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By , June 9, 2013 2:26 pm
So you want to be bold, Mac?

So you want to be bold, Mac?

So MacTavish wants to be bold? Well here’s some targets being thrown around right now:

Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn

Rumors say that the Flyers are looking for a defenseman. They also say that Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier are names that have come up in those discussions. However, word is that the discussions were with the Phoenix Coyotes, and the player being targeted was Keith Yandle. That’s tough competition for the Oilers, but my thoughts are perhaps we could offer Jeff Petry plus (a 2nd? another lesser prospect like a Toni Rajala? toss in first rights to talk with Whitney?) for one of these young, big centres. Would it be enough? Hard to say, but I think MacTavish should really be working the phones. If names like this are available, he should be talking, as these players would very potentially address our lack of centre depth.

Keith Yandle

With the asking price being a young center and the deal STILL isn’t done, I’m not sure the Oilers can compete here… but Keith Yandle definitely would be a nice pickup, even though his contract is pricey. He isn’t a guy I’m sure I’d give up our #7 pick for (unless we landed Couturier or Schenn or another centre first). And I wouldn’t give up one of our big four for him.. so it’s not so likely there is a deal to be had here.

Alex Pietrangelo / Kevin Shattenkirk

Word is, the St. Louis Blues are looking to pick up a 1st round pick, as they’ve traded theirs away to Calgary. Our #7 should be good value to them. It definitely isn’t enough to lure away Shattenkirk, let alone Alex Pietrangelo, but we could pad that deal with prospects or other players to make that happen. Without including the #7, I would give up Eberle or even Yakupov to bring Pietrangelo here. I’m not sure the Blues would be interested in moving him, but he is an RFA and due for a big raise that they might be ready to pay.

Jonathan Bernier

There’s always talk about trading for Bernier. I’ll keep those discussions going. I would like him because I think he’d be exactly what we need to pair up with Dubnyk. It would work for him too because he finally wouldn’t be hiding behind a big star. What would it take to get that done though, I don’t know. It should also be remembered that the Oilers and Kings will play in the same division next year, so a trade becomes less likely due to that.

Paul Martin

A bring his name up, because it was mentioned earlier in the comments as a trade target for our #7. Now I think that’s overpay, but I mentioned him mainly because it sounds like there is a good chance the Penguins will buy him out. If that’s the case, he should be an excellent signing to add to this team that perhaps would allow us to find another home for Nick Schultz.

Nathan Horton / David Clarkson / Ryan Clowe

This would be a UFA signing. Of the names mentioned above, Nathan Horton would the most expensive, and hardest to land. I can’t see him wanting to leave the Bruins organization, especially if they win the cup. And I would think they would more more than happy to retain him. I think he would cost us over $6M to acquire. Would it be worth it though? I definitely think so. But I have a hard time believing we can do it.

David Clarkson would be my next choice of the names here. He also wouldn’t come cheap, but he’d be a lot cheaper than a Horton. He would be a stellar 3rd liner for the team and a good 2nd line winger.

Ryan Clowe is the oldest of the 3 (not by much, however), and some feel he is on the decline. I don’t quite believe that. But it still would be hard to offer him much more than he made on his last deal ($3.625M cap hit). But it would be nice if we could add him and say Maxime Talbot to make up 2 parts of a 3rd line of hard working, ball-busting grit.

Maxime Talbot

I am mentioning him because of the last paragraph. The Oilers actually almost acquired him at the deadline this season, but Talbot broke his leg. If he’s fully recovered, I’d revisit this. This might have been one of Tambellini’s last good decisions before he was canned.

Mark Streit

This would be another singing, rather than a trade. His name has been brought up quite a bit. Word is he’ll be asking for big money ($6M I think?) for about 3 years. That’s probably too rich for my blood though, mainly due to the length of the deal and his age. I think he’s a good d-man though, so if I could get him for 2 years, I would do it.

The future of Shawn Horcoff and Ales Hemsky

This obviously isn’t a topic about acquisition, but rather about moving them. MacTavish already gave them the kiss of death when he said the ideal situation would be to move them. I’m not sure who is out there for trade targets. Ales Hemsky should be a bit more of a commodity to teams, but we may need to eat around $1.5M to make a better trade happen. As for Horcoff, I have a tough time believing anyone other than a floor team would be interested in his contract. If he can’t be traded to a team like the Islanders, I think the Oilers should buy him out. Complicating matters worse, it’s being reported that Horcoff is going to exercise his NTC (can list 10 teams he won’t go to, I believe) to prevent a trade to rebuilding teams. Some out there (ex. Jonathan Willis on Oilers Nation) are very opposed to a buyout. I see their point, and I myself really respect Horcoff, but I think this would be a very good move for both sides. The Oilers drop that cap hit that they could be using for some solid names to help fill this line up, and Horcoff gets the opportunity to test the UFA market. I firmly believe that if he is willing to take a shot with a Scott Gomez-like contract (he earned $700k this year), he could EASILY prove in a heart beat he’s a very valuable player to a team.

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  1. dawgtoy says:

    I read twice from two separate sources that Pittsburgh might be interested in moving James Neal. He would add very nice size on the RNH/Eberle line. He has scored at least 20 goals every season, and is only 25. If we flush both Hemsky and Horcoff from the lineup, he’d easily be affordable at 5 mill per. Signed through 2018 … Yikes.

  2. Racki says:

    Yah, I forgot to include James Neal, actually, cause I saw that too. The contract length is petrifying, but he’s only 25 years old, and that will take him into 30, so that isn’t as bad as it sounds. Lots can happen in that time, so I suppose that’s worrisome, but I would take the shot.

    So let’s say we do a deal with the Pens, and manage to lure Couturier out of Philly.. and in these deals, we lose say a Gagner, and Petry, Hemsky along the way somewhere, and Horcoff in some other deal, without much else for damage….

    Our forwards would look something like:

    Hall Nuge Eberle
    Neal Couturier Yakupov

    Dreaming a bit more, we might have a gritty “MacT approved” 3rd line looking like:
    Clowe Talbot Clarkson

    4th line could be a sheltered nordic line of:
    Hartikainen Lander Paajarvi

    However, coming back down to earth, I just acquired 5 forwards. I couldn’t see it happening, but never hurts to set your sights high lol

    The Oilers would still need a blue liner to replace Petry, and perhaps another to round the line up out, PLUS a goaltender. So that’s a lot of movement. I think that’s how bold MacT needs to be, but it likely can’t be done in a year though. Man he has his work cut out for him!

  3. gr8one says:

    The thing is…from what MacT has said we are probably looking at a turnover of about five forwards, so no matter which way you slice it and try and project what the players are going to be it inevitably starts sounding like an EA sports NHL team building type scenario.

  4. Racki says:

    My memory is fuzzy, but I believe someone asked him how many new bodies we could expect here… he didn’t give a number… so someone said something like “6 to 8”? And he said that was about right.

    So yah, that’s what he’d LIKE to do … but there’s only so much that CAN be done.. so I don’t expect all that work to be done this year, let alone by the time the season starts. But I’m interested to see what he can do. My numbers are in line with his too, cause I think we need a big bottom six overhaul, another top 4 d-man (maybe another bottom pairing D) and a goaltender. But I don’t suspect that to all happen within a year. MacT might surprise me though with just how much he gets done here. In addition, some of those perceived holes might fix themselves through guys like Klefbom, Fedun, Harti, Lander, etc. throughout the season too.

  5. Racki says:

    BTW, I found it in my original post when MacT was hired as GM…

    Someone asked if we can expect 8 new faces on the team, and MacTavish said it was reasonable to expect 6-8 new faces.

  6. Metal&Oil says:

    Boyd Gorden has always been at the top of my list when looking at FA’s for the bottom 6. He would probably be reasonably priced too.

  7. Racki says:

    I think Gordon would be a decent pick up for 4th line. Don’t know if he’s much of an upgrade over Smithson though.

  8. Metal&Oil says:

    I think that you are undervaluing Gordon by tabbing him as a forth liner. He played the majority of this last season and the Yotes 2nd line center. He should be able to at least anchor our 3rd line if we do indeed rid ourselves of Horcoff. That’s what I see in Gordon, an ideal Horcoff replacement.

  9. Racki says:

    It’s possible I am.. I was mostly basing that judgement on his production, which didn’t seem to be much at all, save for a couple moderately OK years in Phoenix (which if he was getting 2nd line minutes, seems even less flattering).

    I think Horcoff could be replaced by a guy like Gordon because Horcoff’s offense completely dried up (or at least it did the way he was being used here). I don’t think we’re going to get a guy with Horcoff’s old numbers on our 3rd line though, so if anything I might be expecting too much out of a 3rd liner. Gordon’s numbers aren’t THAT bad, but they’re definitely not what I’d expect for someone playing on the 2nd line.

    I just don’t like the idea of having 2 lines with guys that don’t really produce much at all. Gordon IS crazy good on the faceoff dot, however. And I can say I’m not really foaming at the mouth over any other centers in free agency, save for maybe Tyler Bozak, who won’t be signed to a 3rd line contract, so he’s out of the question. Oh, and Stephen Weiss, but ditto the above. However, one of those guys might be an option for some top six center depth, especially considering we’ll be without the nugget for probably the first month or so.

    Speaking of those two, how do we feel about hanging on to Sam Gagner when those two are on the market? I really love Gagner and think he has a great offensive top-end, but Weiss and Bozak each bring part of the game Gagner just can’t seem to ever get… Weiss brings > 50% fo prowess, and 2-way ability. Bozak brings > 50% F/o prowess, the 2-way ability and also decent size… however, I am pretty sure he will always lag behind Gagner as far as offensive production.

    How big of contracts are these guys going to be looking for though? Bozak’s might be higher than he really is worth. Weiss, I’m not sure what he’d be asking, but he brings what Gagner brings, and then some, so if it’s near $5M, I’d sooner have him.

  10. Metal&Oil says:

    Gordon is more the type that allows for his wingers to be more productive while he takes care of the dirty work(Faceoffs, Winning puck battles and such). I think he would be perfect centering Paajarvi and Harti on the 3rd line.

  11. Alan-NottsUK says:

    7th OA + N. Schultz(with some salary retained) for Couturier + Talbot

    Bring back Penner who looked good with Gagner as his center, and showed while he was here he would look out for the kids.

    Sign Emery since the Hawks have already signed another goalie to backup crawford next year.

    Offer sheet Tanev for slightly above what he is worth, Vancouver can’t really afford to match given their shortage of space.

    Hall – RNH – Eberle
    Penner – Gagner – Yakupov
    MPS – Couturier – Hartikainen
    Petrell – Talbot – Brown
    Eager, Jones?

    Smid – Petry
    Klefbom – J. Schultz
    Belov – Tanev


    other players:
    Horcoff traded to the Islanders for a pick. (salary is 1.5m and 2.5m lower than the cap hit next 2 years)
    Hemsky traded for a pick or 3rd line RW
    Smyth retires(or is 14th forward)
    Belanger bought out.

    Lander starts on 4th line sent to OKC when RNH is healthy.

    That would bring in 6/7 new faces and we’d actually have some kind of center depth despite trading horcoff.

    Not sure if the value is fair on the deal with the flyer or not really, but it could be tweaked around with some of the other parts Racki mentioned in the original post.

    Edit: new players playoff history
    Penner – 2 cup wins, 1 conf final
    Talbot – 1 win 1 finals loss
    Couturier – conf semi final
    Emery – finals loss (back up in the finals this year)
    Tanev – handful of games with the Canucks
    Belov – ‘won everything there is to win in the KHL’

  12. Racki says:

    M&O, I get what you are saying with Gordon.

    Alan: I’d actually like to see Penner back, oddly enough. I too liked him with Gagner. There are other guys I’d sooner have here, due to Penner’s penchant for looking a bit lazy out there, but I’d still be OK with him I think. I’m thinking Petrell won’t be back, and Brown will likely be the team’s 14th forward. Smyth also isn’t ready to retire, I don’t think, so I wonder if he would be decent on the wing with Talbot, with someone with some vet presence on the right wing too.

    I’ll point out too that to start the year, we’ll probably be without Nuge. I also don’t see Klefbom making the lineup right out of camp. It’s possible, but I would consider that a “nice if it happens” rather than expect it, so I would sign someone for that spot (ex. Streit). I laugh when people (not you) suggest he’s NHL ready, because he missed a LOT of hockey last year, and some the last two years too. Plus, we expect him to instantly jump into the NHL game because he’s “playing against adults”. Paajarvi and Lander did too (more so, in fact). Paajarvi was supposed to be instantly NHL ready too. So on that note, I’d sign someone for that position, and if Klefbom happens to take it over, that’s awesome. If we think he’s close, maybe you pick up a throw-away player that you could toss on waivers later.

    As far as fair deal for Couturier… hard to say.. I think if the Flyers are looking at Yandle, they probably wouldn’t do our trade though.

  13. Racki says:

    Teemu Hartikainen has signed with UFA of the KHL. So it seems that we’ve lost him for the year. That seems like an odd decision on his part. I think he could have been decent for us, but I also think Oilers fans WAY overrate him.

  14. Alan-NottsUK says:

    I read that the KHL are shrinking the size of their rinks this coming season.

    So hopefully a level between AHL and NHL will help his development.

    Also some of the hockey guys on twitter have mentioned something about a guy who played for the Marlies, Ranger being a target for the Oilers, I know nothing about this guy but Leaf fans seem pretty annoyed about it.

  15. Metal&Oil says:

    I’m shocked by Teemu’s decision here. I thought he was poised for a breakout in the coming season. Very disappointed.

  16. Racki says:

    Paul Ranger? This is the D man that the Flyers almost traded Claude Giroux for. lol (per Brian Lawton, who was Tampa’s GM at the time)

    Ranger has a good offensive skillset. He also has big size and is good defensively. He disappeared off the planet in a really weird scenario. I’m not sure why he disappeared for a couple years (maybe some personal stuff?) but he came back to play with the marlies a couple years ago. Since then, apparently people say he’s playing better than an AHLer should.. the league is easy for him. So really, he SHOULD be in the NHL.

    I believe he’d be a great pick up, if he can handle the pressure.. maybe sign him to a cheap contract. Eakins speaks highly of his dedication too. I think this would be a good sleeper addition.

    M&O: Someone on LT or ON mentioned that Todd Nelson said he had to be continually motivated. I can believe that, cause he looked like one of those non-factors MacT spoke about, to me, on most nights last year. Overrated. Has all the tools to be a good hockey player though, but he has to want it. I think a year in the KHL could do him some good though.

    And Alan: interesting about the rink change.. that would be very good.

  17. Metal&Oil says:

    I wonder if Teemu going to the K was a mutual decision between himself and the Oilers. He would have been a waiver risk next year and clearly needs to develop more.

  18. Alan-NottsUK says:

    And Alan: interesting about the rink change.. that would be very good.

    found an article with a great headline, sadly the change doesn’t happen until after the Olympics, so I was off on the timing of it so it’s not going to benefit Hartikainen this coming season.

    KHL Rink-Shrink to Sex Up Hockey

    Two-time Olympic hockey gold medalist Vladimir Petrov praised the KHL’s decision to shrink the size of league rinks, telling R-Sport on Tuesday the move will make the game “more interesting to watch.”

    Earlier this week KHL president Alexander Medvedev said the six-year-old league will reduce the width of its Olympic-size rinks to 28 meters from 30 meters after the 2014 Sochi Games, putting them closer in line with the 26-meter-wide ice surfaces used in the NHL.


  19. Racki says:

    That is what I think M&O, and have been saying elsewhere. I am pretty sure it was mutual. Could be wrong though. But really, makes no diff to me.

  20. Metal&Oil says:

    One UFA that nobody has brought up is Matt Cooke. Would he not fit the mold of the type of player we need? Sure everyone hates him, but I’ve never heard of him being a bad teammate.

  21. Racki says:

    I’ve thought about him, and would have no problem with him here.. does he still have it? Seems like his numbers weren’t too bad in Pitts this year. I think he’d be a great 3rd line (read: checking line) option. My dream third line would probably involve a guy like him, Talbot at center, and maybe even Jones on RW would still be fine. Obviously this is a realistic dream 3rd line.. lol

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