The new “TrinasOil” / Eklund?

By , June 23, 2013 12:07 am

Take it with a grain of salt, but there’s been some interesting trade talk on HF Boards as of recent. By that, I mean someone is claiming to have insider information saying that the Oilers have 3 trades done (will announce after the cup final is done). That could be just a wild guess. Terry Jones also tweeted earlier in the week that he believed the Oilers had two deals done. This spawned some similar talk from other rumor mongers, and the rumors appear to be in line with each other.

The rumors only seem to indicate the players coming here.

One deal is with Ottawa, in which the Oilers get Colin Greening and Zack Smith.

The other deal is with Toronto, in which the Oilers get Joe Colborne and Ben Scrivens.

Humoring the possibility, I think I like the Toronto players coming our way better. I don’t think either trade would be mind blowing, however. But I think Colborne is a long shot for the type of center we need in the organization, on the 2nd line. Emphasis on long shot. I don’t think he’s quite the player many hoped he’d be, but he’s still a work in progress, so you never know (especially, you never know when someone will just click with some very skilled linemates). Scrivens would make a decent back up here (although I will say I’d aim higher). Greening and Smith I’m not too keen on. Some folks out there are though. I do think hey’d be decent pick ups, I just am not sure they’d be the game changers we need here.

I hope the part of the deal going the other way isn’t much.

The rumors also stated that apparently a very big deal was done. I’d be willing to bet that both Hemsky and Gagner is gone (not in the same deal, necessarily, and in Gagner’s case, it better not be in any deal mentioned above).

Also, Elliotte Friedman tweeted that the Oilers have given permission to Shawn Horcoff to speak with other teams. Sounds like they will make the effort to trade him.

Again, a reminder, outside of what Friedman mentioned, this is ALL RUMOR. Don’t take this post here and make it sound like it’s anything more than that. I’m just repeating what a couple people have said. So I’m skeptical… this stuff starts out as a mere rumor and quickly spreads into fact in no time, by word of mouth. But I really do firmly believe that the Oilers have 2 deals in place, as Jones said, and I’m sure one involves Toronto.

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  1. Racki says:

    Ben Scrivens just got traded as part of a deal to get Jonathan Bernier, so we can say that the details of this trade are not correct. However, I wonder if the Oilers are trying to get Bernier, but via the Leafs (Since the Kings won’t trade him to them… same division next year).

  2. Metal&Oil says:

    Interesting deal. At first thought I think the Leafs overpaid but Bernier does have some very good potential. Though to say who won this. I guess only time will decide that.

    As for trading Gags….. I am strongly against this, although without knowing the return that could always change. However if we do end up keeping him I’d prefer to move him to the wing. That won’t help our depth at center but I still think it would be in the best long term interest of the team.

    Edit: Now there are also reports on cash going back to the Kings too. That’s crazy IMO. The Leafs had given up enough already IMO.

  3. Metal&Oil says:

    I’ve had a hunch for a while now that Dion Phaneuf would end up on the Oilers soon and now I am starting to see rumors of this pop up. I think he has matured a lot lately and is underrated. I’d be all for this so long as it’s not Gagner going the leafs way. We would also have to send the Leafs some significant salary back.

  4. dawgtoy says:

    “@sunterryjones: Edmonton Oiler GM Craig MacTavish to meet with media Tuesday. Let the speculation begin. Horcoff deal done? Hemsky? Draft update?” Things that make you go hmmm!

  5. Steve-O says:

    I think the granting permission to horcoff isn’t about a trade but allowing him to start looking for a team once he’s bought out

  6. Racki says:

    Re: the Leafs “paying cash”, I think the only cash that can be transferred, so to speak, is to pay part of the contract being traded (up to 50% of a contract). At most, we’re talking about ~$1M being retained, and for just a year. Not a big deal.

    IMHO, Jonathan Bernier is easily the best player in the deal, and I don’t see this as overpayment by the Leafs at all. There is question as to whether he’ll be a #1, yes, but I think at worst he’ll be a very reliable backup, probably a solid 1A/1B type.

    As far as this announcement Tuesday, I don’t smell a trade here. I think this is one of two things: announcement of Hall as captain, or announcement of new assistant coaches chosen by Dallas Eakins. However, I think the latter might be too soon. Not sure he would have made that decision yet.

    The reason I don’t think it’s a trade is I can’t fathom why they would wait til Tuesday. Why Tuesday? There still could be playoffs on Wednesday. Why hold out on announcements when the Leafs made a trade today with the Kings and that was announced. Doesn’t add up, so I don’t think that’s it.

    Lastly, Phaneuf for Gagner… before this talk even came about, I had suspicions that we might be after Phaneuf (when MacT and Nonis were seen chatting it up together.

    I have to say, when I first thought about him coming here, I kind of hated the idea. Now, I’m unsure. I just think the guy is a douchebag… big time. I don’t know if I want that type here. But he does bring a lot of what our blueline needs. It’s hard to deny that. He isn’t really on a bargain deal, but it’s the last year of his deal.

    Sam Gagner, on the other hand.. well, this is his last RFA year.. so for all intents, he’s basically also a UFA. The Leafs could lock him up in their first deal, however, whereas the Oilers are running the risk of just losing Phaneuf.

    Not sure how I’d feel about that trade. I wonder if the Leafs would be sending another player our way, however.

    I still wonder about the possibility of the Leafs sending us Bernier in some deal. If we got Bernier and Phaneuf for Gagner and Hemsky, I’d consider that a win.

  7. Racki says:

    Sounds like the Leafs are retaining $500k. I don’t think that’s a big deal at all to them. It’s one year, and I think they have a really good goalie in their system now to add to another good goalie.

  8. Metal&Oil says:

    Interesting Article about Latang being moved to Edmonton for Jeff Petry, 7th overall and a young forward(probably Paajarvi).

    Now I don’t think Letang is really fits the mold of the type of Dman we need but I’d stil jump on this deal in a heartbeat as it’s not often you could acquire a dman of Letang’s caliber in this type of trade.

  9. Racki says:

    I’d be hesitant, just because he will get huge money next year (2014-15) and beyond, plus he’s a pending UFA. So i’d be nervous.

    But yah, hell of a d-man. I would send that package for certain other d-men though .. like my favorite, Pietrangelo. That price isn’t exactly cheap though, so I’d be on the fence… we should be getting a franchise d-man / rock. Someone that has a lot of poise on the blueline and is solid defensively, and offensively. Letang has some d-questions, but I think some of it is possible due to a lot of rope in Pittsburgh. He was once the DEFENSIVE d-man of the year in the Q.. so maybe he just needs reeling in a bit.

  10. Metal&Oil says:

    Yeah. Unfortunately I can’t really see any of those type of “rock” dmen becoming available.

    Darnell Nurse is projected to fit that mold and many draft experts say he wouldn’t be too far off from NHL employment.

    I’m sure many have read some scouting reports on Nurse but I’ll post a couple of them here anyways:

    NHL Central Scouting’s Chris Edwards: “He’s the kind of guy who is not going to make a lot of mistakes. He’s steady and solid, and you can trust him out there. Anytime you get a guy his size, who skates as well as he does and plays a physical game, it’s fun to watch.”

    Corey Pronman: Nurse had a considerable amount of hype at the beginning of the season, and he has exceeded all expectations. He is a gifted physical player who has all the natural tools a scout could want from a defenseman. He has slowly begun to emerge as a two-way player, but his value comes from his high-end work in his own end. Nurse is a tall defender with an aggressive edge and the strength to consistently push his checks off pucks. He has above-average mobility, especially considering his larger size. With his wingspan, he is able to make a multitude of plays in the defensive end. I have heard previous concerns from scouts about his offensive upside, but he took a step forward in that element this season. He will not be a dynamic offensive threat, but he can move the puck at an above-average level, and join the rush on occasion. He projects as a point man on a second power play unit, while logging the tough defensive minutes. Nurse’s next level of progression will have to come from his below-average shot.

    Ranking explanation: From a value standpoint, I see Ryan Pulock as comparable to Nurse, but they are different kinds of players. Pulock has better offensive hockey sense, a drastically better shot, and better hands. Nurse is a better skater with more imposing physicality and overall defensive ability. Nurse gets the edge because I see him as a safer choice. Scouts are divided on Pulock’s skating and defensive ability, whereas reports on Nurse are unanimously glowing. It is also dangerous to overrate a player who derives a bulk of his value from his shot, such as Pulock, as there is more uncertainty when translating that skill to the next level.

    He is my top choice for who should be available for the Oilers( I personally think the Flames will 100% take Monohan unless one of the top 4 slip to them) should the pick not be traded.

  11. Metal&Oil says:

    Appearantly the Oilers are chasing Clutterbuck and get this the Wild would want Tyler Pitlick in return.

    Talk about a dream trade. Would probably have to give them more then Pitlick but this would be huge.

  12. Racki says:

    “the Wild has talked to the Oilers about a deal that would include Minnesotan Tyler Pitlick.”

    That is a little open ended.. it might have been the Oilers that offered Pitlick, but hopefully it was the Wild. If so, I would hope that they make that deal happen. Pitlick might benefit from some new scenery too.

  13. NorwegianOiler says:

    Metal&Oil: letang

    I woulnd’t do that deal. Now, I really enjoy watching Letang play, he is a terrific player, but not a type we need, nor at a salary we can afford. Petry does not have Letang’s elite talent, but is beginning to venture into the underrated realm in terms of play and definitively in terms of salary. To top it off with the 7th overall and young defensive forward Pääjärvi would be a major mistake. Letang is seeking top dollar, something I would only hope we give to the next Pronger/Chara/Weber defenseman.

    I’d rather they looked at Boychuk from Boston, who is a type the Oilers need and can afford. Schultz will fill the slick offensive defenseman role.

    Smid – Petry
    N. Schultz – Boychuk
    ? – J. Schultz

    The ? might be Belov, but preferably another top 4 calibre defenseman with some two way ability. Let Belov, Fistric fill in as needed, then allow the youngsters plenty of AHL action before making the big league.

  14. Racki says:

    I’m with you there, NorOil. I was using a Moneyball reference over on Lowetide. I think Jeff Petry is that safe on-base guy that comes at a nice cheap price. Letang is the nice shiney player, and all, and better all around than Petry, I’m fairly sure. However, we’d not just be losing Petry, but we might be losing our #2C (thinking Monahan.. who hell, could even possibly be a #1.. we don’t know..) or solid D (Nurse, for example), and then we’d be losing anohter forward in this.

    I’m less concerned about losing Paajarvi than I am about losing the #7. But I think everything together would add up to too much for me.

    I know this won’t win much respect, but there was talk of also Gagner for Phaneuf.. I’d do that deal long before the Letang one. I really like Gagner, but even with him here, I still think we realistically need a #2C. I see him as a guy who SHOULD be on the wing.

    As far as Boychuk, like him, but at this point I’m bringing in a left D. I’d sooner see the team push Justin Schultz a bit more, or play Petry up higher.. which ever. But I would prefer:

    Smid Petry
    Phaneuf/Yandle J. Schultz
    Belov Fistric/etc.

    Possible case for swapping Jultz and Petry. Schultz is a defensive liability, but maybe playing with a rock out there who also has offensive flair would be good.

  15. john says:

    I agree on Letang, price is too high anyway. I’d almost rather take a run at getting Phaneuf since it’s rumoured that TO would like to take Letang but can’t afford him and Dion. They would have to sweeten the deal to make Phaneuf’s contract palatable I think though. Yandle would be fuckin awesome but scuttlebutt is Phoenix is expecting the sun AND the moon for him, if they’d even move him at all. Is he worth Yakupov, or Gagner + a pick? Would hate to get rid of either of those guys but a young potential Norris quality D man might be worth it in the end.

  16. Racki says:

    I really like Gagner, so I hate saying it, but I would move him for a rock on the blueline. But I couldn’t see myself going any higher than that as far as players to move. As I’ve said many a time, this team needs a 2nd line center whether we have Gagner here or not, so I am not completely concerned about moving him. MacT has a lot of work to do though, so it might be hard to scratch everything off our wish list in one year.

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