Break it Down! – Goaltending (2013/14 Edition)

By , September 18, 2013 9:41 am
The job is his, can he do it now?

The job is his, can he do it now?

Continuing on with the break it down series. The others can be found at the following location.

Finally, FINALLY, Khabi is off of the team. I’d say that contract/signing has been the biggest glaring mistake of the entire Tambellini regime (not that he did much of anything else). And with that, this team is now Dubnyk’s to take to the promised land.

Here are the goalies for the season:


There seems to be some doubt with fans about Dubnyk, but I think he’s an average NHL goalie. I’d be happy with a goalie that has exactly the league average for save percentage. That would be glorious.

As for Labarbara, I think he is a legit NHL caliber backup and if Dubnyk were to get injured he’d do teh job well. I think this was a great, if unheralded move by the management team.

We do have some goalies in the AHL and ECHL, but I think it’s pretty much up in the air to see if they’ll make anything of it. Bachman, Bunz and Roy are all in the system. Bachman has the most experience as he’s spent time in the Dallas system, but the other two have I think at best proven themselves to be good ECHL goaltenders at the moment. Then again, Dubnyk made the same journey so I can’t say it won’t work out.


Not sure there are any real strengths to the Oilers goaltending situation, however as I said above, if they can maintain league average then I’ll consider the entire situation a win.


I said this last time around “Depth – We have Bunz and Roy in the wings…but really we have no AAA goaltending prospects in the wings. In fact, I’d say we don’t have a AAA goaltender period.”. I’d say nothing changed (in fact, the Oilers didn’t even draft a goalie I think).

Could Use

As I said last year, this team could use a triple A goaltending prospect. Could you imagine this team with a Price or Luongo?


I’d like to see the Oilers focus on drafting and developing goaltenders as well as defense in the near future. I know they say don’t draft based on need but I’d like to see some movement at all in getting the goaltending situation solved.

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