OTL – Oilers 5, Maple Leafs 6 – Game 5 – 2013-10-10 @ 5:00 PM MST – CBC

By , October 12, 2013 12:25 pm
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Toronto Maple Leafs
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1-3-0 Record 4-1-0
Location: Air Canada Centre
Date: October 12, 2013 @ 5:00PM MST


Call this the reverse-Corsi battle. The Oilers are doing quite well in “Corsi” (Google that if you don’t know what it is.. but basically the way “stats guys” prefer to measure how well a game is going for a team), the Maple Leafs are not. The Maple Leafs are winning… the Oilers are not. So the “stats guys” predict a rise for the Oilers, and a drop off for the Maple Leafs eminent. It’s rare to see the “stats guys” talk in a positive light about the Oilers, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out after 82 games. The Oilers are also doing very well in one regular stat.. face off percentage. The Oilers are 3rd in the league with a team 56.8%. I believe this is due to a better “team” focus on faceoffs. The wingers are just as important to winning a draw. I also believe that Gordon is phenomenal at this skill, and his knowledge is likely is rubbing off on other players much like how many felt Adam “don’t disrespect the league” Oates helped guys like Jarret Stoll get better on the dot. Possibly true.. possibly our imagination… but whatever it is, it’s working.

Now, the Oilers top guns need to become the Oilers top guns. It’s 4 games in, and Luke Gazdic (god love this wrecking ball) is tied for 2nd on team scoring with a wopping 1. Hello…. where is everyone??? Ales Hemsky looks to be almost his usual self, and David Perron is a beat out there… we just need to see guys like Hall, Eberle and Yakupov play the team game and also start putting the puck in the net. Once this happens, this whole Corsi / Advanced stats stuff will prove the stats guys right that this team is a much better team, I believe.

Some Oil news today.. Will Acton is house shopping. If you don’t know what that means, that means Eakins would have said “Hey, buddy, we like you here.. you aren’t going anywhere”. I don’t mind that too much, as I think that while it’s being overstated that his line was murdered against the Habs last game (10 chances to 1), I’m not so sure that it was quite as threatening out there as it sounds. I’m going to pay a bit more attention to these guys, but I don’t think they’re outbattled in the dangerous areas. There’s a big difference between letting someone shoot from the boards and letting Gallagher own the front of the net.

Jesse Joensuu could be back tonight, according to Dallas Eakins. Thank.. fucking.. God. The team needs someone like him to help Yakupov out. The team needs a guy who can also steal Ryan Smyth’s minutes. I definitely welcome his return. I’m not sure if that means Smytty will sit, or not, but it should mean that someone less talented will sit.. either Smyth, Gazdic or Brown. Given that the Leafs are very prone to thuggery, I’m going to guess that it’s Smytty who is scratched again.

EDIT: The healthy scratch is Nail Yakupov.. I honestly have no problems with this. Nothing against Nail, but he is at least one guy that could use a game from the press box.

Projected lines :


Smid – Petry
Ference – J.Schultz
N. Schultz – Belov



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8 Responses to “OTL – Oilers 5, Maple Leafs 6 – Game 5 – 2013-10-10 @ 5:00 PM MST – CBC”

  1. dawgtoy says:

    Post game rant.
    Can somebody…anybody stop the bleeding in net.
    That is all!

  2. Racki says:

    That’s pretty much it. And the sad fact is, as bad as Khabi seemed, he is still better than any options that the Oilers currently have right now. Yikes!

  3. Alan-NottsUK says:

    offer Bryz league minimum and hope he takes it.

    Dubnyk has 0 confidence and it’s effecting the team, they’re too nervous on D, and even if I didn’t blame him for the Jets game this game is entirely on Dubnyk.

  4. John says:

    offer Bryz league minimum and hope he takes it.

    Dubnyk has 0 confidence and it’s effecting the team, they’re too nervous on D, and even if I didn’t blame him for the Jets game this game is entirely on Dubnyk.

    Agreed. Kinda what I was getting at (in too many words) with my Oil vs Nucks post game rant. I’ve tried to have this arguement with both Stauffer & Tencer on their call-in shows but they keep blowing me off as being a radical. Dubnyk might be a top 15 goalie in this league but the point is this team is too disorganised with new systems (again) & too weak at defense to survive on this type of goaltending. The way this team built right now they would have to have top 5 goaltending in the NHL & they will NEVER get that over 60+ games with Dubnyk, even when he’s playing well.

    As crazy as it might sound, maybe it’s time to entertain thoughts of trying to work out a trade with the Rangers along the lines of Yakupov + Dubbie for Lundqvist? Lundqvist is clearly frustrated with the Rangers & not playing up to his potential & Yakupov is clearly not high up on Eakins’radar here anyway. Lundy is reported to be looking for @$8mil which is steep but Yak will be looking for $5-6mil on his next contract & they’d be subtracting Dubbies $3.5mil as well so it should work.

    I dunno, I just see a lot of potential in an above average forward core & reasonably average defense core being squandered by shat goaltending & it really frustrates me.

  5. Racki says:

    I think offer Bryzy a year at around 800k (if that gets it done) is what should be done. The question is, would he come here? (Remember his whole rant on how Edmonton is too cold – “minus thirties two”)

    He might still be fine coming here, especially now that the Oilers are a better team and it’s HE that is in hockey Siberia.

    I’d say bring Bryzy as a stop gap for now. Then next year look at the free agent goalies: Lundqvist, Miller, Hiller, Halak, Nabokov, Elliott, Vokoun, Emery. That’s a rather solid list, if they stay available. The backup situation also even looks good.

    I wouldn’t go trading Yakupov for Lundqvist, myself. The only piece I’d trade a guy like Yak for is a complete d-man.

  6. hemmerlady says:

    5.43 GAA. Poltergeist: The grist for my nightmares. Seriously though what are we going to do? Can we ride LaBarbara for a few games until the sports psychologists can give Dubes the equivalent of a transorbital goalie labotomy? I don’t know how you rebuild confidence after a succession of games like he’s had. We need a stop gap solution followed immediately by a permanent one. It doesn’t take long at all to dig ourselves into a hole we can’t get out of. Holy hell.

  7. dawgtoy says:

    IMO Bryzgalov isn’t the answer and he’d likely add to the dysfunction. I’m not a fan of the stop gap. I’ll ask, what happens if the stop gap doesn’t work. You then have three keepers that can’t stop a beach ball, and the team is at the maximum 50 contracts.

  8. Racki says:

    And how is doing nothing any better?

    You’re at 49 contracts and still don’t have a goaltender that can’t stop a beach ball? Not sure how that’s any better of a solution.

    I realize that having 50 contracts is scary, and all… but what’s the point of hanging on to the extra slot if you don’t want to use it when the team actually has a valid need?

    I think they have to figure out a solution of some sort. There are a few outcomes of doing this:

    1) They pick up Bryzy (or someone.. only suggest him because there is no one better avail that doesn’t require a trade) and Dubnyk or Labarbera figure things out and play better. Signing Bryzy was a “waste”, but no harm no foul. Your regular goalie is playing fine now… problem solved.
    2) Bryzy comes in and plays better than the guys ahead of him (what I’d hope for).. problem solved.
    3) Bryzy plays like shit too. This outcome would suck, but at least we gave it a go. No worse off than we were before. At 50 contracts, yes, but did you think Lundqvist was hitting waivers later in the year?

    IMHO, the longer they wait around for the goaltending situation to fix itself, possibly more they drop in the standings. However, I figure for a win tonight which should stall the good choice (imho).

    I will say though, that I too doubt Bryzy is the answer, but I think they need an answer of some sort (ideally they trade for someone decent, but I’m not sure they can). I also don’t think he’s as bad as Philly made him out to be though.

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