Closing the book on Shawn Horcoff …

By , July 4, 2013 6:23 pm
Thank you for the loyal service..

Thank you for the loyal service..

It is with a mixture of relief and sadness that I report that Shawn Horcoff has been traded. He’s always been a favorite of mine. He definitely had his struggles. Fans were overly critical of him, ever since he got the big pay day. I understand why they didn’t like the contract… I won’t go much into it or defend it. No matter what, I don’t think anyone could question his heart. He was undoubtedly a good leader, and his presence will be missed.

With the Oilers buying out Eric Belanger, and moving Horcoff, there will be a big hole at center now. I would welcome several players here in the #2 center spot: Stephen Weiss, Valteri Filppula, … freshly bought out Mikhail Grabovski. Correction, freshly waived for the purpose of buyout Mikhail Grabovski. So I ask, if we’re interested in him, should we do it by a waiver claim? Is his high contract TOO high to do that? Or is it too risky to let the free agent gods handle it? I would strongly consider the waiver claim. He is a bit overpaid, but not terribly bad. I think a Gagner-Grabovski-Yakupov line could be good to watch. It might need a guy like Paajarvi in place of Gagner for some defensive stability. Not sure how I feel about that idea.

Anyways, it’s the end of another captaincy (#14 I believe)… who’s next? I say without a doubt it will be Taylor Hall.

Details on the Horcoff trade are still being worked out. Original report was that it was for a pick, but according to Darren Dreger, more than one piece is involved.

EDIT: the deal is Shawn Horcoff for 2016 7th Rounder, plus defenseman Philip Larsen. Really, Horcoff’s contract is such an albatross that it is a miracle we got a return for him and didn’t need to eat any salary. Nice.

11 Responses to “Closing the book on Shawn Horcoff …”

  1. LateNightOilFan says:

    The end of an era – per TSN Shawn Horcoff has been traded to Dallas. The Stars are busy today.

  2. dawgtoy says:

    Always was a Horcoff fan, and its too bad he was a whipping boy for the fans. That contract was terrible, but that wasn’t his fault. All the best in Dallas. The return is excellent considering we didn’t have to buy him out, or retain salary. Good shopping tomorrow MacT. 21,000,000 to spend should buy some nice new shinny toys. Don’t spend it all in one place please.

  3. Metal&Oil says:

    Would be nice to have at least a $5M cap cushion to start next season with. Would be a huge advantage.

  4. Racki says:

    So apparently the deal isn’t complete yet. Damn that would suck if the Stars reneged.

  5. phawley says:

    Waiting for this deal to finalize is like watching paint dry.
    Anyone know who is waiting for whom to accept what is currently on the plate?

    But really, what are we going to do with Philip Larsen?

  6. oilinblood says:

    6’0″ RHD 23 yrs old 195 lbs

    Ive wanted to take a look at him for a while. He seemed promising his first 2 years but i really dont watch many stars games.

    at a cap hit just over a buck and 1 year left until RFA i think this is a really good acquisition. He is an asset with some value around the league as well. The reason he is available is the same reason Fistric was… Dallas has alot of guys coming through their system on D and not much on forwards NHL ready.

    Advantage Oil

    I think Dallas might not have been on Horcs list but with Nill there might be an agreement that Horc can focus on getting his stock up and through Nills connections he might be able to market horc later in the season.
    My prediction… record it… bring it back at the deadline.

    Might be Horc that is holding the deal up.

  7. john says:

    Read something about Stauffer saying they are dealing with a free agent (Clarkeson supposedly) as well which is holding up this deal until tomorrow but not sure what that would have to with the Horcoff deal?

  8. Metal&Oil says:

    Bob McKenzie just tweeted that another piece will be added to this deal.

    Edit. NVM. That Bobby Mac tweet was 5 hours old.

  9. RHBD says:

    So apparently the deal isn’t complete yet. Damn that would suck if the Stars reneged.

    Apparently the deal is taking longer then usual because of david clarkson having dinner in Edmonton with MacT and Katz, the deal is signed just needs to be sent to the registry office

  10. Metal&Oil says:

    Oilers appear to have signed goaltender Jason Labarbera.

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