Break it Down! – Coaching/Management (2013/14 Edition)

By , September 20, 2013 9:55 am
No more for you Terry!

No more for you Terry!

Continuing on with the break it down series. The others can be found at the following location.

I skipped this part of the series last year, cause I could only talk about Tambellini so much, and really the only change had been Renney for Krueger.

But now! Tambellini was fired which could only be described as “about fucking time!”, and while I don’t think Krueger necessarily deserved to be fired his lack of line matching probably doesn’t fit with the approach the new GM wishes to take.

As mentioned above, I don’t think Krueger was given a fair shake as coach of this team. I think he was a fantastic leader of the team, but I think the X’s and O’s became somewhat lacking by the end. And he didn’t line match. Racki knows that just kills me.

I honestly think that Krueger is a perfect NHL assistant but just couldn’t bring the tactical advantage needed. Or he needed a better supporting cast in regards to assistant coaches.

But all that said, it has lead to the Oilers landing quite possibly the prize free agent coach in the league. Everything I hear and read about Eakins makes me like him more and more. He seems to be a sharp hockey mind, that expects everything from each player on his team. He also brings 0 preconceptions to this team, therefore allowing players a new start as required.

And he won’t be letting the media in this town off easy either! In Toronto he’s called out reporters for lazy questions (apparently hates the questions that start “Can you talk about ***”, calls it lazy reporting), and has already started by staring at Tencer for a dumb question. And he took their food! I love it.

Assistants haven’t changed, but I think he’s just giving them a chance before making his own decisions. Mac T seems to be giving him free reign to do as he wishes.


I should mention this first, but I like MacTavish. Always have. Thought he got the shaft when run out of town as coach earlier. I couldn’t be happier to have him back with the team, and love the fact that they finally got rid of Tambellini and put MacT in his place. Love it.

And then he starts making changes to the team! Holy crap, a GM that actually has a plan and starts implementing it. Starts shoring up the defense and goaltending, and is starting to address the bottom 6 forwards.

This is the first time in a long time (pre-cap Kevin Lowe) that I have faith in the management group. Obviously it’ll take the year to really see if he’s good at what he does, but I say it’s been a good start and as a plus he can actually speak in public!

All in all, I think the team has made a big jump forward in both areas. Optimism!

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  1. Racki says:

    I haven’t been this happy about these two pieces in quite some time. I was a supporter of Krueger’s, but even I was bothered by the lack of line matching. It was more and more evident as being a problem as the season wore on, and especially a problem on the road… big time.

    I really feel like Eakins is the guy to turn this team around.

    As for MacTavish, I’ve always considered him to be a very smart hockey mind. I got really aggravated with him being coach here as long as he was, but that was just because it seemed like it was the one constant in a time of failure, and he was losing the room. Anyways, I really think he’ll be a great GM.

    Also, I love that Eakins smacked the donuts out of the hands of those reporters. I also love how some of them droned on about it. I love how Eakins also made Tencer look like a big fool when he lobbed in a ridiculously obvious question. This just goes to show that Eakins won’t settle for shit. I also will add that I love that all players get a fresh clean slate. Can Eager perform to what he was signed for? Will Omark be recovered? What about Smyth and Hemsky?

    I’m optimistic ever year. I’m a little pessimistic about some players now like the aforementioned Eager and Omark (I think they’re both likely going to be outta here sooner than later). But I’m optimistic that Eakins will be able to get the most out of most other players. I also think that we might see 3 legit scoring lines here. I didn’t think I’d say this, but I’m liking Hall so much at center so far, that even when Nuge returns, I still want him to play C.

    I’d love to see these 3 scoring lines:
    Smyth Hall Hemsky
    Perron Gagner Eberle
    Joensuu Nuge Yakupov

    I’m not sure Smyth can roll with the big boys for another 82, but damn, Hall and Hemsky are electric so far. They make a good pairing.

    I know people will question the Nuge that far down, but with Yakupov and he taking the soft parade, they might destroy other team’s 3rd lines and give themselves confidence.

    At any rate, there is good top-9 depth here to do some blending (MacT would love to coach this team).

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