Break it Down! – Goaltending (2012/13 Edition)

By , January 25, 2013 3:34 pm
Doing what he does best...not helping us win games/helping us draft high.

Doing what he does best…not helping us win games/helping us draft high.

Continuing on with the break it down series. The others can be found at the following location.

Nothing has changed. Same group as last year. Except I have more faith that Dubnyk can do it, and more faith that Kreuger will bench that shitty one.

Here is the goalie situation as I see it to start the season:

Dubnyk (75% of starts)
Khabibulin (25% of starts)

I think this is the year to give Dubnyk the reins and see if he can hack it. He played well last year (far better than that other asshat), and played good at the Spengler cup this year. Only concern I’d have is that he’s got a little rust from not playing as often.

Khabibulin…this is his last year right? Thank fucking god.


Try to stay positive….uhhhhh…Dubnyk isn’t terrible.



Depth – We have Bunz and Roy in the wings…but really we have no AAA goaltending prospects in the wings. In fact, I’d say we don’t have a AAA goaltender period.

Could Use

A NHL goalie. Or a highly touted prospect. I’d actually like to see if we could get a Jake Allen or someone like that. He’s currently #3 on the Blues depth chart, and from what I understand has been playing well in the A. Shouldn’t take much to get him, and then we can try and solve our goaltending issues.


I’d say this is the 1A area of concern for the Oilers going forward. They need to get this shored up (along with D). Unfortunately for Tambellini, this one can’t really be fixed by sucking hard. Need to have good, smart drafting or smart trades.

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  1. John says:

    I absolutely agree this organization needs a bonafide blue chip goaltending prospect in the system instead of one or two maybes. Dubnyk is really impressing me (aside from the SJ game but that’s not all on him), continuing his strong play from the end of last season. In fact I noticed as the Edm-LA game wore on I didn’t even worry about shots on our net because I just had this confidence that no more pucks were gonna get past Dubbie! That’s saying a lot I think considering how well Quick was playing that night. If Dubbie can stay healthy & focused I see no reason why he couldn’t finish easily in the top 10 in S% & GA this season.

    I honestly believe he is turning a corner right now just judging from his poise & confidence; especially after the SJ debacle last weekend. I for one am expecting really impressive things from big #40 this year πŸ˜‰

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