Monday Morning Standings – Superbowl Edition

By , February 3, 2013 1:12 pm

Don't really like either team, but lets go with the 49ers...NFC West represent!

Don’t really like either team, but lets go with the 49ers…NFC West represent!

It’s the first MMS of the 2013 season! And since it’s the superbowl lets make some predictions…the coin toss will be heads, the anthem will be over 1:34, 49ers will score first and will win the game. Please note I lost all of my bets last year, so what you do with those predictions is on you.

Anyways, 15% of the way through the season, and we are in February, and the Oilers are currently in a playoff position!!! Holy shit!

All in all, the team looks as was expected, with the top 2 lines providing offense, bottom 6 looking a little weak and the defense looking…challenged. Dubnyk has been a pleasant surprise however, and has held us in a couple games already.

Powerplay looks to be a killer, and the PK outside of the one sharks game looks to be solid.

Oiler News

– Gagner and Hall lead the team in scoring at over a ppg (23rd and 26th in league scoring).
– Dubnyk is at a 0.925 sv% even after that one Sharks game!
– Yakupov has awesome celebrations.

League News

– Stamkos has 16 fucking points in 8 games…jesus. Kid’s pretty good.
– Coyotes are still as shit-show ownership-wise.
– Luongo is now awesome in my books based solely on his twitter, and cause he’s making shit all weird in Canucks-town.
– Spezza out 2 months for back surgery.

Anyways, on to the standings (and fight video, and Oil Kings):

Western Conference

7th place! It is also awesome to see the Flames sitting in 15th. Although I hope they make a push up to 5th or 6th last so they miss out on a good player this draft.

I’d also like to see Columbus make a move here and let those long suffering fans get a little enjoyment. As for the rest, I’m a little surprised to see Anaheim up in 5th (although I knew they were not as bad as they were last year) and LA shouldn’t be in 14th. Then again, it’s still early.

Eastern Conference

No surprise seeing Boston on top, but I’ll admit I didn’t expect Tampa or the Islanders to be up in a playoff spot. Washington looks to be cooked already, and I expect Philly and the Rangers to start moving up right away.

Fight of the Week

I put this on twitter, but it’s good enough to put here too:


Raiders would have been higher if it wasn’t for a 7-4 Buffalo(Miller)/Boston(Rask) game. Then Miller gets lit up for 6 the very next game. Christ.

OKC Barons

Barons are currently sitting 9th in the conference, and 1 point back from 8th. Not many points separate 5th from 14th however so it should be interesting to see how this season ends (although we are only just over half way through it).

Eberle and Schultz still lead the league in scoring (Schultz is 3 points up on 3rd at this point), with Arcobello being the leading scorer for the Barons at this point (39 in 43).

None of the OKC goaltenders are in the top 20, which I’d say is the biggest difference between the two seasons (last year they finished quite high in the standings). Roy is 38th and Danis is sitting 46th (there are only 30 teams…).

Oil Kings

Oil Kings are number 1, not only in your hearts, but in the Eastern Conference sitting a full 11 points up on second place (81 points). They are only 3rd in the league as the Winterhawks and Rockets have 89 and 84 points respectively.

Samuelsson leads the Oil Kings in scoring with 65 in 54, and sits 11th in league scoring but Wruck, St. Croix and Foster are all within 5 points. Jarry leads the league for goaltending with a 1.62/0.935 but LB is just behind him at 3rd.

3 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings – Superbowl Edition”

  1. Racki says:

    Holy shit… that fight. How the hell did LeSann stand in there for all that? I’m sure a few blows caught the shield, but it looked like quite a few landed on the button. It reminded me of an old WWF style fight where Randy Macho Man Savage took a beating from the other guy only to stare it off and fight back. Lowe must have negative punching power for the guy to stand in there like that.. or perhaps it was the pink jerseys. Credit to LeSann too for turning that fight around and making it interesting.

    Also, good to see the Oil Kings return to championship form, as well as Curtis Lazar too who is now tied for team lead in goals with 27 with Henrik Samuelsson.

    I don’t know anything about NFL football. I don’t even know if the game started yet, but if not I will say 1:52, tails, Ravens score first, Ravens win.

  2. Steve-O says:

    And of course right after I post…belanger on ir and paajarvi recalled

  3. Racki says:

    I know the Ravens scored first and won, but i don’t know if it was tails or how long the anthem was.. how’d I do??

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