Oilers 3, Blue Jackets 4 (SO) – Game 22 – 2013-03-05 @ 5:00 PM MST – SNETW

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8-9-4 Record 6-12-4
Location: Nationwide Arena
Date: March 5, 2013 @ 5:00PM MST


Well, this is the first game for Mike Brown in an Oilers uniform. It seems that most of the Oilers fans out there hate this deal, and many of the Oilers media seem to back this deal. Not to say which one is actually wrong here. I approach this one the same way I approach any deal.. open minded and optimistic, especially when we don’t give up much for one. Yes, yes, any pick can be a hit, but a 4th rounder for us is most likely to bust. The only good 4th rounder we’ve drafted in the last 20 years with proven success is Shawn Horcoff (there is Linus Omark too, but I don’t consider him proven). Of course we still have question marks for the recent picks. Anyways, I think the Oilers look flat too many nights and need to inject some give a damn in the line up. Will one guy make a difference though? Probably not, unless he’s Sid Crosby caliber (which obviously he isn’t). So I don’t expect a whole lot, but I still think it’s a step in the right direction and could help rejuvenate some life into dead souls when we’re stinking it up vs. bottom feeders that we should be killing. I do understand the worries people have, but I think the risk is low. I’ll take a shot that a piece could help us out over the 5% shot at the next Horcoff. Obviously I jest, as our previous scouting department was piss poor, as we all know, so that will unfairly make a 4th rounder look poorer than it is. But again, I think it’s a step in the right direction, and this mystery pick wouldn’t be making any impact for several years. I’m sure the internet will dig this up in 2019 and laugh at this post when Toronto drafts the next Jamie Benn with our pick.

So the lines are rebuffed again. Good to see Hall back. He’ll play with Nuge and Hemsky. Paajarvi gets more time with Gagner and Eberle. I mentioned last GDT that Paajarvi’s early success came with Gagner and Omark, so I still think this could pay dividends. Yakupov and Jones will get caught in the Belanger-triangle. Brown and Eager will be the bookends for a Smytty-centered energy line… or holy-fucking shit, stop taking dumb penalties line. TBD.

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Oilers trade 4th rounder in 2014 draft for Mike Brown

By , March 4, 2013 9:14 am

Toughness has arrived...

About fucking time. That’s all I have to say.

Mike Brown.. one of the Maple Leafs’ tough guys has been traded to the Oilers for a 4th rounder in 2014. Good pick up for the Oilers.

Here is the scouting report on Brown:

Assets: Is a speedy, industrious forward that backs down from no one and engages in physical contact. Will drop the gloves to protect teammates. Kills penalties with aplomb.
Flaws: Doesn’t own the skill necessary to play a top-six forward role at the NHL level. Doesn’t always display the discipline needed to be an effective fourth liner. Injuries are also a factor.
Career Potential: Physical defensive energy winger.

Fits exactly into what we need, which is a useful player that is tough enough to protect our players, but can also play an important role outside of the goon role, which is PKer in his case. Also, we can use the energy too. This is really what Ben Eager should be like.

Now looking at numbers, the “kills penalties with aplomb” comment might be hyperbole. Doesn’t look like he has been much of a PKer with the teams he plays with. He does PK, but we’re talking 2nd or 3rd unit.. but that said, it’s still a good sign. Would MacIntyre get that, or Darcy Hordichuk? Hell no. Doubt we’d see Ben Eager out there ever either. So this should say that he can play a regular shift and not leak goals.

Oilers 2, Wild 4 – Game 21 – 2013-03-03 @ 6:00 PM MST – SNET-EDM

By , March 3, 2013 11:44 am
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Teddy Peckman
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8-8-4 Record 10-8-2
Location: Xcel Energy Center
Date: March 3, 2013 @ 6:00PM MST


So today would be the first game back for Taylor Hall after “the incident” in which he hit Cal Clutterbuck hard on the thigh and took him out of the lineup, however Hall, himself, is injured. He apparently has some sort of leg injury. Clutterbuck is still out of the lineup also, so there shouldn’t be any fireworks from that yet. Apparently the twitterverse (namely some Wild fans) are calling Hall’s injury an injury of convenience, suggesting he’s out of the lineup because he’s scared of retribution. Riiiight. Anyways.

I’m excited about tonight because the lines have been reblended. The bottom six looks pretty bleak, albeit possibly strong defensively, but the top six is interesting. One, Yakupov will play with the Nuge, as will Hemsky. It will be interesting to see if Yak and Nuge can get something going. Secondly, Paajarvi and Gagner have been re-united after a long hiatus away from each other. I believe in Paajarvi’s first year, he got most of those points playing with Gagner and Omark. Playing with Eberle as well is an upgrade, so I’m anxious to see if these guys can get something going, especially with Gagner playing like the hockey Jesus lately.

The defense doesn’t see a change from the last game. Potter apparently is close to a return, so he might slot in tonight, but I’m expecting will see all the same pairings. Whitney is fresh off a good game vs. the Blues, so we’ll see if he can keep that momentum going.

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Monday Morning Standings

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Well, I’m thinking it’s time for another MMS.

How is everyone liking the season so far? Up until the road trip, it seems as though we have seen this story before. I wonder why that is though, cause on paper our top 6 should be one of the better ones in the league. Is it the bottom 6 forwards that are costing the team wins? Is it the defense? Team defense in general? Are we seeing the regression that can be expected of young players?

I think one thing we can all agree on is that the goaltending has been outstanding so far (with the exception of Dubnyk’s first period against Colorado). But personally I’d like to see Tambellini to add another bottom 6 forward and some quality D. Considering Whitney is getting run out of town, I wonder what he can get in return (although there is no fucking way Potter is a better D than Whitney).

Oiler News

– CBC’s Andi Petrillo just mentioned that Hall’s leg injury is something to do with his hamstring, and it’s not looking good for tomorrow’s game
– Horcoff was recently mentioned saying he still can’t grip the stick and is expected to be out at least another two weeks

League News

– Also, how good are the Blackhawks? Have earned a point in every game so far, and have only lost 3 games…the road to the Cup in the west will go through Chicago I’m thinking
– The Flames signed Ryan O’Reilly to an offer sheet, which the Avs matched super quick (seriously, I’d have waited the full week just to fuck with the Flames). The funny part came just after when Sportsnet found out that he’d have to pass through waivers, so Calgary would have had to give up the 2 picks and more than likely wouldn’t have even got the player. Which is awesome. That said, could you imagine if that came out while the Avs were still contemplating it? Feaster would have been eaten alive.
– The league is talking realignment. Which will be good, but as it stands now the eastern conference divisions would have 8 teams each while the western divisions would only have 7. This is making things a little sticky, but really which eastern team do you pull over to the west? Any one you choose will be screwed over really.

Anyways, on to the standings (and fight video, and Oil Kings):
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Oilers 2, Blues 4 – Game 20 – 2013-03-01 @ 6:00 PM MST – SNETW

By , March 1, 2013 8:45 am
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Photo by @zackhennawi on Twitter
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8-7-4 Record 10-7-2
Location: Scottrade Center
Date: March 1, 2013 @ 6:00PM MST


First off, I didn’t do the pic above.. credit goes to @zackhennawi on Twitter. So send him your props if you had a good laugh at this like I did. Very appropriate… this team doesn’t really have an enforcer at all, so there are a few jokes that the enforcer is Gagner since he isn’t afraid to fight anyone, and will generally hold his own. Last night, “Samnorris” took on Brenden Dillon, who is 5″ taller and has about 20 lbs. on him. It wasn’t much of a fight though, but still good to see him stand up for himself. Also good to see Mark Fistric not only nail Jaromir Jagr with a big hit, but knock Antoine Roussel on his ass after he tried to goad Ryan Nugent-Hopkins into a fight. Note to Roussel: if you’re going to try to fight a star player, make sure you’re the biggest guy on the ice at the time. I’m guessing that by going after the Nuge he was hoping that Taylor Hall would oblige him again (which he likely would have, had Fistric not been there to restore calm).

So, after a 5-1 road win, how do you follow this up? With another win, of course. The Oilers have always been piss poor at stringing wins together, however. This is another one of many tests for them. They got a point in a bad game in Chicago… they won big in Dallas.. now win one in St. Louis, and you’re back in the race. A win tonight, and the Oilers will bump into 10th spot, just above Dallas. Every game counts this year, especially now… they have to be smelling blood and wanting this bad in order to have a hope at the playoffs. Everyone suspected this road trip would kill them, especially after a fairly pathetic home stand.

Again, I’ll throw out.. “hello… Peckham?”. I’m going to guess that Potter will be out for this one after having his face mashed on the dasher. Will Dubnyk get the nod again after a rock solid game yesterday? Wouldn’t be his first back to back this year.

Update: Whitney and Peckham will play as Corey Potter is out, as is Mark Fistric (elbow).

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