Monday Morning Standings

By , March 2, 2013 3:42 pm


Well, I’m thinking it’s time for another MMS.

How is everyone liking the season so far? Up until the road trip, it seems as though we have seen this story before. I wonder why that is though, cause on paper our top 6 should be one of the better ones in the league. Is it the bottom 6 forwards that are costing the team wins? Is it the defense? Team defense in general? Are we seeing the regression that can be expected of young players?

I think one thing we can all agree on is that the goaltending has been outstanding so far (with the exception of Dubnyk’s first period against Colorado). But personally I’d like to see Tambellini to add another bottom 6 forward and some quality D. Considering Whitney is getting run out of town, I wonder what he can get in return (although there is no fucking way Potter is a better D than Whitney).

Oiler News

– CBC’s Andi Petrillo just mentioned that Hall’s leg injury is something to do with his hamstring, and it’s not looking good for tomorrow’s game
– Horcoff was recently mentioned saying he still can’t grip the stick and is expected to be out at least another two weeks

League News

– Also, how good are the Blackhawks? Have earned a point in every game so far, and have only lost 3 games…the road to the Cup in the west will go through Chicago I’m thinking
– The Flames signed Ryan O’Reilly to an offer sheet, which the Avs matched super quick (seriously, I’d have waited the full week just to fuck with the Flames). The funny part came just after when Sportsnet found out that he’d have to pass through waivers, so Calgary would have had to give up the 2 picks and more than likely wouldn’t have even got the player. Which is awesome. That said, could you imagine if that came out while the Avs were still contemplating it? Feaster would have been eaten alive.
– The league is talking realignment. Which will be good, but as it stands now the eastern conference divisions would have 8 teams each while the western divisions would only have 7. This is making things a little sticky, but really which eastern team do you pull over to the west? Any one you choose will be screwed over really.

Anyways, on to the standings (and fight video, and Oil Kings):

Western Conference

12th place isn’t so hot, but we only sit 2 points out of being tied for 8th so that counts for something I guess. Other than being lower than I’d like to see the team, the standings are pretty much exactly as expected. Based on goal diff though, I’m expecting Phoenix to move up and the Preds to move down.

Eastern Conference

Boston is pretty much the class of the east, and I’m surprised to see Montreal as high as they are…didn’t anyone tell them that they need 5+ years to rebuild, not just one? I’m expecting the Rangers to make a move up here right away, and it’d be nice to see Buffalo and Washington make a season of it.

Fight of the Week

Just happened but man, I bet Volpatti wishes that jersey didn’t rip…



OKC Barons

Barons are currently 11th in the conference, 4 points out of a playoff spot.

Eberle and Schultz still lead the Barons in scoring, with Arcobello being the leading current scorer for the Barons at this point (45 in 50). Eberle currently sits 3rd in league scoring.

Still no Barons goaltending in the top 20, which probably is indicative of their position in the standings. If I even used that word right…no idea.

Oil Kings

Oil Kings are still #1 in the eastern conference, a full 12 points up on second place Blades (who are hosting the Memorial cup this year, and have that rather interesting show going on right now). They still only sit second in the league to the Winterhawks but recently beat them on their US road trip (and I fully expect to see these teams in the finals again). Speaking of that, the playoff pass is on again, and I highly recommend it. $99 for all playoff games, and as I just said, I expect the team to make the finals and win it again this year.

St. Croix leads the team in scoring with 83 in 66 games, but Wruck, Samuelsson are right behind him. Lazar leads the team in goals, and should be a high pick this year in the draft. Jarry leads the league for goaltending with a 1.66/0.933 (and will also be a pretty high pick I think) but LB is just behind him at 3rd.

One Response to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. Racki says:

    Apologize in advance for the length of this, but lots to say, especially re: our bottom six…

    Re: Ryan Whitney vs. Corey Potter… Whitney is better overall when he’s on his game (which hasn’t been quite enough lately). However, the big, critical difference is that Potter does what he does at a mere $775,000, whereas Whitney does it at $4M. Whitney has slunk down to the 3rd pairing and plays good enough to be #6D at best. I would easily put both Schultzes, Ladi Smid, Jeff Petry, and Mark Fistric ahead of him. I, unlike our coach (?), like Theo Peckham too and think he could easily be the #6 guy here. But for some reason he just isn’t liked by Krueger it seems. I’m not sure exactly… I would only be speculating, but I think it’s something outside of his hockey skills (i.e. Krueger has talked about his commitment to hockey off the ice.. or lack of).

    So really, it makes sense to move Whitney. The criticisms toward him might have become over the top now (any little mistake and he’ll get roasted by fans), but he had earned much of the earlier criticism. I feel bad for the guy though cause the attitude is all good. He’s a good character guy, but at this point it would be a favor to both sides to move him.

    As far as our bottom six, I’m going to partly disagree there re: “one more player”.. I dunno. I just don’t know about what we have here. I like Ryan Jones, I like Shawn Horcoff (who is hurt of course), and I like Lennart Petrell (who isn’t as big a favorite with fans as he should be, IMHO). Ryan Smyth… hmm… I am 50/50 there. Eric Belanger.. great on the dot, great PKer.. abysmal offensive skills. We could stand to upgrade there. I still can’t believe we moved Kyle Brodziak, who was perfect in that role.. but anyways, I digress. Ben Eager.. not sure what he’s doing for us now. He’s fast, and a good checker.. but at this point he’s just killing time on the ice. He has the hands of a slightly upgraded Eric Belanger. He never fights anymore, and I get the feeling he never will – I suspect his trepidation is concussion related. Vande Velde.. god love him.. hard worker, but he’s in the same class as an Eric Belanger / Ben Eager. These guys are one trick ponies that aren’t doing enough for us.

    I feel the same way about Paajarvi, which won’t earn me many friends in the Oil Universe. I think he’s a good character, right attitude, and decent skills, but our lack of offensive depth is partly killing this team, and I have no problems seeing him scratched. He might get better though, so I’m not completely down on him. I just can’t help but think we have a bottom six forward who can’t seem to score and isn’t much of a physical threat. We need more Jones and Hartikainen types in that bottom six. We need some guys who are not only strong defensively but are going to get the odd goal by hard work, or at the very least, they’ll punish players.

    I get the feeling that Hartikainen is the type that can put up better numbers than he is by hard work / gritty goals when paired with the right energy guys. I don’t get that feeling *right now* from Paajarvi / Lander… and I know I lose some Oil fan cool points for saying that.

    I think that bottom six needs an overhaul. Once Horcoff is back, we’re probably looking a lot better though. Jones with Horcoff and Smyth should be a decent gritty checking line with ability to score the odd goal. But I just can’t put my finger on a good 4th line here with the usual suspects we have that can’t score if their lives depended on it.

    There is a remote chance that our “Nordic line” will be a line that I’d like, but I think they need more time together in OKC. They’ve got a long way to go, in my opinion, but the potential is there.

    As far as re-alignment, I’m hoping it convinces them that they need more teams out in our direction.. Seattle is the biggest candidate right now.

    Lastly, damn did Volpatti get worked over.

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