look to start anew tonight in Nashville. It’s the first of back to backs including a short road trip to Columbus to play tomorrow night. Nashville played the BJs last night themselves, so the Oilers will look to jump out early.

Minor shakeup to the lines tonight. Grebeshkov slots into a pairing with Justin Schultz and Potter will sit out. He’ll have company in Acton and Gazdic to make room for Arcobello and Jones.

The Bryz gets his first start as Oiler tonight too. He did see action last game against Chicago after Dubnyk watched 4 pucks bulge the twine behind him. More of a mercy pull as most of the goals were opportunistic by a very talented Blackhawks team. Bryzgalov did well in relief though, so hopefully he’s up to the task of 60 minutes tonight. Also being back to backs you had to figure Bryzgalov would play either tonight or tomorrow.

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L – Oilers 1 Hawks 5 – Game 25 – 2013-11-25 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNET W

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GDT - Florida Panthers at Edmonton Oilers
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16-4-4 Record 7-15-2
Location: Rexall Place
Date: November 25, 2013 @ 7:30PM MST


We’re going streaking!!! 3 in a row is officially a streak right? And the kind we actually want this time.

The boys will be in tough tonight to keep that momentum rolling against a very talented Hawks team. They are 7-2-1 in their last 10 and we have 7 wins through the entire season. Aside from a tough opponent, the team has been off since Thursday. A nice break to heal some wounds but when you finally start hitting your stride you don’t want to sit at home on the couch. Ideally we come out focused and don’t have the rust of 3 days to shake off. Don’t expect any shutouts tonight as the last time these 2 met 9 goals were tallied collectively.

Dubnyk was named the 3rd star of the week and the team has averaged 5 goals per game over the modest streak. If the back end is stopping while the top guys are popping, therein is a recipe for success.

Eakins has said previously why mess with the lines when things are working, so tonight’s lines remain unchanged. Dubnyk gets the start as well. Bryzgalov will likely get his first start as on Oiler on Thursday or Friday with back to back games against Nashville and Columbus.
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W – Oilers 4 Panthers 1 – Game 24 – 2013-11-21 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNET_EDM

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GDT - Florida Panthers at Edmonton Oilers
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6-12-4 Record 6-15-2
Location: Rexall Place
Date: November 21, 2013 @ 7:30PM MST


Florida Panthers are in town tonight. Oilers are showing promise for the first time this season, but against non-elite teams. A win tonight and we officially have a streak! With the 3rd in Calgary the team has 11 goals in the last 4 periods. A hard pace to maintain, but should be able to manage one or two tonight. I sure hope so since I’ll be there. The teams are both on an upswing with Florida winning their last 2 as well.

Lineups are working so no changes to be made. Dubnyk gets the start once again, so Bryzgalov’s debut is still on hold. They will run with a 5 forward power play again as well.

MacIntyre is off IR and has been placed on waivers.

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Monday Morning Standings

By , November 20, 2013 8:04 pm
Saw a USC Trojans game while in the states, college football is awesome

Saw a USC Trojans game while in the states, college football is awesome

Back from vacation, saw Racki get married off (he mentioned it in the comments somewhere, figure it’s safe for talking about), indulged in Vegas for a few days and then went to San Francisco for the weekend to catch a USC and 49er game. And you think Oiler fans are intense!

None the less, it appeared the Oilers had hit the bottom, and have recently attempted to make themselves respectable. Two straight wins, granted against shite quality teams, and looking at a very beatable team tomorrow. Something made me think they were not as bad as the first games have indicated, and we all know they are not as good as yesterday shows, so I’m guessing they’ll settle in around 20th place in the league by seasons end. Let’s make that my official prediction for the rest of the year.

Oiler News

Lots of Oiler news:
– Larianov bitched to the media about Yak’s icetime, which created a mini-firestorm where Yak was asked if he was happy about it and he said no. Honestly the less said about this non-item the better. I mean, come on. Dude wants to play, and it isn’t him asking for his way out.
– Smid was traded, and to the Flames no less. It seems Mac-T has put the team on notice that if things don’t get better quickly, he’ll trade all remaining defense away. I don’t like the trade, and the only way I think this becomes a win is if Brossoit becomes an actual #1 goalie which I’m not sold that he can be. But he was awesome on the Oil Kings.
– And apparently with the cap room freed up by that trade, Bryzgalov was signed to a deal to shore up the goaltending. Honestly, I didn’t think that Dubnyk would continue to shit the bed like he had been but at the price I don’t see this as an issue. If he returns to his Phoenix/Anaheim years I think he’ll help this team. Certainly a better quote.
– Mac-T had a state of the union address. I agree with pretty much all of what he said. In short (as I heard it), the team sucked but he won’t trade the good bits for a quick fix. While it sucks that the team is spending another year getting railed by real NHL teams, sending out talent in an attempt to save this year isn’t what is needed. Further, he mentioned that defense is what is needed, and while this isn’t a shock to anyone who pays attention to the team, it’s a positive to finally have Oiler management echo that sentiment.
– Arcobello has been told to apartment up. Good news for the little guy. Even though his waiver eligibility makes him the target of paper moves, he has definitely earned a spot on this team.
– All that said, the team is still in a terrible spot and I’d like to see a solid 2nd quarter of the season to show us that they are trending upwards and not just becoming the Islanders/Panthers/Thrashers of the west.

League News

– Buffalo cleaned house and turfed their GM, bringing in Pat Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalafontaine as their President of Hockey Operations (Kevin Lowe position) and Ted Nolan as their interm coach. Glad to see Nolan get another shot.
– Versteeg has been traded back to the Blackhawks, with Florida eating half of his contract (and cap hit) for the rest of his deal. I’d love it if Mac-T would start targeting cap/cash strapped teams and get players like this.
– Quick is hurt! Scrivens is playing lights out! I wonder who the Toronto goalie scout is cause seriously, with Rask, Scrivens and Reimer I’d like to see who he thinks is the next one. Or do they just draft a lot of goalies and hope for the best?
– Stamkos broke his leg. Now we can pretend we care about Tampa and what’ll happen to their season, but really, who will replace him on team Canada? I mean, that takes one hell of a triggerman away from Crosby.
– Chelios, Shanahan, Niedermayer, Shero (deceased) and Heaney were all inducted into the Hall of Fame. Still no Burns.
– East is still a joke compared to the West.
– I’m sure there’s more stuff but meh. Go Seahawks!

Anyways, on to the standings (and fight video, and Oil Kings):
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