The new “TrinasOil” / Eklund?

By , June 23, 2013 12:07 am

Take it with a grain of salt, but there’s been some interesting trade talk on HF Boards as of recent. By that, I mean someone is claiming to have insider information saying that the Oilers have 3 trades done (will announce after the cup final is done). That could be just a wild guess. Terry Jones also tweeted earlier in the week that he believed the Oilers had two deals done. This spawned some similar talk from other rumor mongers, and the rumors appear to be in line with each other.

The rumors only seem to indicate the players coming here.

One deal is with Ottawa, in which the Oilers get Colin Greening and Zack Smith.

The other deal is with Toronto, in which the Oilers get Joe Colborne and Ben Scrivens.

Humoring the possibility, I think I like the Toronto players coming our way better. I don’t think either trade would be mind blowing, however. But I think Colborne is a long shot for the type of center we need in the organization, on the 2nd line. Emphasis on long shot. I don’t think he’s quite the player many hoped he’d be, but he’s still a work in progress, so you never know (especially, you never know when someone will just click with some very skilled linemates). Scrivens would make a decent back up here (although I will say I’d aim higher). Greening and Smith I’m not too keen on. Some folks out there are though. I do think hey’d be decent pick ups, I just am not sure they’d be the game changers we need here.

I hope the part of the deal going the other way isn’t much.

The rumors also stated that apparently a very big deal was done. I’d be willing to bet that both Hemsky and Gagner is gone (not in the same deal, necessarily, and in Gagner’s case, it better not be in any deal mentioned above).

Also, Elliotte Friedman tweeted that the Oilers have given permission to Shawn Horcoff to speak with other teams. Sounds like they will make the effort to trade him.

Again, a reminder, outside of what Friedman mentioned, this is ALL RUMOR. Don’t take this post here and make it sound like it’s anything more than that. I’m just repeating what a couple people have said. So I’m skeptical… this stuff starts out as a mere rumor and quickly spreads into fact in no time, by word of mouth. But I really do firmly believe that the Oilers have 2 deals in place, as Jones said, and I’m sure one involves Toronto.

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