L – Oilers 2 , Capitals 4 – Game 6 – 2013-10-14 @ 5:00 PM MST – SNETW

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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Washington Capitals
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Date: October 14, 2013 @ 5:00PM MST


So the hot button topic for the Oilers these days is of course goaltending. Even Dubnyk would admit how disappointing this has been for the Oilers this year (that article I just linked makes me feel terrible for Dubnyk). I feel bad for him too, as you know he is the type that tries to carry the team on his back, even if it’s questionable whether he’s the guy that can. He wants to win every game, and I believe he competes hard, but there have been some questionable goals going in the net lately. When it rains, it pours for a goaltender. It’s hard for a goalie to battle back once they’ve lost that confidence. I really hope he can regain his form. I never really thought of him as a top-level goaltender, but he was all the Oilers needed. Unfortunately, as of late, he hasn’t been his usual self. He’s regressed a lot. He’s not making stops that he should be able to stop and you know he’s beating himself up over it. My stance is that the Oilers need to go out and grab a cheap goalie as a stop gap. They can re-visit goaltending in July. Dubnyk will be a UFA then, and there will be some good goalies on the market (assuming close to status quo on contracts).

Anyways, on to tonight’s game. I would have to figure that Labarbera gets the start in this one. Yakupov is rumored to be sitting out this one, again. Joanne Ireland has a good article up about Yakupov. Well, it’s good and it’s bad. It has a good bit from Eakins, explaining the decision. I was fine with it to begin with. I didn’t really care for Yakupov’s response in the article though. It worries me a little bit, to be honest. I’m the type to give most players the benefit of doubt when it comes to quotes though. So I won’t read much into it at this point, and you can all go there and read and formulate your own opinions. I just didn’t like the “I really don’t like skating all the time, and forechecking, and hitting somebody every shift. I don’t think it’s my game” quote. It might not be your game, but if it’s the Oilers’ game, you do it. That’s what I want to hear. I’ll let him off the hook for now, and hope that he gets back on the ice soon and plays the team game fully. We can criticize some other players on the team for doing things like making bad passes, or pinching in at the wrong time, but I think most guys on this team are doing their best to play Eakins’ system. Is Yakupov? I want to think he is. I am not going to give up on him or anything… just want to see him play the team game here and not complain about it. Anyways, enough on that!

The Oilers are playing good enough hockey that they should be winning games. Hopefully they get a good battle out of their goaltender tonight and can win this one.

Projected lines :


Smid – Petry
Ference – N. Schultz
Belov – J. Schultz



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11 Responses to “L – Oilers 2 , Capitals 4 – Game 6 – 2013-10-14 @ 5:00 PM MST – SNETW”

  1. Alan-NottsUK says:

    Slava Malamud ‏@SlavaMalamud 1h
    “This is the first time in my life I am benched. But if the coach has decided so, it must be necessary.” – Nail Yakupov #Oilers

    Slava Malamud ‏@SlavaMalamud 22m
    “I never like to talk about who I’d want to play with. Besides, I haven’t done all that much for the team yet” – Yakupov #Oilers

  2. phawley says:

    I kind of agree with Yak. When they tried to get Ovechkin to play a different game he did horrible and couldn’t get into his groove. I say we let Yak be Yak and throw him on a line with some scoring oppritunities.

  3. Metal&Oil says:

    So much blame going Dubnyk’s way which is deserved but I am not impressed with the team as a whole ether. We look lost out there and 10 min stretches of good hockey ain’t gonna cut it. I think the team is struggling with learning the system of yet another coach. Not spitting on Eakins just yet but 4 different coaches in a 5 year span is not helping these players reach their pinnacle any faster. Must be tough on all the young players who have not been afforded any consistency on the bench in their young careers.

  4. NorwegianOiler says:

    I don’t think Yakupov has been nearly bad enough to warrant being scratched (even once) on a team that carries yet another crop of non hockey players. In fact, I think it is outright dumb. Yakupov has been showing energy and getting some chances out of semi-capable linemates (and minutes) and gets benched for it…

    Another game of poor team defense coming up?

  5. Alan-NottsUK says:

    Interview in russian with Nail and then his dad Rail translated by someone on HF

    Can you comment on the coach’s decision to scratch you second time in a row?

    It’s the first time in my life that i’ve been scratched, but if the coach says that’s the way to go, so be it.
    I dunno. He told that I have to be easier, asked me to use my linemates better. I though always liked to go for something head-turning after a long stint on the bench. I love to be creative. Dumping and chasing, not so much.

    Well, you are a player of Soviet/Russian hockey pedigree, it’s not quite your game.

    Yep, i’m a different style. At times you try to take on three on your own, sometimes you go through, then you don’t. That’s when you have to try dumping it in, i gather. In a word, I try doing what I can, it’s just that I fail at times. See, i’m taking extra time after the skate.

    Vladimir Krikunov, the Neftekhimik coach, commented on your case…


    …I see you already know about it. He said that after a talk with your father he had an impression that you might go back to Nizhnekamsk.

    Actually I was pretty amazed to find out about it. Scratch it, i was outright shocked. Firsh thought was “May it be Dad scheming something?” But then i realized that it couldn’t be the case. I know my father well, he’d never do such thing behind the scenes. I was never involved in any talks, I have no idea where it all came from.

    Rail Yakupov made it clear that his son has no plans to leave the NHL for KHL.

    Russian U18 NT head coach and Olympic scout Ugor Kravchuk tweeted that Nail hasn’t been playing up to hopes so far, according to Oilers GM Craig MacTavish. Have you heard about it?

    People may tweet whatever floats their boat. It’s funny to read such things. Nail is alright. Wel, he hasn’t scored so far, coashes decided to sit him vs. Toronto to get a grasp of other players. Maybe he’ll play next time. It’s all OK, teams do this all the time, especially where things are going south. My son is in good mood, he isn’t having any tensions with anybody. I watched two Oilers’ games, he was playing okay, rang the pipes couple times. I think he’ll get going once he scores a goal.

    What about Nail’s possible return to Neftekhimik, is there any ground for that?

    I have no idea what may be the source of such gossip. I know one thing for a fact: Nail has a two-way deal with the Edmonton Oilers, he may be sent down at any point, and that is perfectly ok, it’s how the things are done in the NHL. We never considered a return, we were getting ready for his sophomore season, keeping in mind that it may be much tougher than the rookie one. I’m sure that we are going to have a long and fruitful time together with the Oilers. There are two more years on his deal. I keep saying: everything’s gonna be alright, don’t trust the nonsense coming from the Internet. Remember that Nail was getting limited ice time at the start of previous season as well, but he improved over time, up to 20 minutes per night. He is adamant in his determination to get better.

  6. Racki says:

    I think Nail’s been as bench worthy as anyone. Unlike other good candidates, he has no points yet though. Of course, his opportunity hasn’t been quite as good, but he also hasn’t been playing with “semi-capable linemates”. These are the same semi-capable guys that others have worked well with, such as the team’s leading point guy (Arco), Ryan Smyth, who yes, is slow, but also we saw a great game from him vs. Toronto… Boyd Gordon who has had a point in almost every game.. Jesse Joensuu.. David Perron. He’s not playing with Mike Brown and Luke Gazdic here.. these are full capable guys. Ryan Smyth is the only guy you can really question, but we saw Arco and Eberle really get the most out of him last game.

    There are definitely cases to bench some other guys, for sure. I also don’t like seeing him benched two in a row. I can handle that, but there really should not be a 3rd game.

    Justin Schultz would be one guy I’d like to see sit some. Yes, he’s the main guy on the PP on the blue, but that’s not my primary concern right now. The primary concern would be stopping the bleeding when it comes to GA.

    The reason I have little concern over Yakupov being benched (as much as I like him) is that this is a total side issue irrelevant to the Oilers losing games. I mean, rather, his offense that he can bring (but isn’t yet) isn’t going to help the team. The team needs guys to buy into whatever system Eakins wants them to buy in. In order for any system to work, guys have to all buy in and play to it. We need guys who are going to prevent goals.. I don’t think Yak is a guy I’d characterize as doing that. Are there others who also could be blamed for goals against? Definitely. I think that the buy in from most guys though has been good.. just poor execution at times. Maybe that’s why Eakins benched Yak a second game.

    Do you like hearing stuff like (actual Yak quote) “I really don’t like skating all the time, and forechecking, and hitting somebody every shift. I don’t think it’s my game.” or “coach says I have to do these things better, so I’m going to go do them to my best ability.” Of course, talk is cheap, but you know what you get when a guy says the former. It really shouldn’t earn you a spot in the lineup again being stubborn to play the “team game”.

    Lastly, “the swarm” is an interesting system. The goal generally is to pressure the puck carrier and take away his options. It unfortunately is prone to that annoying back door play (or someone getting a crazy chance). There will be mistakes made… but guys have to be honest in what they give each night. I really think most of the team is buying into the system, they just have their lapses where they fuck up. It’s one thing to fuck up, and it’s another to not accept your role. It is the easy Russian stereotype to think Yak isn’t accepting his role, so I don’t want to make much of that. His quote above was not what I wanted to hear though. But I’m not going to harp on it. Easy to misinterpret things.

    The Leafs game was the best game I’ve seen this team play, as a team, in a while. I hope Yak is back next game though.

  7. Racki says:

    One thing I’ll ask too… do you guys really think any of the other forwards should be benched? The 4th line? (the only plus line so far, I’ll mention.. although they aren’t exactly game breakers) Ryan Smyth again? (just had a great game vs the Leafs) David Perron? (been a consistent dangerous threat) Ales Hemsky? (been buying in, and mostly awesome) Arco? (who has been a big surprise) Gordon?? (the best center on the team, and usable in all situations) Nuge/Hall/Eberle?? These three are guys who try and carry the team on their backs and have always shown to be team players and leaders. There is no question there, to me, that they are team guys and leaders. They have made their mistakes, each of them, however. But as I mentioned earlier.. it’s one thing to fuck up (even repeatedly), and another to not accept what the coach asks you to do.

  8. Racki says:

    Martin Biron on waivers.. not a guy I’d consider a starter though, and a little older… struggling in NY right now, but as is Lundqvist.

    I’d probably take a pass on this ..

  9. Racki says:

    Eakins provides good insight on the Yak benching, and really emphasizes reasons why I have no problems with him being benched:

  10. hemmerlady says:

    I think Eakins’ reasons are valid, based on his description and the interview from Yak (taking into account we don’t know the full context of the situation and that interviews, let alone in an other language, can easily be misconstrued or lost in translation). Yak’s perceived attitude as well as his not seeming to buy into the system are definite concerns.

    Agreed Racki, other than Smytty who did just have a good game – I don’t know who you’d sit. If Yak really isn’t buying in to the system, he’d better do it and quick.

    We are way too easy to beat right now. Sweet jebus.

  11. Alan-NottsUK says:

    I have no problem with the reasoning.

    I will start to have an issue with it if Yak is benched again tonight, the team as a whole are not getting it done.

    I’m still in the camp of get a goalie who can stop a puck and the Oilers aren’t a bad team, but Yakupov has game breaking talent, the team are bleeding goals against, they need to be scoring 5+ a game to win.

    Go with

    Hall – RNH – Yak
    Perron – Arc – Eberle
    Josennu – Gordon – Hemsky

    use Smyth on the 4th line playing higher in spots against the less physical teams, with one of either Gadzic or Brown sitting, in the more physical games switch Smyth out for whichever of those 2 wingers was sitting.

    The reasoning behind Yak on Halls line, is the back end of last year, Yak scored more in April than anyone not named Ovechkin, he was on a line with Hall at that point

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