L – Oilers 2, Islanders 3 – Game 8 – 2013-10-17 @ 5:00 PM MST – SNETW

By , October 17, 2013 12:06 pm
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Pittsburgh Penguins
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1-5-1 Record 2-2-2
Location: Uniondale Arena
Date: October 17, 2013 @ 5:00PM MST


Step 1. Take a blank piece of paper and cover the right side of the image.
Step 2. With the distraction removed look closely and you will see 2 very storied franchises with their names all over the cup. Both have been a long time removed from the glory days, but who says we can’t reminisce over a pint?

Tonight will be the first of two meetings this season against that other team from New York.  The Islanders are off to a similarly rocky start with 2 wins so far on the season.  This is game 4 of the Oilers’ Eastern road trip and so far they have accrued just one point in an OT loss to the Maple Leafs.   A game they let slip away in the final minutes.

Current hot button topic is goaltending in Edmonton.  Dubnyk gets the start tonight, so hopefully we see a solid effort in an attempt to reassert his starter status.  The defence will have to be better and the team on a whole needs to start playing a more complete game.

The team is still doing well sitting 5th in the league for goals for, the issue is we’re 30th for goals against…  Arcobello has been making good use of his time up sharing the team lead in points with 6 assists and a team leading +5.  The Nuge is at an ugly looking -9 while Hall and Hemsky are an equally abysmal -7.  Simple math is we need more goals than our opponents. So, we have a plan. Now execute it!

Lines look to be unchanged for tonight.

Hall – Arcobello – Eberle
Perron – RNH – Yakupov
Smyth – Gordon – Hemsky
Jones – Acton – Gazdic

Smid – Petry
Ference – N. Schultz
Belov – J. Schultz



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13 Responses to “L – Oilers 2, Islanders 3 – Game 8 – 2013-10-17 @ 5:00 PM MST – SNETW”

  1. Jdude says:

    oilers gunna win 5-1 and dubnyk is going to come up with atleast 5 game-changing saves

  2. Trogdor says:

    We have the skill. Hopefully everyone can get on the same page as Eakins though and play as a cohesive unit. 5-1 isn’t out of reach and we could use the condifence builder.

  3. Racki says:

    Yah I’m hoping the Oilers open this one up, yet manage to play enough defense to prevent Dubnyk from plummeting even further into darkness.

  4. Racki says:

    I wonder if that chick knows where the cup has been.

  5. hemmerlady says:

    Losing makes baby Jesus cry.

  6. John says:

    Not a horrible game for Dubbie but after the first PP goal (tying goal) for the Isles went in, the Oil pretty much packed their bags for Ottawa. I know he made 37 saves which normally should be enough to ask of any goaltender but once again it’s all about the timing. The first NYI goal was pretty much the nail in the coffin; how many times have we seen Dubnyk allow an early “softy” then see him settle in for the rest of the game but by then they’re continually playing from behind?

    The shitty part for Dubnyk is he’s gonna have to stand on his head & steal a couple games to get the confidence & faith of his team back. Mind you he has no one but himself to blame for that.

  7. Racki says:

    Honestly, I think this was good Duby. Did all they could ask of him. It’s a poor excuse to blame a loss on him because it deflated the team being down 1-0. These kids need to put on their big boy pants and come to the office and fucking work.

    Really I thought it was a fairly good game until the offense disappeared in the third.

    Relatively good game for Dubnyk. Not all world, but good enough for a win, I thought.

  8. John says:

    You’re right about the excuses & being easily deflated about a goal or 2. Unfortunately this is where we (they) are at with this team, they seem ridiculously fragile & I’m not sure how anything less than full line benchings or Vezina caliber goaltending is gonna drag these clowns out of their funk.

  9. Racki says:

    Ya, I hear you there. It sucks that it just can’t all come together. I say MacT spends a short time trying to acquire a g via trade, then just bite bullet on Bryzgalov. Can’t be that bad. Can’t be worse than going with Labarbera and Dubnyk all year. I think Philly ruins goalies (not alone here)… Bryzy in his Phx days would be very nice.

  10. Racki says:

    I’m also questioning whether the swarm will ever work with this group. I don’t doubt the system is a good system.. I just doubt it can be properly implemented by these defensive simpletons. Back to basics.. Zone d that everyone knows.

  11. NorwegianOiler says:

    Bryz in his Phoenix days hinges upon one thing – a well schooled defensive team. We are not and will very likely receive Philly Bryz on peyote. Good goalies live and die by their defense. We aren’t even life support, let alone a thriving corps in which to grow a goalie. But we might be deceived to think that a bigger name will help. I don’t think so. I think we give up chances and ice too easily to be saved by any goalie. Look at Lundqvist or Brodeur when their teams play stinking defense. Improve the first line of defense before the last.

    I don’t like the Yak trade rumours, especially to Buffalo for UFA Miller and Vanek.

    The worst thing about losing is that a desperate trade gets closer. One that might, just might, help in the short term and then turn out ugly in the longer term. I don’t think we need to hang on to everyone that is good, but I will be severely disappointed if we move a young star and get underachieving veterans waiting for another UFA payday back.

  12. Racki says:

    I do have a few opinions on the situation… One being the goalie improvement. I do think you are likely right about not getting the best Bryz we can with this team, but that is only one piece of the puzzle. I also have long wanted to see that elusive #1 dman here, even if it costs a yak. The only reason I would move him. Lastly, I wonder how long until Eakins bails on the swarm and goes with zone d since these guys aren’t grasping this any more than man to man. Water it down.

    Bonus pinion, move Arco while he’s the flavor of the week, potentially . Great FO %, PPG so far. If he maintains a good pace, move him like TB moved conacher. He’s out Matt Read right now. Potential Calder candidate if he keeps it up. Get more than 100 Cents on the dollar for him. Goaltending is and has been a need for a while, even if the d still sucks here. And Yah, that #1 d man would be nice. Package yak, Arco our 1st, Marincin, Hemsky, Petry or Smid (not all of this in one deal obviously) to fill some needs. The Oilers have several impact forwards and not one from the blue line back.

    And no, I don’t want the death by papercut route where we improve across the board. Didn’t work. Need that go to guy in addition to the improvement across board… We have a big position of strength to deal with a team like the Preds. This is a much better d on paper than we’ve had, but they need that rock.

  13. Racki says:

    Sorry, had to punch all that shit on my phone at work. Basically, the thing is, it isn’t going to take just one magic piece to solve everything. So I don’t have delusions that Bryzgalov will fix everything. I don’t really even think a #1D here will fix everything. But combo them together, and this team will be looking a fair bit better.

    MacT managed to make several upgrades this year. Belov is infinitely better than Whitney (mainly because Whitney is Whitney), Gordon is as good or better than (recent) Horcoff so far, Perron is a big upgrade (so far) on Paajarvi, Ference should be an upgrade on Potter/Fistric, Joensuu (whenever his back is fixed) is likely an upgrade on Jones. Mark Arcobello is playing as good as Gagner. Acton is even a fair step on Belanger.

    Bad Duby is not an upgrade on above average Duby though, and LaBarbera so far is not an upgrade on Khabi (Save for possibly GP). Ales Hemsky also seems to have gone in the shitter after a good start.

    I question what exactly is going wrong, and to me it’s possibly this new system. I don’t blame the system, I just blame that learning curve to it. You can see when it works, and you can see when it completely falls apart. Hopefully guys start to figure it all out though and everything all fixes itself. Skeptical that happens without some better personnel in the aforementioned areas though.

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